The advertising scene has become more competitive and more extravagant as the development of technologies and the rise of social media continue. According to Forbes, 91 percent of the market’s consumers are more likely to look at visual content in advertising rather than written content. With the declining attention span of the market dominated by memes, reels, and TikTok clips, it takes a lot more than just a traditional marketing copy to stand out. 

One of the media avenues that can easily attract the market’s attention is LED screens. And if you have a business you want to promote through this medium, it doesn’t hurt to learn about the advertising LED screen price you have to pay for it. If you’re willing to bet on this trendy marketing scheme, take into account every aspect that comes with this decision. 

Exploring every crook and cranny about the LED advertising screen price and what you can do about it will be a big advantage for you. While there are many aspects you can explore about it, starting directly with the main topic won’t waste your time. 

How much do advertising LED screens cost?

The advertising LED screen price is a relative amount that can be influenced by many factors, which can increase or decrease your expenses. If you want an estimate of some of the prices that different types of LED screens may have, here is a peek at some of their values. 

Type Of Advertising LED ScreensEstimate Advertising LED Screen Price
P10 Advertising LED Screen (Outdoor & Fixed)$11,000 (USD) for 5 x 4 meters
P5 Advertising SMD LED Screen (Indoor & Fixed)$10,000 (USD) for 5 x 3 meters
P1.875 LED Screen (2K Hi-resolution)$28,000
Large LED Screen (Outdoor Installation)$90,000 (USD) over a hundred sq.m.
P3.91 LED Screen Rental$12,000 (USD) on average

Once you’ve set your mind on getting an LED screen for your advertising needs, it is important to have enough money to afford it. The advertising LED screen price can cost as little as $3,000 to as much as $500,000. It’s the reason why you have to explore different options first that can meet your budget without leaving you all bankrupt. This initial amount usually covers the following inclusions:

  • LED lamp beads
  • IC chip driver
  • Power supply & cables

Most of the prices are significantly close to each other but there are specific differences that will cause the increase in price. For instance, the LED screen for advertising outdoor prices is often set at a higher value because of the particulars these screens usually have, including high brightness and extra durability measures. This means that outdoor displays are often more expensive than indoor screens because of these elements. 

This is only one of the elements that can change the advertising LED screen price. If you want to dive deeper into the factors that can help you deal with the cost, going through them one by one is the best move. 

The Factors That Affect the Advertising LED Screen Price

Your advertising and marketing efforts need to be cost-effective and of high value for them to be considered an economically wise decision. Following this same line of thought, is investing in LED screens a practical move for your business? 

It cannot be denied that these LED screens can actually help you establish your brand image and message or reach a wider market. But before thinking about the benefits you’ll be reaping, make sure that you can afford them in the first place. The standard advertising LED screen price is not cheap to take into account your budget for the project. If you feel like it’s too tight, here are some of the factors you can look into to get an LED display perfect for the amount you have. 


The advertising LED screen price can either be low or high, depending on how the specifications are chosen. Here are some of the elements that can affect the cost of an advertising LED display:

  • Screen size – bigger LED screens are often more expensive
  • Pixel pitch – LED displays with smaller pixel pitch have high prices
  • Resolution – higher resolution translates to more expensive LED screens
  • Viewing angle – an LED display with wider viewing angle is more expensive
  • Brightness – brighter LED screens are offered at higher prices

All of these factors can affect the quality of images and videos you will see on the screen but can also affect the advertising LED screen price you need to pay.

Add-on Features & Customization

LED displays are well-known for their flexibility in shape and design. They can easily be customized and added with features you like them to have. With every extra feature and characteristic though means that you also have to pay extra. Be sure to take this into account if you decide to customize. 

Transportation & Delivery Costs

Another factor that can change the advertising LED display screen price is transportation costs. Depending on where you are located and where you got the screens from, you may actually be paying more than the item you want to be delivered. 

The shipping cost, which can be air, sea, or train, relies on the item’s weight and the distance from where the item comes. This means that you may be able to save from shipping fees if you choose a local vendor to support you, which can significantly lower the total advertising LED screen price.

Installation Costs

Another factor to consider in the amount you need to prepare is the installation. When installing advertising LED screens, it can be as easy as placing the display on a flat surface but can be so complex that you will need the help of an expert for it. You will have to pay for the installation fee, which is around $200 daily, as well as the accessories that will be needed for the installation. 

Some vendors offer installation as part of a package and are included in the computation of the advertising LED screen price. Some may even offer this service for free. So make sure to ask the vendor for the inclusions of the amount you’re paying. 

Operational Costs

Once the advertising LED screen has been installed, the next thing you need to focus on is operating it effectively. Operating these LED screens will also require some expenses and the most straightforward ones are the electricity cost to run the screen and the rental fees for the location where you installed the advertising LED screen. If you own the place where it is installed then that’s one less thing to worry about. This is an added expense on top of the advertising LED screen price

Maintenance Costs

Finally, another expense to be ready for is the maintenance cost and this can come in two forms, either the maintenance of regular cleanup and polishing of the item or the repair costs once any panel has been damaged and needs replacement. 

The maintenance cost can be dealt with by choosing a self-maintenance method for your LED screen rather than hiring an expert to do the job for you. Once you successfully maintain your advertising LED display, you can guarantee to escape from frequent repair expenses. Both of these costs are separate from the advertising LED screen price you pay upfront so make sure you have emergency funds for these situations. 

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Advertising LED Screen

In purchasing an advertising LED screen, you need to prioritize some decisions before you go out and canvass different LED screens and the prices that come with them. Easier than Sophie’s Choice, here are some of the decisions you need to first make. 

Indoor or Outdoor?

The decision between indoor and outdoor will heavily influence the advertising LED screen price and it’s one of the first things you need to settle on. Your choice between indoor and outdoor applications can dictate some of the specifications that will be effective to use. For instance, brighter LED screens are more suitable for outdoor applications so that they can function even under direct sunlight. Outdoor LED displays also require a more durable structure to withstand weathering elements. Your choice between these two options will also tell if you will spend more or less on it. 

Fixed or Movable?

In advertising, location is a very important aspect in order to get the optimal market reach. You can either install the LED screens in a fixed location or choose a movable medium like buses and cabs for it, which can also affect how high the advertising LED screen price is. 

If you own a place where you can install the screens, going with the fixed option is a good choice. For optimal market reach and you want everyone to see your brand message, a movable LED display on vehicles will be perfect. Of course, make sure to prepare for the costs that come with the rentals. 

Is an advertising LED screen right for your business?

Advertising using LED screens can be an advantage to your business, especially with the right brand message and content. Once you’ve chosen this medium to promote your business, make sure to take into account if you can afford the advertising LED screen price and all the expenses that come with it. This includes all the charges including the installation, rental, operation, and maintenance fees. 

An advertising LED screen can push your business to the top with the right content and strategic location. 


Paying for the advertising LED screen price will all be worth it once you enjoy the fast ROIs. The key is to choose the right medium and location and create an incredible brand message to capture the attention of your target market. While the price may be on the higher end, you can look at some of the factors you can adjust to lessen your expenses. 

The great thing about paying and investing in the LED advertising screen price is that many elements are flexible and can be changed. You even have control over the specifications of the LED display, along with the other charges and add-ons on top of the upfront payment.

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