One of the best things about LED screens is that they are limitless in terms of size and shape. Today, you will be able to see LED wall screens crawling all over a staircase in curves that seemed impossible before. And in fact, many displays are even competing for the title of the largest LED screen in the world

Since the innovation of LED (light-emitting diodes), its advancement in terms of application has been unstoppable. You’ll see this in the comfort of your own home with the rampant use of TV-led screens in residences. The eye-catchy gigantic ones are also very noticeable in the largest stadiums and shopping malls all over the world. 

The largest LED screen in the world has always been a point of contention for many. But it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint one single screen to be known as the best. The record holder, according to the Guinness World Records, was China’s The Place in 2009. The LED display was around 250 by 30 meters in length and covers 7,500 square meters, with 5 large panels completing the entire ensemble. But since it is comprised of 5 screens, this tidbit of information is used against The Place and disagrees with its win.

Of course, throughout the years, many contenders have been innovated surpassing this display’s size and performance. To give you an idea of what’s out there, here are some of the screens that fight for the title of the largest LED screen in the world

1. SoFi Stadium’s Samsung Infinity Screen

SoFi Stadium is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums worldwide. Located in Los Angeles, the stadium houses Samsung Infinity Screen (also known as The Oculus), which is recognized as the first double-sided and center-hung video screen innovated. It is also one of the best competitors for the largest LED screen in the world.

Samsung Infinity Screen has an oval shape that spans around 6,500 square meters. Weighing 1,000 tonnes, it is installed over 37 meters above the pitch of the sports stadium and is the first 4k end-to-end video display in sports and entertainment history. It features approximately 80 million pixels with an 8 mm pixel pitch. 

Besides the usual borderless design from Samsung, the Infinity Screen has an incredible control system (Sports Signage control system), where each module can be programmed to display the content customized to be shown. This is often programmed with animated content or statistical information about the game or the teams. 

2. Poland’s Tauron Arena Screen

Another competitor for the title of the largest LED screen in the world is the Tauron Arena Screen from Poland. This LED screen is displayed in the arena located in Krakow, a city in the south. Similar to Samsung’s Infinity Screen, this LED wall is installed in a sports and entertainment venue considered the largest indoor one in the country with a 22,000 max capacity. 

The Tauron Arena Screen is the biggest LED screen in Poland and Europe. Installed 10 meters from the ground, it covers an area of 5,100 square meters and extends to at most 510 meters in width, encircling the entire exterior of the stadium. 

3. Abu Dhabi’s SeaWorld Screen

The SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi houses another challenger for the throne of the largest LED screen in the world. This LED screen is said to have a cylinder shape that stretches up to 218 meters and encircles the entire room showcasing underwater scenes. It is installed 5 meters above the ground and stretches upwards up to 21 meters to the ceiling. It has a pixel pitch of 5 mm, which shows the quality and vibrancy of the images it shows.

This masterpiece also has a water droplet visual at the center of the room that appears to drop from the ceiling. The underwater attraction is currently one of the most popular destinations in Abu Dhabi’s SeaWorld. 

4. Las Vegas’ Viva Vision

Another contender for the largest LED screen in the world is the Viva Vision which can be found in Las Vegas. Everything is over-the-top in Vegas and the screens in it are just the same.  

The Viva Vision is a 419 meters in length and 27 meters in width LED video screen that can be found when you look up above Fremont Street. Many believe that it could be the biggest in the world, especially with its 49.3 million LED modules and 600,000 watts powering the entire display. 

With the amazing visual experience contributed by Viva Vision, it’s not a wonder why the location has become the venue for many of the biggest musical acts in the world. 

5. China’s 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Screen

With China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, all the efforts for the event were big and grant. One of these efforts is when the country created one of the best contenders for the largest LED screen in the world with the main stage of the event. 

To welcome all the delegates from all over the world, China built a massive LED screen to be used for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics held in Beijing. The LED display covers around 10,552 square meters in area using 40,000 LED lamps for power. Created by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle or CALT, it is able to showcase the visual quality that’s above and way better than 8k resolution. It has a brightness that measures around 4,000 to 10,000 nits, perfect for outdoor operation for LED screens

6. Indonesia’s Mall Taman Anggrek

The massive LED screen installed in the Mall Taman Anggrek from Indonesia is another competitor for the largest LED screen in the world. Installed in the year 2012, it is known as the longest architecturally integrated LED display. It stands 25 meters high and covers the mall stretching to 354 meters in length. Since it wraps to approximately 9,000 square meters in area, the display was able to transform the mall into a landmark worth visiting. 

7. South Korea’s LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display

South Korea is the home of electronics giant LG Group and it showcases the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display, a contender for the title of the largest LED screen in the world. This device is considered the biggest home cinema screen in the world. It measures around 4.05 meters in height and 7.2 meters in width. This UltraHD TV display is an 8K screen with a price of around 1.3 million pounds. And while it may not be close to the size of most of the outdoor LED screens in this list, it is the biggest TV display designed for residential use. 

8. Las Vegas’ Resorts World The West Tower Screen

Another entry from Las Vegas to compete for the largest LED screen in the world can be found in Resorts World, particularly the West Tower. The LED screen has an area that covers around 9,300 square meters. Installed outside the wall of the West Tower, it stands approximately 90 meters in height and 103.6 meters in width. 

Compared to most of the LED screens competing for the title, this display may not be the biggest but it is highly innovative with transparent aluminum mesh that enables people to see the screen even when exposed heavily to the midday sun. 


Naming one specific display to be the largest LED screen in the world is more difficult than you can expect. Many of these LED displays joining the competition come in varied heights, lengths, and areas that considered one aspect alone will be unfair and illogical. The best thing to do is to list down the best and showcase the screens that may be qualified for the competition. 

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