Who are we?

Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD also known as SZLEDWORLD, is a one-stop manufacturer and integrated solution supplier in the LED display field, established in Shenzhen, China in 2009. After years of continuous efforts, the company has grown to be a leading supplier of LED display services, and OEM & ODM services.

We focus on Outdoor/Indoor LED Displays, Rental stage LED screens, Advertising LED billboards, Transparent LED Displays, LED posters, Flexible LED screens, and other Custom LED Displays.

We have professional teams in several countries, such as Europe, the USA, Nigeria, Southeast Asia countries, South Africa, Australia, etc. so you are very fortunate that we can provide technical support in your local, such as installation, software operation, clearance, and so on.

Why choose SZLEDWORLD?

Over 12 years of experience

Rich experience, recommending the most suitable, high quality and cost-effective products to avoid pitfalls for customers

120+ countries Projects

More than 10,000 cases around the world, has accumulated rich experience and provides customer site case reference

9000 square plant area

The factory area was expanded to 9000 m2, and higher-end processing equipment was introduced to ensure quality

6000m2+production capacity

More than 6000 square meters of product processing capacity to ensure product aging time and delivery to customers on time

24/7 hours service

Problems on site can communicate with us anytime, anywhere to solve the problem, so that you can worry-free after-sales

Strict quality control

Production quality control and 6 product inspection procedures at the same time to avoid the outflow of defective products

Our strict quality control

SZLEDWORLD has always been adhering to the concept of product quality first and customer service first. We choose high-quality raw materials to process your products, and purchase high-precision and reliable equipment to ensure high-quality processing technology, a strict management system, and quality inspection to prevent the flow of defective products. To ensure that the LED display you receive is of stable quality and excellent performance.

High-quality lamps

High-quality raw materials

High-quality lamps, IC, power supply, control system, cables, etc. to ensure the performance of the product

Precision oven machine

Precision oven machine

Providing precise and uniform drying effect, ensuring the stable performance of lamp beads and IC

Air shower room

Air Shower room

Clean up the static electricity and reduce the static electricity in the product processing process

brush solder paste machine

Brush Solder Paste

The stable performance machine can reduce the occurrence of false soldering defects

SMT machine

SMT machine

High-precision SMT machine, the accurate position of lamp beads, IC, etc., low defect rate

PCBA inspection

PCBA inspection

Check the quality of lamps, ICs, and electronic components to prevent defects from flowing into the next process

QC inspection

QC inspection

Check whether the product is defective and whether the protection of tooling and fixtures is OK?

Three anti-protective paint machine

Three anti-protective paint

The PCBA faces the protective layer of the component processing to prevent moisture and other defects

Fully automatic monorail lighting test machine

Automatic test machine

Accurately check the red, green, and blue tests of the LED module to prevent problem flow to the next process

Glue filling machine

Glue filling machine

Pouring glue on the front of the LED module to ensure that the product protection level is above IP65

led module Vibration test

LED module Vibration test

Expose potential defects such as virtual soldering to reduce potential risks for customers

LED module aging test

LED module aging test

Professional LED module aging equipment, process, and special inspection to ensure the quality

Waterproof test

Waterproof Test

We conduct waterproof tests on outdoor products to ensure that they are waterproof above IP65

Finished product aging testing

Finished product aging test

Strictly follow the aging process of finished products, aging for more than 72 hours to ensure the stability of lamp beads and IC

QA inspection

QA Inspection

In strict accordance with customer requirements, product testing standards for pre-shipment inspection

flight case packaging


We design strong wooden cases or flight cases to protect your LED modules and finished cabinets

The history of SZLEDWORLD

Time flies so fast, it has been 12 years since SZLEDWORLD was established in 2009, Through the unremitting efforts and reform and innovation of all members of the SZLEDWORLD, it has become the top ten most competitive brands in China.

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SZLEDWORLD is the only company, that can provide LED displays in all forms and custom fabrication services in China. Partnering with SZLEDWORLD provides excellent opportunities to grow your customer base and enhance your revenue by offering INTEGRATED solutions in the LED Wall Display.

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