Stunning immersive LED billboards cover city skylines everywhere around the world. From the east in China and Japan to the West in New York’s Times Square, 3D LED billboards have dominated the marketing scenes, garnering attention from people who see them. These 3D advertising examples become the standard for successful marketing spectacles for businesses. 

Among all the 3D billboards that conquer the sky, 30 of the most impressive ones left people with their jaws hanging. These are the following advertising spectacles: 

1. Vivo X80 Advertising – 3D Billboard China (Shenzhen)

Vivo launches its X80 advertising campaign in Shenzhen, China. The 3D billboard China boasts features stunning transformations visible to many. The LED display is installed on a corner of a building to create the desired 3D effect. The content includes the new Vivi X80 phone, which looks gorgeous and different from one panel to another. 

2. Cat 3D LED – 3D Billboard Japan (Tokyo)

Cat 3D LED - 3D Billboard Japan
Cat 3D LED – 3D Billboard Japan

The 3D LED billboard Japan takes pride in comes in the form of a realistic kawaii cat. Installed in the skyline of Tokyo, the massive LED display showcases Japan’s love for everything adorable. 

The 3D cat in the screen jumps so realistically that you’d think you can touch it. Depending on the angle where you see it, the cat seems more realistic in some views. 

3. Zombie Netflix Advertisement – 3D Billboard London (Piccadilly Circus)

3D Billboard - Netflix Army of the Dead
3D Billboard – Netflix Army of the Dead

Netflix is popular for its stunning and awe-spiring LED billboards. The massive 20-meter zombie tiger from Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead,” featured in Piccadilly Circus, London, is incredibly impressive. 

Besides Snyder’s film, the 3D spectacle is also inspired by Tiger King, a new Netflix series that magnifies the animals under the care of the Big Cat Rescue. The significance of this LED display project hinges on the fact that through new 3D technology, this scene is possible without violating animal rights. 

4. Audi, BMW, & Mercedes DooH Ads – 3D Billboard Korea (Seoul)

3D Billboards of Car Manufacturers - Seoul, Korea
3D Billboards of Car Manufacturers – Seoul, Korea

The 3D LED screen content developed by car giants Mercedes, Audi, and BMW features advanced motion graphics that elevate the 3D digital out-of-home campaigns in Seoul, Korea. 

This LED billboard is installed in the COEX Artium, located in Gangnam’s K-pop Square. The impressive Samsung screen measures around 1,620 m2 in area. 

5. Naked-eye Anamorphic Illusion – BGC 3D Billboard in the Philippines

3D Billboard - BGC Philippines
3D Billboard – BGC Philippines

The big 3D LED billboard displayed in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Philippines uses naked-eye technology that’s considered the first in the country. The location can easily remind you of the skylines in Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and Times Square in New York City. 

This new country’s first LED screen boasts its anamorphosis, an illusion that utilizes distortion in creating realistic effects and animations. It delivers stunning content worthy of being displayed in this metropolis, with Netflix and Disney as the first clients. 

6. Fortnite x Balenciaga OOH Advertising – 3D Billboard in New York 

3D Billboard - Fortnite x Balenciaga
3D Billboard – Fortnite x Balenciaga

Showcasing the unique collaboration between high-end brand Balenciaga and the game Fortnite, this 3D LED display in New York City features an eye-catching advertising spectacular. The content itself is interesting since it’s a Fortnite character that everyone loves, Doggo. In the advertisement, Doggo sports a Balenciaga outfit that easily stands out to whoever sees it. And the best thing is that everything looks realistic. 

7. Red XIII – 3D Advertising Billboard in Tokyo, Japan

3D Billboard - Red XIII
3D Billboard – Red XIII

The 3D advertising of Red XIII in Tokyo Japan offers a stunning 3D LED display showing incredible animation of the game character. The content does not have anything to do with the main plot of the game but the character still holds a special place in the hearts of the fans. 

8. Google x Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 DOOH Advertisements – Times Square, New York City

Samsung x Google Collab 3D Billboard - Times Square
Samsung x Google Collab 3D Billboard – Times Square

It’s unsurprising that the collaboration between tech giants Google and Samsung results in a stunning digital out-of-home spectacle. In the 3D billboard, Samsung promotes Galaxy Z Flip4. Meanwhile, Google also features its Google Assistant’s hands-free feature and compatibility with the Samsung phone. The best thing about the advertisement is that famous artist Ludacris is putting everything together. 

9. Versace Greca Goddess Bag – 3D Ads

Versace 3D Billboard - Piccadilly Lights
Versace 3D Billboard – Piccadilly Lights

Versace has made its mark in fashion for all eternity and it’s now taken its excellence to the large screen with its Greca Goddess bag. The 3D video focuses on an elegant lady with a black Versace leather bag. The details of the bag are showcased on the large screen to the point it feels like you can touch it. 

10. Coca-Cola’s Robotic 3D Sign – New York’s Time Square (First in the World)

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola Robotic Sign
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola Robotic Sign

Recognized as the very first robotic LED billboard in the world, Coca-Cola delivers a performance not seen before. Using over 1,700 LED screens, the cola conglomerate made history by programming the displays to operate systematically and uniformly. The magnificent 3D LED billboard delivers a dynamic marketing gig unlike anything seen before. 

11. Jungkook 3D Billboard – New York’s Time Square

3D Billboard - Jungkook Times Square
3D Billboard – Jungkook Times Square

Jungkook is a member of the legendary K-pop group BTS and his talent as a solo artist shines through the singles and albums he releases on his own. This is why the Jungkook 3D billboard installed in the Times Square of New York City for everyone to see makes sense. The LED display is a sweet treat to the fans of the K-pop icon. 

12. The Super Nintendo World – 3D Billboard Spectacle in Pico Blvd, L.A. 

3D Billboard - Super Nintendo
3D Billboard – Super Nintendo

In an act that excites gamers, this massive LED display features Super Nintendo World’s “Mario Kart ™: Bowser’s Challenge.” The 3D spectacle brings fans closer to their favorite game because of its high-end visuals that seem to come to life. Its immersive and interactive elements deliver an incredible experience for everyone who can see it. 

You can find this magnificent LED billboard in downtown Los Angeles, specifically between Pico Blvd and Figueroa St. It covers around 300 feet horizontally and 50 feet vertically. 

13. Louis Vuitton x NIKE AF1 – 3D Advertising Screen in Chengdu, China

Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab
Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab

Nike and Louis Vuitton made another great collaboration that resulted in a 3D advertising screen. The stunning LED display promotes Nike Force 1 creatively, highlighting its features. 

Besides having it installed in China, it was also displayed in New York City. The use of these two popular LED display locations makes the promotion more expansive and thrilling at the same time. 

14. Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse 3D Ads – Times Square

3D Billboard - Spiderman
3D Billboard – Spiderman

The movie “Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse” made a name for itself not just in terms of the animation but also the large 3D screen display in Times Square for its promotion. The visual elements added in the content show this stunning animation in store for viewers who will watch the film. Since the display is curved, it looks even more realistic. 

15. Giant Spaceship – Massive 3D LED Display in Wuhan, China

3D Billboard - China's Spaceship
3D Billboard – China’s Spaceship

The large spaceship featured in the 3D LED display in Wuhan, China showcases an incredible sci-fi vibe that will remind you about Star Wars. This display functions as an attraction in the country, taking visitors to a realistic sight they probably won’t see in their entire lives. Visitors even pose and take pictures to save it as a core memory they can look back on. 

16. Giant Kawaii Dog – 3D Billboard Tokyo, Japan

3D Billboard - Giant Tokyo Dog
3D Billboard – Giant Tokyo Dog

Japan is known for loving everything adorable. In this spectacle, the 3D LED display features a large adorable Akita dog, Hachi. The 3D billboard Tokyo boasts is a realistic and high-definition one that shows a cut dog you will want to pet as if it’s within your reach. 

17. Public Media Art Performance – 3D LED Wall in Korea

Public Media Art 3D Billboard - Seoul, Korea
Public Media Art 3D Billboard – Seoul, Korea

Korea is known to be competitive in the visual display industry, taking pride in the people’s artistic talent. This is proven through the art performance of its 3D wall, which is capable of connecting people from all races and cultures. 

18. YOOM x Dustin Brown Billboard – Across Arena

3D LED Billboard - YOOM x Dustin Brown
3D LED Billboard – YOOM x Dustin Brown

Covering areas as much as a football arena, this 3D billboard display offers viewers an interactive experience when they scan the QR code. A surprise about the Kings legend is waiting for viewers, Dustin Brown, who is the very first player to carry the Stanley Cup. He was inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. 

19. Coca-Cola’s First World’s Largest Display – 3D Billboard Times Square, New York

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola's First & Largest
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola’s First & Largest

Another first in the display history falls to the hands of Coca-Cola. The company created the biggest LED display in the world through the 3D billboard Times Square boasts. According to the Guinness World Records, it is considered the first and largest 3D LED billboard in the world

The content uses the mixed elements of 3D reality and visual effects. Using more than 1,700 LED screens, the spectacle delivers a six-story masterpiece that makes people stop and stare. 

20. Mini Series – 3D Ads in South Africa

3D Billboard - Mini in Africa
3D Billboard – Mini in Africa

South Africa’s largest out-of-home advertisement screen offers the advertisement of the Mini Series. The LED display shows beautiful videos and special effects anyone will enjoy. The high-definition visuals also make the entire project more impressive. 

21. Netflix Ads – 3D Anamorphic LED Billboard in Madrid

3D Billboard - Netflix Madrid
3D Billboard – Netflix Madrid

The anamorphic LED display designed by BCN Visuals delivers show-stopping content worthy of the movie it’s about. With Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie, “Don’t Look Up,” displayed on the large screen, everybody will be curious about what it’s all about. It’s even made more interesting by designing the social media content to be more immersive and unique. 

22. Meta Quest 2 Holiday Campaign – 3D Billboard London in Piccadilly Circus

Meta Quest 2 - Piccadilly Circus
Meta Quest 2 – Piccadilly Circus

The 3D billboard London takes pride in is located in Piccadilly Circus. The big LED display shows the new holiday campaign of Meta Quest 2. The “Wish for the Extraordinary” project hinges on the seasonal campaign of the company. 

23. Coca-Cola’s Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings 

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola's Girl With Pearl Earrings
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola’s Girl With Pearl Earrings

Another unforgettable marketing stunt by Coca-Cola features a girl who’s noticeably wearing pearl earrings. The image delivers a strong combination of classical and modern visuals merged into one masterpiece. The girl looks so realistic and real that you’ll feel like she’s also staring at you. 

24. Realistic Baby Tiger 3D Digital Billboard

3D Billboard - Baby Tiger
3D Billboard – Baby Tiger

When it comes to 3D digital billboards, animals are also considered to be the main element. You can either go for the cool and fierce looks of these creatures or lean more towards their adorable side, much like the baby tiger features in this 3D billboard. 

The adorable furry feline moves playfully with a realistic expression that makes you wish you could touch it. In the content, it jumps on a corn stick, falling at the same time. The scene is so adorable and the magnificent 3D effects add a feel of authenticity to it. 

25. The Infinity Wall by d’strict in Seoul

3D Billboard - Infinity Wall
3D Billboard – Infinity Wall

Korea is known for its “Infinity Wall,” which boasts an LED wall that stretches to about 30 meters and stands around 7 meters. Designed by the district, this simple yet unique display is so engaging that people are drawn to it and tempted to stay and stare for a long time. 

26. Duck River Sea World’s Advertisement – Shinjuku 3D Billboard

The Shinjuku 3D billboard shows the marketing splendor of Japan’s Duck River Sea World. This 3D commercial serves its purpose effectively by delivering an immersive look at the different attractions and venues you can visit in the marine theme park. 

The LED display is so eye catchy that people passing by Shinjuku tend to stop and stare at the unique view. Many even believe that this billboard is worth calling as an attraction in Tokyo. 

27. House of Dragon 3D Display – Times Square

3D Billboard - House of Dragon
3D Billboard – House of Dragon

House of Dragon, the Game of Thrones spin-off, delivers the need for fans to see more of the dragons. In the same manner, the LED screen in Times Square features a realistic flying dragon with detailed visuals that will not just catch the attention of fans but anyone passing by the streets. 

28. WhatsApp 3D LED Advertisements – Piccadilly Circus, London

WhatsApp - Piccadilly Circus
WhatsApp – Piccadilly Circus

In Piccadilly Circus, London, a massive billboard features a commercial about the convenient messaging app, WhatsApp. The advertisement highlights the application’s safety and privacy features, which are becoming threatened more and more. The messaging service shows its tech prowess by dominating Piccadilly Lights and activating the feature with a simple 3D use. 

29. Public Media’s 3D Wave Wall – South Korea

3D Digital Billboards - Featured
3D Digital Billboards – Featured

South Korea displays the well-known Wave Wall, which consists of several LED panels that create an anamorphic illusion making it look like real waves are coming at you. With high-definition content, the force of nature is too realistic to ignore. 

This display is designed by Public Media Art and installed at the COEX K-pop Square in South Korea. It stands at 20 meters and stretches to 80 meters in width. 

30. Nike 3d LED Advertisement – Shinjuku, Tokyo

Nike Air Max - 3D LED Shinjuku
Nike Air Max – 3D LED Shinjuku

When understanding 3D billboards how it works and why it functions the way it does, look no further than the 3D advertisement of Nike in Shinjuku. The 3D advertisement displayed by the legendary shoe-making company offers a fun yet amazing look at the new product. The Nike Air Max holds a special place in people’s hearts and this brand awareness campaign is enough to elevate that interest into sale. 


Advanced 3D billboards have dominated the skylines of many cities all over the world. From tourist attractions to marketing spectacles, these massive digital billboards have become the new trend to capture people’s attention. They’ve also become the standard for top corporations as proof of their power and stature in the market.

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