The age of remote work and telecommuting has conquered many workplaces in different industries. With the pandemic forcing the fast adoption of the WFH (work-from-home) setup, many find comfort and flexibility in this working style. This was only made possible through the use of conference room display solutions. 

One of the challenges of this new setup is initiating an effective workplace meeting. This is a vital consideration, especially since according to the United States Bureau of Labor, businesses lose a total of 37 million USD annually due to ineffective meetings. While investing in a high-quality conference room LED display may cost money, it will also cost you money once you keep having ineffective meetings at work. 

If you’re ready to create your own conference hub at work, get to know all of your options and all the items you need to build an effective hub. From high-functioning conference room display solutions to audio devices and wires, you need to build the perfect combination that will make up your conference room hub. For that to come true, you need to have enough knowledge about the different elements that make up a conference room.

Conference Room Display Solutions

Conference room display solutions can be defined in two ways. It can pertain to the software you run on computers and displays to be used for conferencing. It can also strictly refer to the display used for conferencing. These are the tools used in order to facilitate effective teleconferencing.  

This solution is often a wireless unit that allows you to share screens effectively without the hassle of laying out cables and making sure that don’t know. Workforces often use interactive conference room LED displays and video conferencing software to create a venue that will help streamline video meetings and support remote work engagement and collaboration. 

The Benefits of Using a Conference Room Display Solutions

Conference room display solutions are responsible for making remote collaboration a reality and it’s not just about the function that makes it an incredible tool. Conventional meetings are taxing in a way that there are elements you need to work on one by one before setting a proper venue and materials for the meeting. It’s a different thing with conference room display solutions. Here are some of the incredible advantages you can benefit from. 

Faster Effective Meetings

With high-quality conference room LED displays and solutions, meetings are faster, more efficient, and more effective. Oftentimes, meetings held virtually are streamlined and can easily be coordinated. Every participant won’t be wasting time waiting around since the meeting has a fixed time and they won’t even have to worry about going to the wrong room. 

With these displays and solutions, expect to have increased productivity in your team. This is how investing in conference room display solutions is worth the cost. 

Engaging and More Seamless Presentations

Using conference room display solutions can produce more engaging presentations, especially with the use of multimedia presentations. Screen-sharing is also an incredible feature that will make the presentations more convenient and easier to digest

Takes Out Unnecessary Logistics Worries

There are so many logistic elements that are often included in conventional meeting setups, from the venues, chairs, and tables, and even lighting that’s conducive for meetings. With display solutions, all annoying hindrances are taken out, whether the locations of the participants or wire connections for the setup. 

Seamless Scheduling

One of the convenient advantages of conference room display solutions is the seamless scheduling of the dates. Management of the schedules of the participants is easier using these solutions and calendar integration can even be utilized, along with other calendar services like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. 

Flexible Meeting Management

Besides the seamless setting of schedules, the flexible nature of this conference setup is also worth complimenting. Participants can easily walk in on the meeting without disturbing the entire presentation and discussion. Reservations can also be easily set up and extended, whenever necessary. 

Better & Efficient Remote Communication

Conference room display solutions became an incredible investment during the pandemic because of the remote communication they facilitate. There’s no need to go to the venue early since you can be in the meeting room with a click of a button. Updates for the availability of times and rooms are also made in real time and can easily be announced to the participants. 

Excellent Meeting & Company Experience

Finally, when an enterprise makes use of these advanced solutions, they are seen as forward-thinking and employee-friendly, providing an incredible impression to future investors and customers. Participants are provided with the best experience and convenience in meetings with the use of these conference room solutions. 

The Best Conference Room Display Solutions for Your Needs

When it comes to conference room display solutions, there are two elements that are being discussed. It can either be a display for the conference or the actual software used to operate the display and take advantage of the features. Some of the displays that can be used for conferencing include the following:

  • Projectors
  • Multi-input displays
  • LED displays 
  • iPads
  • Android tablets
  • E-ink displays

Each of these displays and devices has its advantages and disadvantages. You can also use them simultaneously, depending on how you combine their uses. Besides the hardware and displays, here are the software and solutions you can use together with the hardware for the conferencing:

  • Digital signage solutions
  • Screen mirroring technologies
  • Multi-input display systems 
  • Network-based AV solutions

Top 5 Conference Room LED Displays

Among all of the devices and hardware, conference room LED displays are popularly used by businesses. While each enterprise may have unique conferencing needs from other companies, quality visuals and features are often prioritized. Here are 5 of the best LED video walls perfect for conferencing. 

1. Samsung VH55R-R Video Wall

This Samsung LED video wall is popular not just for its brand but also for its cutting-edge audio-visual technology, along with the thin 0.44 bezels. Color contrast and saturation adjust in real-time and has a black equalizer feature to balance the colors black and white. 

2. Panasonic TH-55LFV9U 55” Class Video Wall Display

This 55-inch video wall display is another device perfect for conference room display solutions. It features 4K resolution video images with incredibly slim 3.5 mm bezels. The images can be conveniently transmitted to four big screens. It can also be used with multiple displays and automatic adjustments in image inputs. 

3. Absen Absenicon 3.0 Series

This conference room LED display is an excellent device for conferencing and brainstorming. It has a user-friendly interface that’s compatible with Windows and Android. To support collaboration, it can also share screens to four displays all at the same time. It is ideal for large-scale discussions and presentations. 

4. Planar LED MultiTouch

This extremely lightweight video wall features an interactive viewing experience. Using advanced Planar PLTS technology, it is a dynamic device that makes collaborative meetings more effective and convenient using compatible conference room display solutions. You also have the option of choosing from 108-inch, 151-inch, and 196-inch screens. 

5. NEC LED-FA012i2-220 LED Video Wall

This NEC conference room LED display is structured with a bezel-less design for a more seamless look. This massive 220-inch LED screen can come in HD, Full HD, or ultra HD resolution, which works best for you. It uses high-quality data cards to support vibrant images and wider viewing angles

Top 5 Conference Room Display Solutions

On top of these conference room LED displays, there are specific solutions that you need to use and be familiar with. With the rise of remote work setups, many conference room display solutions have come up in the market. Here are some of the best and most popular used by companies and enterprises, along with their top features. 

1.  Zoom Room & Cloud Platform

  • Native room booking capabilities
  • Comprehensive meeting control options
  • Digital signage
  • High-end audio and video communication

2. Microsoft Teams Rooms (Formerly Skype Room Systems)

  • Microsoft Office 265 integration
  • Video conferencing
  • Wireless content sharing
  • Room management features

3. Cisco Webex Teams

  • High-end room displays
  • Wireless presentation options
  • Enhanced overall meeting experience 

4. Poly Video Conferencing Solutions (Poly G7500, Trio Visual+ Systems, & Studio X Series)

  • High-quality displays and cameras
  • Intuitive touch interfaces

5. Sony Bravia Meeting Room Solution

  • Wireless presentations
  • Document sharing
  • Room booking

Setting Up The Conference Room Display

In setting up your conference room display solutions, you must complete all the components that will make your conference room effective. Here are the components that will complete your conference room solution. 

  • Wireless internet connection
  • Telephone or phone system
  • High-quality display/screens
  • High-quality microphone and speakers
  • High-quality camera/dynamic cameras (E.g. HuddleCam HD)
  • Projectors (Optional)
  • Interactive whiteboard/smartboards (E.g. Microsoft Surface Hub & Google Jamboard)
  • Video conference solutions (E.g. Microsoft Teams & Zoom Room)
  • Wireless presentation systems (E.g. Mersive Solstice & Barco ClickShare)
  • Digital signage solutions (E.g. LG SuperSign & Samsung MagicInfo)
  • Network-based AV solutions (E.g. Extron NAV & Creston NVX)
  • Multi-input display systems (E.g. RGB Spectrum Galileo & Matrox Mura IPX)
  • HDMI cable connection
  • Display adapters

Factors to Consider When Setting Up Conference Room LED Display

When setting up your conference room LED display, you need to consider several elements that will help you set it up successfully and effectively. Here are some worth taking a second look at.

  • Visibility of the LED display to all corners of the room
  • Lighting in the room
  • Floor height
  • Accessibility to power outlets and other needed connections
  • Cable management
  • Durable mounting equipment

How to Choose the Right Conference Room LED Display

When choosing the right conference room LED display, there are factors that you need to take into account. Look through the following elements before choosing the ideal conference room display solutions you believe will be perfect for your needs. 

  1. Screen size – Consider the size of the room and the number of participants that will most likely join in the meetings. Make sure that the display is clear even at the back of the venue. 
  2. Quality display – Choose an LED display that shows vibrant and clear images to make the investment worth it. 
  3. Installation and setup – Check out if it is easy to install to avoid wasting time and money calling in a technician just to set up the conference room LED display every time you need it. 
  4. Scalability – Get an LED display you can grow and adjust depending on what you need to maximize the investment you paid.
  5. Durability and long lifespan – Choose LED displays that can operate for at least 50,000 hours so that you can fully maximize their use.


Conference room display solutions are some of the best advancements in today’s modern workplace, providing users and businesses with high-quality functionality that facilitates effective collaboration. They can help foster engagement that can support employees’ creativity and productivity within the team and provide a level of comfort that will make them want to work and create positive results in the process.

Conference room LED displays are perfect for sharing and discussing new ideas and concepts that can help your business succeed. They can be used for small team huddles, board meetings, or massive departmental assemblies, wherever they are needed. They will serve as a helpful tool that will drive productivity and success to the top of your goals.

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