Today’s advertising and marketing schemes have become gigantic and massive as time goes by. This is evident with the big LED screens that have sprouted in many popularly busy roads and intersections all over the world. This also means that many are investing more in reaching out to their respective target in order to facilitate more potential customer turnovers and faster returns on investment. 

Unlike many marketing efforts, this massive scheme can be expensive to uptake. In fact, according to a US trend analysis report, the high cost, along with the complex installation, is one the main reasons why many emerging economies are not adopting these screens. But besides the standard big LED screen price, you have to pay when you purchase or rent it, installation and operation are also taken into account. 

The most logical step if you’re considering using a large LED screen for advertising or promotion is to plan ahead of time. The financial part of the planning is significantly crucial since whether you can afford this popular marketing effort is a make-or-break in the project. 

Explore the probable big LED screen price you have to spend and then look into relevant factors that can affect that number. There are also simple tips you can follow in this new big LED screen hunting journey so make sure you consider them too. 

Big LED Screen Price Range To Explore

The term “big” can be relative when describing many things, including LED screens. To provide a more accurate account of what large LED screen price you can expect, we’ll set the size of big LED screens to at least 75 inches.

Larger screens are generally more expensive than their smaller versions. So expect that the big LED screen price is higher than the cost of smaller LED screens. Here is a look at some of the prices you will encounter.  

Big LED ScreensPrices (USD)
Indoor & Outdoor LED Screens
75-inch$2,500 to $6,000
300-inch$35,000 to $120,000
100-inch Full HD (1080p)$5,000 to $10,000
300-inch Full HD (1080p)$50,000 to $100,000
100-inch (4k Resolution)$10,000 to $20,000
300-inch (4k Resolution)$100,000 to $200,000
100-inch SMD LED Display$20,000 to $50,000
300-inch SMD LED Display$200,000 to $500,000
Outdoor LED Screens
400-inch$25,000 to $100,000
Installation Costs$4,000 to $25,000

The large outdoor LED screen price is almost similar to its indoor version but there might be a slight difference especially when the added protective elements are included in the cost. If not, these elements will simply be add-ons together with the screen.  

Whether indoor or outdoor, the standard 75-inch LED screen has a price range of $2,500 to $6,000, where specifications and resolution will be taken into account. For a 100-inch size, the big LED screen price falls from $5,000 to $100,000. Meanwhile, its 300-inch display version falls between $35,000 to $120,000. And for the installation of these massive, prepare an extra $4,000 to $25,000. 

Factors Affecting The Big LED Screen Price

Some may find all these figures overwhelming and may not be able to afford the big LED screen price. If you think the same then you need to check out all the factors that can help you decrease that cost as much as you can. 

Here are the factors you should look into if you want to decrease the cost you need to pay. 

Screen Size

LED display cost is directly proportional to the screen size. This means that as the screen size increases, the price also increases. The big LED screen price of a 75-inch LED screen is considerably lower than that of a 300-inch LED screen. 


LED displays can be installed either indoors or outdoors. While many massive LED screens are popular outdoors, there are indoor screens that are gigantic and deliver an incredible cinematic experience to viewers. Actually, many indoor screens have top specifications in order to recreate a realistic experience. Outdoor LED displays on the other hand may have a higher big LED screen price when other elements are added to the screen for protection against wind, rain, and direct sunlight. 


The high price of popular brands comes from the high quality of their products. This was achieved by years of research and development and thousands even millions of investments in the project. Exclusiveness is also an added charm for reputable LED display suppliers, along with their guaranteed top-notch customer service. 

Additional Features

When there are additional features in the display, you can expect that it will have a higher big LED screen price. Added features can be in the form of a better specification or simple add-on functionalities. 

For better specifications, outdoor LED displays often have higher brightness levels. This translates to higher costs for these screens. Meanwhile, for add-on functionalities, you can explore additional installation options, connectivity options, and weatherproofing. 


The installation of massive LED screens is always a complex process, especially since you may be dealing with several panels or one gigantic display. Whether it’s offered for free or added to the total big LED screen price, it is still a good move to hire experts to install your large LED display for you. Chances are, the installation process will require more than 1 person to be successful. 

Installing the big LED displays may require the use of ladders and scaffolding. It may even require cabinets, especially if you’re getting an outdoor LED screen. The cabinets can be affordable or expensive, depending on the materials used, which can further be added to the big LED screen price. Some of the popular materials used are the following:

  • Aluminum – Strong and lightweight but expensive
  • Steel – Strong, customizable, durable, and highly prone to rusting
  • Iron – Affordable and easy to work with but heavy and prone to rusting
  • Carbon Fiber – Lightweight and stronger than steel but prone to rusting and expensive
  • Plastic – Lightweight and more affordable than aluminum and iron but only limited to mobile installations since exposure to weathering elements is not guaranteed


You can expect a higher delivery if the item you’re having delivered is heavy and massive and if your location is far from the supplier’s location. Some vendors can make this free and separate from the big LED screen price you need to pay for but there are some suppliers who require added charges. 


From cleaning to simple screen repairs and replacements, maintenance is another service you want to get together with your LED screen. Dust and debris can accumulate over time and just letting them be can affect the performance of your screen. While you can do basic wiping, other maintenance procedures like calibration and quality checks will require a professional. You can get this service with an additional charge separate from the big LED screen price. Getting it beforehand can be less worries for you. 

Tips To Save Money When Getting A Big LED Screen

If tweaking the different factors presented earlier does not do much for you to decrease the big LED screen price, the next step to take is to look into practical tips you can do to help you save money from this purchase. 

  1. Look into local suppliers near you – Besides being able to actually visit the supplier, your delivery fee won’t be a massive charge you need to worry about. The good thing is that you can even negotiate discounts personally. 
  2. Consider refurbished or used LED screens – You can be guaranteed to have a lower big LED screen price if you choose items that are used and refurbished. Make sure you choose a reliable supplier popular for their used and refurbished offers with warranties and other added services you can avail of. 
  3. Compare prices from several suppliers – Don’t go for the first supplier you see online. Check out the different prices from your top 5 suppliers and choose the best offers among them. 
  4. Be open to buying in bulk – If you need more than 1 large screen, you can look into buying more units to get a discount from the bulk purchase. This can be applied to the individual big LED screen price or discounted from the total cost of the purchase. 


Buying a massive LED screen, whether indoor or outdoor, requires a significant cost. If you plan to invest in one, make sure to look into the big LED screen price you can expect from the purchase. A large LED screen can range from $2,500 to $500,000, with many factors influencing these prices. Look into the practical tips that can help you save money from the transaction and get incredible value from this investment.

While video walls seem to have this obvious superiority over projector displays, this does not diminish the importance of the latter in any way. Both of them have situations where they can be ideal to be used so make sure to evaluate them and match the displays to your requirements appropriately.

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