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Indoor LED screen is a kind of LED display used in the indoor environment, with wide vision, high reliability, long lifetime, lightweight, convenient installation and easy maintenance, etc.

It is widely used in information release and advertising in different indoor places such as airports, stadiums, schools, shopping malls, stations, agencies, hotels, bars, entertainment, and so on.

SZLEDWORLD is the best professional wholesale high technology indoor LED display advertising supplier in China, we provide OEM/ODM for our customers since 2009, After 13 years of development, SZLEDWORLD has accumulated a lot of product experiences and industry experiences, and we can provide you with cost-effective indoor LED display products, saving your cost, and providing professional advice and guidance so that you have no worries after-sales.

Indoor led screen video effect

Indoor LED screen features

  • Suitable pixel pitches are P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P1.9, P2, P2.5, P3, P3.07, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5, etc;
  • Ultra-high-definition effect, clear layers, and bright colors;
  • High refresh rate, vivid colors, stable display effect, reasonable system design;
  • Wide visual range, H/W is 140 degrees/140 degrees;
  • Front-maintenance and rear-maintenance can be selected;
  • Brightness range 800nits ~ 2000 nits;
  • Support multiple display modes;
  • The indoor LED display adopts driving technology to solve the stroboscopic problem of LED display;

Indoor LED screen installation

When buying an indoor LED screen, the installation method is also one of the most important factors we need to consider. Common installation methods include embedded installation, wall installation, hanging, landing installation, etc.

  • Embedded installation, the LED display is embedded in the wall, the surface of the LED display is the alignment with the wall, and it is front service type usually;
  • Against the wall, Install the indoor LED display on the wall through the connection structure. Usually, there is no maintenance channel in the back, and the front service is adopted;
  • Hanging, Hanging the LED display on the beam, truss, and other structures;
  • Ground installation, The indoor LED display comes with supported legs or installation bases or fixed steel structures behind, and install the LED display directly on the ground or platform.

Indoor SMD led screen

Our indoor LED display provides high-quality SMD 3-in-1 lamp bead assembly, which has better chromaticity, contrast, and brightness than LCD. Indoor patch models are available from P1.2 to P10.


Indoor led display to a large led display
Indoor led display to a large led display

Large led screen

The indoor LED screen is based on LED modules, assembled into an LED cabinet, and then assembled into the entire LED screen from the LED cabinets. In theory, it can be assembled into a large LED display screen that you need.

  • Such a big led screen’s visual impact makes you immersive;
  • long-distance viewing, assembled into a large led screen, enjoy the visual feast;
  • Make your brand more attractive with a giant led screen;
  • High brightness can be clearly seen during the day;

Indoor Rental LED Screen

The indoor rental LED screen is an LED display that is used in an indoor environment and is easy to install, disassemble and transport. It features high resolution, lightweight, thin, and quick installation. Its main models are, P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81, P2.5, p3, p4, p5 indoor rental led display, and so on.

Widely used in the field of stage performance, such as concerts, cultural evenings, opening ceremonies and other activities, auto shows, hotel rentals, etc.

  • Lightweight;
  • Ultra-thin;
  • Easy installation and disassembling;
  • Power cable and ethernet cable with connectors;
  • Main cabinet size: 500x500mm and 500x1000mm;
  • Package with flight case;
  • Front service and rear service are available;
  • High refresh rate with vivid videos and pictures;

Indoor HD led display

HD LED display is a high-definition indoor led video wall with a pixel pitch of less than 2.5mm. it offers a perfect video effect even if viewed at a very close distance. it includes P2, P1.9, P1.8, P1.66, P1.5, P1.25, etc. HD led display is also called small pixel pitch led display or fine pixel pitch led display, it displays higher-definition graphics images and videos. compared with the LCD, it is a higher refresh rate, brightness, contrast, and better color performance.

  • High Resolution LED Screen;
  • Ultra High Definition;
  • 16:9 & 4:3 Perfect Ratio;
  • High-Quality Lamps;
  • High Refresh Rate;
  • Lightweight And Slim Design;
  • Convenient Service;
  • Wide Viewing Angle;
  • No Tailing Ghosting;
  • High-Precision Cabinet;
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation;
  • High Contrast.

Indoor LED poster

The LED poster is a smart, plug-and-play, structure-free, stylish, and portable digital display. It is more convenient and beautiful than the normal LED display. it can be installed and played programs anytime and anywhere. compared with traditional posters. it is richer in content, environment friendly, and more convenient to publish programs.

  • Thin and light, easy to move;
  • No need for installation, work without PC;
  • Vertical, inclined, and hoisting installations for option;
  • High-end appearance, fashionable and novel;
  • High refresh rate, it can up to 3840hz;
  • Fanless design, suitable for indoor applications.
  • Programs can be sent via mobile phone APP, computer, USB, WIFI, or 4G;
  • Centralized management and monitoring of LED screens in different places;

Indoor Transparent LED Display

The transparent LED screen is a special LED display with light transmission, ventilation, lightweight, thin, good heat dissipation, low power consumption, and easy installation features.

It is widely used in large glass curtain walls, cylindrical, curved, S-shaped, and other special-shaped curtain wall places, street shops, stages, conferences, weddings, studios, and other large entertainment venues.

  • High transparency;
  • Light;
  • thin;
  • High brightness;
  • Easy installation;
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • The cabinet can be customized;

Our Certificates

As a professional indoor LED screen supplier in China, our factory has passed the latest ISO9001-2016, iso27001, iso14001, CE, RoHS, FCC, LVD, and other certifications.


The Indoor LED screen is a kind of LED display with high resolution and clear picture installed in the indoor environment. Mainly used in securities trading, finance, airports, stations, ports, stadiums, road traffic, dispatching command centers information display, postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls, schools and hospitals, exhibitions and leasing, and other occasions.


Frequently Asked Question

The indoor LED screen can be connected to the Internet or connected to 4G for remote control or can send programs locally through U-disk, network cable, wifi, mobile phone, etc. We control through dedicated software, including adjusting brightness, program editing, on/off settings, monitoring, etc.

The price of an indoor LED screen is related to many factors, such as Pixel pitch, led screen size, lamp brand, IC type, cabinet type, maintenance method, etc., but the pixel pitch is the main influencing factor. The smaller the pixel pitch, the better the LED display. The higher the led screen resolution, the clearer the led display, and of course the higher the price. The price of a regular standard indoor LED display is about 1350 USD/SQM.

The role of indoor LED screen

  • Indoor LED display can perfectly display the characteristics of the product;
  • Hotel installation of indoor LED display can improve the grade of the hotel;
  • Indoor LED display also has lighting function;
  • It can disseminate product information and related industry knowledge, and play a role in popularizing awareness and thinking;
  • It acts as a bulletin board in schools, businesses, stations, etc;
  • Gatherings, anniversaries, and other events can display welcome words and play a role in setting off the atmosphere;

Steps of installation and setting indoor led screen

Our company will make corresponding instructions and operating instructions according to the screen size and size of each customer, usually, there are three steps, step 1: install the LED display, step 2: connect the cables; step 3, debugging

Splice and install

Splice the cabinets from left to right, up and down using locks or connecting plates, and use connecting plates and bolts to fix the cabinets to the steel structure and the wall.


To connect indoor LED screens, video processors, sending cards, and other components, please refer to the cable and network cable wiring diagrams provided by our company.


Configure according to the LED screen connection setting, receiving card setting, sending card setting video or wiring diagram, video processor setting video or wiring diagram provided by our company

The key to the selection of pixel pitch is closely related to the viewing distance. For close-up viewing, the smaller the pixel pitch, the better. Usually, the range from P1.2 to P3 is selected, such as monitoring centers, command centers, fashion stores, etc. For the viewing distance of dissemination of information, you can choose P3~P10, such as gymnasiums, shopping malls, etc.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and the better the display effect, but the price is higher also. Our professional team will provide you with professional guidance to choose the best dot pitch for you.

The indoor LED display is composed of modular LED module units, which are installed on the cabinets, and then these cabinets are assembled into the entire LED display. Generally speaking, the size of the entire LED display is an integer multiple of the LED module, which can be assembled into a wireless large LED display as you want.

Features of the indoor LED screen:

  1. High definition, because the viewing distance of the indoor LED display is short, we use high-resolution models to watch at a close distance, so that the audience can notice it;
  2. Vibrant chromaticity and high brightness, using SMD three and one lamp beads are bright and vivid. It is used in high-end hotels to improve their grades;
  3. Thin and light design, the indoor LED display is made of aluminum cabinet material, the weight is very light, and the screen body is very thin, which makes it easier to assemble, disassemble, and transport;
  4. Flexible, it can be assembled into an LED screen body through an LED module, as long as it is a multiple of the module, it can be assembled in any size. Its functions are also diverse, such as information announcements, stage performances, decorations, etc.

The size, control system function, and display content of the indoor LED display can be customized according to the needs of users:

  1. The size of the LED display screen, needs to customize the closest width and height size according to the installation site of the user to meet the user’s on-site size requirements;
  2. Control system, this one needs to be communicated, some can be realized, and some cannot. If the control system has special requirements, it is necessary to confirm with our engineers whether it can be realized;
  3. For the display content, you need to customize the playback source that is most suitable for the aspect ratio of the indoor LED screen, or you can ask our professional engineers for advice;

If you are looking for an indoor LED screen for a station, port, airport information display or decoration shopping mall, stage performance, etc., then you have entered the right website.

SZLEDWORLD is the best indoor LED screen supplier in China, we provide OEM/ODM for our customers since 2009, exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

  • Stable quality: 6 inspections quality control, Material→SMT→before glue→ before masks→module aging→Finished products; 48-72 hours of aging testing;
  • Price: The first-hand price without a middle party; 3%~10% price better with same quality; competitive price+high quality, leading long-term relationship;
  • Service: One-time purchase of lifetime service;  Well-trained and experienced staff will answer all your questions in fluent English;  24/7 online service.

A good supplier, with good product quality, good service, and reasonable price, can reduce the problems in the use of indoor LED displays. How to check and review whether the supplier is reliable? The following points are for reference:

LED display industry years: Generally speaking, it is very good that the company has been established in the LED display industry for more than 10 years. If the quality and service are not good, it can exist for a long time.

Professional staff: Whether the sales or managers you contacted are professional, whether they can respond quickly to your questions, whether they can provide quotations quickly, and whether they can provide you with professional advice and services, can largely reflect the follow-up service attitude and reliability.

Customer Reviews: Customer feedback is a very real evaluation, it is more objective and more effective than the supplier’s own introduction because the customer is in the middle and there is no partiality.

Quality service: The service can reflect whether it is professional, reliable, or trustworthy. Be sure to choose a supplier with high-quality services.

No, the LED display can play any aspect ratio video source, in fact, the aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3, etc. is not important. Like many of our products are super-long screen, also disseminate information, commercial advertisements are pretty good, such as perimeter led display.

The lighting principle is different: the LED screen is the abbreviation of the light-emitting diode. It is packaged into small lamp beads by chips, arranged on the PCB board, and formed by splicing to form a large screen to display images;
LCD is a liquid crystal display technology, which is a liquid crystal panel composed of LED backlight to present images display images;

Brightness: The brightness of the LED screen is 600-6500 cd/m2, and the brightness of the LCD is 250-1500 cd/m2. so LCD only can be used indoors;

Color: The color gamut of the LCD screen can generally only reach 70%. The LED display color gamut can reach 110%;

LED Screen splicing: LED large screen experience is good, seamless splicing can be achieved, and the display effect is consistent. The LCD mirror reflection is serious, after splicing for a period of time. Due to the different degrees of attenuation of the LCD screen, the consistency is different, which will affect the look and feel.

Maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of the LED display is low, and once the LCD liquid crystal display leaks, the entire screen must be replaced. The LED display only needs to replace the module accessories;

Viewing angle: The angle of the LCD display screen is very limited, which is a very lively and troublesome problem. As long as the deviation angle is slightly larger, the original color cannot be seen, or even nothing. The LED can provide a viewing angle of up to 160°, which has great advantages;

Contrast ratio: The currently known relatively high-contrast LCD display is 350:1, but in many cases, it cannot meet various needs, but the LED display can reach higher and be used more widely;

Under normal use, the life of an indoor LED screen is 100,000 hours, it depends on the method of use, the environment of use, etc., they will prolong and shorten the service life.

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