LED displays are the newest avenues for promotion and advertising. If you have a business and you’re planning your marketing schemes, an LED display is an excellent tool. This is not surprising considering the fact that according to market research, the market size is expected to grow to $12.59 billion in 2027 from its last recorded value of $5.27 billion last 2020. For businesses, especially small to mid-sized enterprises, getting a cheap LED display is the way to go. 

If you’re looking for LED displays that can be a smart purchase for your business, you will need to match up several aspects to get the ideal choice. Are you looking for a large LED display for a company event or marketing stunt? Or do you need a constant and reliable LED display you can use to promote your offers? Whichever it may be, a cheap LED display will always be a practical choice for you. 

In making an LED display purchase, you will need to balance the screen’s quality, your running budget, and the timeline you plan to use it. You need a cheap LED display that offers high quality in the duration you planned for it to deliver optimal benefits for your enterprise. 

An LED display cheap enough to be under your budget will be amazing but more than that you need to maximize the value you get from the purchase. Here are 5 practical ways you can save some money from your purchase. 

1. Canvass stores and compare prices

Spend time looking at stores and comparing prices rather than lazily sticking with the first cheap LED display you found and immediately purchasing it. Visit several stores and create a list of the top ten best LED displays you’ve seen in the stores based on the aspects you’re prioritizing in the purchase. One of the most important aspects usually considered in this case is the budget. 

When you’re setting a budget for your LED display budget, you would have to take into account the following factors:

  • Goal – Are you shooting for maximum target reach or do you need an LED display to use for your business situations? While both cases will require an LED screen, each will need a different type and size of the LED display to use. You can get a cheap LED display but it might not be feasible if you need one to use in a grand and massive way. 
  • Content – What kind of content do you plan to display on the LED screen? If you just need a screen for textual content, you don’t have to invest in a high-resolution LED display. It will be an entirely different matter if you are planning to show 3D content. This will be more complicated and is expected to be more expensive. This might not be a good option if you’re planning to stick with a cheap LED display. 
  • Duration – If you plan to use the LED display for a long period of time then make sure to get a durable and high-quality product with a long lifespan. Conduct thorough research so you won’t be disappointed with the performance of your LED screen. 

Once you’ve settled on these three aspects, decide on a feasible budget that can accommodate your needs and at the same time won’t cause financial distress for your company. 

To start comparing the prices in the market, here is a basic LED screen price list you can check out. This will give you a general idea of what prices you can expect in the market and from the vendors. 

2. Adjusting factors to get a cheap LED display

Another practical way to get a cheap LED display perfect for your budget is to adjust some of the factors that often decrease or increase the screen’s price. Here are some of the factors worth considering:

  • Screen Size – The bigger the LED display, the more expensive it is. If you don’t need a massive LED screen in the first place, choose the size that will meet your goal at the minimum. 
  • Screen Resolution – LED screens with higher resolution are guaranteed to have higher prices. If your content won’t require high resolution like HD or 4K, you can settle with a lower screen resolution. This can significantly lower the price and you can get the LED display cheap enough not to empty your wallet. 
  • Installation – The installation is an important process for an LED display, especially when it comes to outdoor and more complicated applications. If you’re sticking with a simpler type of LED display, you can install them yourself and so won’t have to pay for the installation fee and extra accessories that go with the installation.
  • Shipping & Delivery – Choosing a cheap LED display can be more possible if you go with a local vendor since you can be free from the shipping and delivery charges. You can even choose to just bring the screen with you if you have a car. 

3. Choose the right manufacturer and vendor 

Manufacturers and vendors offer different types of LED displays at different prices. Some have more expensive offers due to some factors like established reputation and R&D efforts. There are other vendors that offer lower prices and can offer free of some charges you would have to pay for from some vendors. This means that you can benefit from a cheap LED display if you choose the ideal manufacturer and vendor. And here are some considerations you can look at:

  • Location – Choose a local vendor if you want to get rid of hefty shipping and delivery charges. Since you won’t have to ferry or airship the screen, you won’t need to pay for the charges. 
  • Reputation – Many manufacturers with excellent reputations often offer higher prices for their products. Get a vendor with a great reputation without having to break your bank just to purchase an LED screen. You can still get a cheap LED display from vendors with a positive reputation. 
  • Expertise – Check out the expertise of the vendor and whether they can follow through with their maintenance and repair services in case of warranties. Make sure to trust a vendor that may offer free services but can follow through with these offers. 

4. Consider refurbished or used LED displays

Everyone likes anything brand new but that does not diminish the functionality of used or refurbished items. If you are tight on cash and are looking for a cheap LED display you can purchase, considering used or refurbished LED displays is a practical choice. 

Check out vendors who specialize in used and refurbished LED displays and make sure that they include warranties and free maintenance and repair services in their packages. This will be a huge slash off the price of the LED screen you purchase. 

5. Check out discounts and sales

If you like waiting for discounts and sales, you can also do that for your LED display purchase. You can check out the website of your chosen vendor to see if they have current discounts offered. You can also wait for seasonal sales, like Christmas sales and Black Friday sales, to get an incredibly cheap LED display for your business. 


Getting a cheap LED display to use for your operations is not that easy, especially since the technology is new and it’s becoming quite popular as a marketing tool. If you want to get some savings, planning ahead before making a purchase is key. 

Check out all the factors that can lower the prices and see what aspects you can compromise without letting go of your priorities and requirements. Thoroughly investigate your options and look at alternatives you can choose along the way. Make sure to set a budget before skimming through the market and consider refurbished offers, sales, and discounts. You can be choosy about the specifications of your LED display but make sure it can still meet your goals.

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