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A commercial LED display is eye-catchy with bright colors that make heads turn perfect for brand image promotion and product advertisements;
It is ideal on the exterior walls of buildings, streets, airports, bus stations, and subways.

Commercial LED displays are digital screens designed to achieve commercial goals and expand target market reach. These LED displays are often installed in strategic locations like large commercial establishments like shopping malls and stadiums.

Commercial LED displays are used to attract people’s attention and either announce details and information or introduce new products and services. They are often easily found in commercial buildings and establishments, showcasing a wide variety of sizes and brightness levels, and can also be customized depending on one’s needs. 

SZLEDWORLD is a professional commercial LED display provider in China. Our portfolio of commercial LED display screens is extensive, including indoor, outdoor, and transparent LED displays. Our commercial LED displays are guaranteed to be of high quality, with many options to choose from varying on the sizes, specifications, and packages. You can purchase or rent the panels, depending on your project budget.

Types of commercial LED displays

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Indoor Commercial LED Displays

Indoor commercial LED displays are designed to have a small pixel pitch and a closer viewing distance. Some of the popular pixel pitch options for indoor LED screens are P1.25, P2.5, and P3.91. They’re installed indoors, so don’t need the high brightness and waterproof design. features high grayscale, high refresh rate, high resolution, etc. They are more flexible though in terms of designs and structures and are easier to install. Used in studios, conferences, exhibitions, museums, stadiums, etc.

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Outdoor Commercial LED Displays

Outdoor commercial LED display screens are perfect for billboards and naked-eye 3D masterpieces. They are designed to operate effectively even when exposed to weather elements like sunlight, moisture, and strong wind. This is made possible with stronger protective ability laced with waterproof features like IP65.  Since they are installed outside, they are also more inclined to be bigger without the restriction of the size of the location limiting them. They are popular in shopping malls.

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Transparent Commercial LED Displays

Commercial transparent LED displays can also come in transparent form and add to the aesthetics of the establishment they’re installed in. With the elegantly transparent look, It’s like the picture is floating on the glass, these screens add class to the building more than just the commercial function they deliver. They are perfect to be installed in shops with glass walls and doors. They beautify and promote your products and services without hindering people from looking at your store from the outside.

Commercial LED Display Features

  • High-Resolution Screens: We offer a wide selection of pixel pitch options, ensuring you have an optimal visual experience. This is made possible through a faster refresh rate, excellent picture restoration, and a wide viewing angle.
  • High-quality Visual Effects: Our commercial LED displays have high levels of brightness and color contrast. Visual effects can be achieved smoothly through the seamless splicing of the LED video wall
  • Cost-Efficient Display Solution: We offer commercial LED display screens at affordable prices, with long lifespans and ensured energy-saving operation.
  • Customizable Screens & Sizes: Our commercial LED screens can be structured with the sizes and resolutions you prefer. With the modular features, the limit to these custom options is your budget and imagination. 
  • Convenient Installation & Maintenance: These commercial LED displays are modular with user-friendly features that allow a faster installation process and fewer maintenance efforts needed.

Applications of Commercial LED Displays

Shopping Malls led display

Shopping Malls

LED screens are popularly used commercially in shopping malls to effectively promote companies, hot sale product information, notifications, etc. Considering malls are places where people buy things, it is the perfect venue for these commercial LED display screens.

stadium led display


The stadiums and arenas are the ideal places to install commercial LED displays. Since they can easily accommodate hundreds and even thousands of people, promoting brand image or products and services can be effectively accomplished in this grand manner.

Building Facade led display

Building Facade

Nothing beats LED displays when it comes to innovating and revolutionizing your building’s facade. Not only can you change the appearance of your walls but you can also use the screens for information dissemination and brand and product promotions at the same time.

Transportation Hubs led display

Transportation Hubs

From buses, High-Speed ​​Rail stations, and flight schedules to different routes, commercial LED screens are incredible tools to present information that will be helpful to everyone. At the same time, it can also carry out product and company brand promotion, etc.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD for Your Commercial LED Displays

We’ve been a professional LED display manufacturer for 14 years now and have built up quite a reputation. Here are some of our key advantages:

Guaranteed High-Quality

SZLEDWORLD guarantees that all commercial LED displays from the company undergo thorough inspections and quality control processes. This ensures that the materials are of high quality and that the finished products are durable enough to pass the 72-hour aging testing. 

Fast and Efficient Delivery

SZLEDWORLD offers fast and efficient delivery, where you can get your commercial LED screens as early as 3 days to 18 days, depending on your location and the quantities of your orders. 

Affordable Prices

SZLEDWORD offers commercial LED displays at affordable prices, where you get prices that are three to ten percent better compared to other manufacturers. Since the company does not have a middleman, it is possible to offer products at significantly lower prices. 

Customer-Centered Services

SZLEDWORLD delivers a customer-focused service where once you purchase a product from the company, you can avail of a lifetime of service, which includes 24/7 online service and the assistance of experienced staff to answer your questions.

Commercial LED Display FAQs

A commercial LED display is a marketing-focused screen that’s designed to show content that persuades customers and entices them to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. These screens are created primarily to display commercials and attract as many people as possible. These commercial LED displays are often installed in areas with a crowd and high foot traffic to have a wide reach. They are placed inside large stadiums and shopping malls, as well as on the side of the streets for maximum coverage. And since many of them are installed indoors, they are structured to be durable and resistant to weathering elements, including dust, water, and high temperature.

There are several advantages you can enjoy from using commercial LED screens and some of the most prominent ones are the following:

  • Profit Generation – Commercials and marketing content are created for profit generation in the first place and commercial screens just make it possible to maximize it. You can even use these screens 24/7 if you prefer to get optimal results but make sure you install them in strategic areas and you show unique and interesting content that will make people want to support your company. 
  • Variety Types of Content – There are different ways you can use a commercial LED display and you just have to find the right type of content that will match your company goals and image. You can show a text slideshow or a simple image. But you can also choose more eye-catching content like videos and animations. 
  • Real-time Display of Content – Commercial LED screens can display real-time content whenever needed. This will be beneficial for events and activities where you need control over the content that’s shown on the screen. 
  • Simple & Convenient Management – These displays are designed to have remote control over their operation. You can just upload several commercial content in the software connected to the screen and play them whenever you decide to.
  • Improves Cityscape Visuals – Commercial LED displays are popular for a reason, one of which is due to their gorgeous visuals. When LED screens are installed on the streets and the facade of buildings, this further improves the look of the city’s skyline, and the city’s reputation along with it. 
  • High Technical Quality – Advertising LED screens are designed to be durable and of high quality since they are often installed outdoors. With the integration of LED technology, they have high-resolution options and may be considered as cost-effective. They can even be customized depending on your technical requirements and needs.
  • Requires Less Maintenance – Commercial LED displays are cost-effective primarily due to their low maintenance status. They do not require meticulous checkups, repairs, and updates, which means that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars just for their upkeep. 

If you’re checking out different screens for your commercial needs, here are some of the reasons why you should choose LED technology compared to other display technologies offered in the market. 

  1. Higher brightness – The LED technology used in these screens features higher brightness you won’t find from other display technologies. They can function and won’t be affected even when installed under direct sunlight. 
  2. Higher contrast – Besides brightness, commercial LED displays also boast higher color contrast, which helps in their operation even when it’s bright in the area where they are installed.
  3. Can be customized – LED screens are structured to be easily customizable. You can choose the shape and size of your LED display based on your preference. The limit is endless and you can only be bound by your budget and imagination. For commercial LED displays, the more unique and massive they are, the better since they can attract more people that way. 
  4. Wider viewing angle – Compared to LCDs that offer a limited viewing angle, LED screens take pride in providing people with a wide viewing angle. This means that you can see the images and videos on the screen even from whatever angle you’re viewing from. 
  5. Energy efficiency – LED technology is proud of its energy efficiency, considering it conserves ten times the energy that LCD screens use. The low energy consumption also translates to lower electricity bills and more savings, both in terms of power and money. 
  6. Longer lifespan – Designed to be durable with low maintenance needs, LED displays operate longer than other displays. They can operate for as long as 50,000 hours, which is double the lifespan of a standard LCD screen.

With commercial LED displays, there are several types you can choose from. Here are some of the most common varieties that are worth your time:

Indoor Commercial LED Display

An indoor advertising LED screen refers to the displays you will often see inside public establishments, including shopping malls and museums. They normally have smaller pixel pitches, which can range from P1.25 to P3.91. The durability does not compare to its outdoor version, with a standard IP43 protection ability. Many businesses choose indoor installation as long as the place is public and has a crowd. 

Outdoor Commercial LED Display

Outdoor commercial LED displays are screens that are installed outdoors, including the streets, open stadiums, and the facades of buildings. Compared to indoor screens, they are built to be more durable with the IP65 protection ability, which includes resistance to dust and moisture. They also tend to be larger with a wider viewing angle to boot and higher brightness levels that allow these screens to operate under the sunlight. 

Poster Commercial LED Display

A poster LED display has replaced many of the posters and billboards installed outdoors and the difference is that it has better quality, with excellent brightness and contrast, along with excellent visual effects with no delay in video image. 

Transparent Commercial LED Display

Transparent commercial LED displays are a stunning and elegant ensemble that can be used for head-turning marketing shows. These screens are mostly installed on the facade of the building adding to the wow factor of the establishment. 

Mobile Commercial LED Display

Mobile LED screens are also popular today, with LED displays installed in vehicles like on the side of the buses and above the taxis. This arrangement can help you reach as many people as possible. 

These commercial LED screens are designed for maximum exposure in places where there is high foot traffic so that many people can see the content. When it comes to applications, here are some you can check out. 

  • Transportation stations
    • Airports 
    • Bus stations
  • Major streets and highways
  • Building facades
  • Commercial establishments
    • Shopping malls
    • Museums
    • Amusement parks
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Stadiums

When shopping for a commercial LED display, several aspects will require your attention. Here are some of the factors that you need to take a look at before making a decision on which screen to get. 


Before getting your commercial screen, look into the technical specifications of the device just to be sure that they meet your requirements and can cater to your goals. Check into specific factors like resolution and refresh rate. 


There is a big difference between the brightness levels of outdoor commercial LED displays and their indoor counterpart so take into account where you will use the device and match it to the brightness levels of the screen. You will need to choose displays with higher brightness levels if you plan to install them outdoors. 

Pixel Pitch 

In terms of pixel pitch, indoor LED displays are often smaller than outdoor screens. If you’re looking for an indoor commercial LED screen, check out those with lower pixels. If you’re shopping for an outdoor display, look at those with higher pixel pitch to accommodate more people in the process. 

Power Consumption

Energy consumption will also be a consideration for devices like commercial displays. Choose a display with lower power consumption so that you can save from the electricity. You can learn to calculate the consumption by using the pixel pitch of the display.

Viewing Angle and Distance

Outdoor screens have wider viewing angles and longer distances while indoor screens are limited in both of these aspects. Match the viewing angle and distance with the location of your installation and the number of people you’re planning to cater to.

When controlling your commercial LED display, there are two ways you can use and you can choose the one that will be ideal for your display goals. These are the following:

  • Synchronous – This refers to when you can control the content in real-time without having to suffer from network latency. This means that you will need to have an operating computer or laptop turned on so that the LED screen can also operate. This is incredible for events but may be unnecessary for advertisements and commercials. 
  • Asynchronous – This refers to the control where you can just set the content to play whenever you need to be played. Using sending and receiving cards, you can upload images and videos of your content to be displayed on the screen. The format of the contents is limited when this process is used. 

You can install Commercial LED displays in several ways. However, you need to choose the right installation method based on the type of LED screen and the venue where you will install it. Some of the most common types of installations for commercial screens are embedded, wall-mounted, hoisted, and mobile installations. Here are the pros and cons of each type of installation so that you can compare which is ideal for you. 

Types of InstallationsProsCons
Embedded InstallationSpace-saving and clean lookComplex installation and post maintenance
Wall-mountedSimple installation process and maintenanceLimited to concrete and cement walls
Hoisted InstallationComplex installation and post-maintenanceStrict installation requirements and support
Mobile InstallationMobile and flexible with easy maintenance processNot space-saving

There is a huge difference between commercial LED displays and commercial LED screens. To make it easier for you, here is a table of the different factors that may differ from each other.

Aspects/FactorsCommercial LED DisplayCommercial LCD Display
Brightness LevelsHigherLower
Contrast ratioBigger (5000:1)Smaller (350:1)
Refresh RateFaster and betterSlower and more dragging
Viewing AngleWiderNarrower and more limited
LifespanLonger (Up to 50,000 hours)Shorter (Up to 30,000 hours)
Splicing EffectSeamless with better visual effectsExtreme energy efficient
Energy EfficiencyExtrement energy efficientTen times of LED’s power consumption
ApplicationWider (Inclusive of many industries)Limited to TV 

Commercial LED displays are crafted to help companies gain more profit and many consider buying these screens as an investment. If you’re thinking about ways to get the ROI faster and higher, here are some things you can do:

  1. Choose the ideal placement of installation – More than just choosing the perfect LED screen, you should also choose the perfect place to install it in. Look into areas with a possible large audience or the locations frequented by your target market. The higher the foot traffic, the better. If you successfully transform your display into a landmark, this will be an incredible opportunity for your company. 
  2. Look into advanced LED technology – 3D and transparent LED displays often gather more crowds because of how unique and different they are compared to other types of LED screens. If you have the budget, you might want to explore the options of integrating new technology into the mix. VR technologies and holographic projections seem to be interesting enough to explore. 
  3. Be audience-focused – While it’s good to be concerned about how you will present your products and company offers, make sure to focus on the audience experience. Create the content with your target market in mind and make sure you make something that they can genuinely enjoy and be interested in. 

One of the important aspects you need to consider so that you can get your commercial LED display is its cost. When it comes to accurate prices, you will need to ask your chosen supplier for their portfolio. But if you want to have a general view of what you can expect, bear in mind that LED screens with lower pixel pitch are often more expensive than those with high pixel pitch. This is because they also tend to have higher resolution and better visuals.

Another important consideration that can affect the price is the size. While it’s true that LED screens with low pixel pitch are more expensive, large outdoor LED displays can match that even if they have a high pixel pitch.


Commercial LED displays are designed to help companies generate profit and enjoy faster and higher ROIs. To fully benefit from all these, you will need to choose the perfect LED screen that will match your corporate needs. You will need to take into account many aspects that can affect the LED screen’s performance, from the content to the technical aspects of its operations. Make sure you also choose the right supplier to guide you in meeting your display goals.

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