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Flexible LED Display

The Flexible LED screen is a soft, bendable, and foldable LED display. it can be assembled into any shape, so it is also called the soft led screen.

The flexible LED module is the basic unit of the flexible led screen. Its PCB, bottom case and mask are extremely soft and tough and can be assembled into curved, round, special-shaped, and creative LED displays, which are quick and easy to install.

It is applicated to hotels, commercial centers, entertainment venues, etc. SZLEDWORLD provides you with the best flexible LED screen solution

cylinder flexible led screen

Your professional flexible led screen manufacturer

SZLEDWORLD (Shenzhen LED World Co., Ltd) is the best-Led flexible led screen manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China. Provides a full range of high-quality indoor, outdoor, transparent, creative flexible led display screens for different consumer groups and different markets. The soft led modules produced are P1.25 P1.579, P1.667, P1.875, P2, P2.5,P3 , P3.076, P4 and P5.

We fully implement ISO9001: 2015 International quality management system and adopt advanced testing equipment and strict quality control methods to ensure that high-quality products are provided to customers. Our flexible video walls have passed CE, RoHS, FCC, LVD, and other certifications, and are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world. We also are engaged in OEM production and processing for many well-known domestic and foreign brands.

curved led screen

Flexible led video wall

The flexible LED video wall is composed of flexible LED panel units. Its PCB board is made of flexible soft board. The back shell and masks are made of high-quality silicone materials, which are very flexible. It can fit on the raised and recessed installation wall structure with the magnets, and can still reflect the high-quality picture effect;

In any installation occasion, this kind of flexible LED video wall can be designed, it has the following advantages:

  • It can be arbitrarily designed to enhance visual expression;
  • The flexible led panel can be directly attached to the wall with magnets to reduce weight and screen thickness;
  • Different led panel sizes, the length and height direction of the LED video wall can be customized;
  • Easy to install, disassemble and transport;

Types of Flexible Curved LED Displays

According to the composition structure, the flexible led displays can be divided into real flexible led displays, fixed-curved LED displays composed of conventional led panels, foldable curtain led screens, and transparent flexible led mesh display

ribbon flex led screen

True Flexible LED Screen

A single-panel unit is soft and can be bent, twisted, and shaped at any angle. Even with a small arc or strange shape, it can be spliced into a smooth, flexible LED screen with small seams and flatness.

curved led display

Flat LED Module for Curved LED Screen

It is assembled into a fixed arc by conventional LED modules. A single module unit cannot be bent. It is suitable for fixed installation with large arcs. Compared with flexible led panels, it has a price advantage.

flexible curtain led screen

Flexible LED Curtain

  • Support front and rear folding 360°;
  • Thin and light,12 kg/m2 14 mm thickness;
  • External power supply, no need for fan;
  • Front and rear maintenance are available;
LM1-LED mesh screen detail-6

Transparent Flexible LED display Mesh

  • High transparency: 55% to 98%;
  • Thinness: 10mm to 60mm;
  • Lightweight: 0.9kg/sqm to 11kg/sqm;
  • Flexibility: bend at any angle;

Flexible LED module

The flexible led module is also as know soft led module, it is the smallest unit of flexible LED display. It is easy to bend, soft, ultra-thin, and can have small pitch models to present attractive picture effects. According to the application environment, there are indoor and outdoor soft modules, and the installation methods include hanging, stacking, and wall mounting.

bendable led display

Bendable led screen

The bendable feature is due to the fact that its PCB is made of special flexible materials, and it will not break from bending.
It can be bent arbitrarily and can be folded at 120 degrees, therefore, it can be spliced into any shape according to user needs.

Soft led screen

Soft led display

The PCB board is made of flexible soft board, and the mask/bottom case is made of high-quality silicone material, So it is soft and easy to shape.

Thin led screen

Ultra Thin flexible led screen

The thickness of the module is only 8.6mm, ultra-thin design, and small space occupation. If the installation cabinet is combined with the steel structure, a thinner LED screen can be realized

small pixel pitch flexible led module

Small flexible led screen

It has small pixel pitch models, such as P1.2, P1.5, P1.6, and P1.8, which can ensure a clear and moving picture while the product is curved.

Indoor Flexible LED module

The indoor module of the flexible LED screen, in order to meet the different size needs of customers, there are 320x160mm, 240x120mm, and 256x128mm available for you to choose from, view the detailed specification.

Pixel pitchLampDrive modelModule resolutionPixel density
P1.86SMD12121/43 scan172×86 dots288906 dots/m2
P2SMD15151/40 scan160×80 dots250000 dots/m2
P2.5SMD15151/32 scan128×64 dots160000 dots/m2
P3.076SMD21211/26 scan104×52 dots105625 dots/m2
Pixel pitchLampDrive modelModule resolutionPixel density
P1.25SMD10101/48 scan192×96 dots640,000 dots/m2
P1.579SMD12121/38 scan152×76 dots401,111 dots/m2
P1.667SMD12121/36 scan144×72 dots360,000 dots/m2
P1.875SMD15151/32 scan128×64 dots284,444 dots/m2
P2SMD15151/30 scan120×60 dots250,000 dots/m2
P2.5SMD21211/24 scan96×48 dots160,000 dots/m2
P3SMD21211/20 scan80×40 dots111,111 dots/m2
P4SMD21211/15 scan60×30 dots62,500 dots/m2
Pixel pitchLampDrive modelModule resolutionPixel density
P2SMD15151/32 scan128×64 dots250,000 dots/m2
P4SMD21211/16 scan64×32 dots62,500 dots/m2

Outdoor flexible LED display module

The front and back of the outdoor flexible led screen module are protected by a waterproof adhesive layer and use high-brightness lamp beads, which can be used outdoors directly.

Pixel pitchLampDrive modelLED module sizeModule resolutionPixel density
P4SMD19211/16 scan256x128mm64×32 dots62,500 dots/m2

Flexible led screen application

The flexible led display can be used in many occasions, such as shopping malls with a large flow of people, flexible and changeable stage backgrounds, exhibition halls, and hotels.

hotel application

Hotel shape

According to the space of the hotel, the shape can be flexibly made to attract the attention of the audience and improve the grade of the hotel. According to the needs, there are different pixel pitches for the selection


Exhibition Advertising

Unique shape, eye-catching and impressive, makes you stand out among many exhibitors, and use less cost to make the best advertisement

shopping mall

Marketing Strategy

Shopping mall

The shopping center is one of the places with a very large flow of people. While you have a good product, a uniquely shaped flexible LED display can be used to advertise your product, which will give you twice the result with half the effort

stage application

Stage application

The flexible led display can be bent at any angle and can be raised, recessed, or distorted. These characteristics just meet the diverse needs of the stage set and enhance the viewing effect.

Customized flexible led screen solutions

SZLEDWORLD’s flexible led display module has different sizes, and can be customized in different shapes of the soft led screens to meet the different needs of customers. Common shapes include the cylindrical led display, streamer screen, spiral screen, curved wall screen, wave screen, etc.

Cylindrical Assemble

Arc Flexible LED Screen Assemble

Videos for Flexible LED Screen

  • The video shows the video effect;
  • led module flexibility test;
  • How to install it on the cabinet?
  • Flexible led screen modules application;
  • Flexible led display aging test;
  • Pack the flexible led display;

Flex led screen install

With the installation of the flexible LED screen, the steel structure is integrated with the cabinet, which reduces the thickness and weight of the cabinet, so it is very light, thin, and more attractive. Usually, there are hanging, Wall mounting, and stacked mounts.



Wall mounting

Wall mounting



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Frequently Asked Question

LED flexible screen is also called LED soft screen, which is made of LED soft modules. And it is a flexible design, composed of soft circuit boards, bendable back shell, masks, and LED pixels made of special flexible material.

In fact, the work of the flexible LED display is the same as that of the conventional LED display, but the installation structure of the flexible LED display is different. Its installation structure can be clicked here to watch the video read more

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