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The Las Vegas MSG Sphere: Things You Should Know and How It Works

The famous Elvis Presley song goes, “Viva Las Vegas.” Indeed, Las Vegas, also famously called “Vegas,” is one of the most sought-after cities in the United States. It is called “the City of Lights” because it is the brightest city in the world. Everywhere you go, Vegas is teeming with dazzling spectacles, light performances, and brilliantly-lit buildings. With that, Vegas is also the home to the world’s current largest video screen, the Las Vegas MSG Sphere.

Aside from being a video screen, it is also an architectural wonder. The spherical shape of the building is an eye-catcher in Vegas, and it eventually became a frequent spot for local and international tourists. In this article, we’ll talk about the MSG Sphere and why people love to visit this place.

Brief History of the Las Vegas MSG Sphere

Image of the Las Vegas MSG Sphere at Paradise, Nevada.
Las Vegas MSG Sphere

The project to build a sphere-shaped building started in February 2018. Populous is behind the idea, design, and construction of the sphere. The fulfillment of this project was made possible through the efforts of the Madison Square Garden (MSG) Company. Hence, it carried the name MSG Sphere. Another partner in this venture is the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which paved the way for the Sphere to be built near the Venetian Resort. 

The MSG estimated that the cost of the Sphere would reach $1.2 billion. With its fancy interior, Populous also designed the Sphere by including an interior that would house the world’s largest LED screen. The cost skyrocketed from $1.2 billion to $2.3 billion, making the Sphere the most expensive entertainment complex in Vegas.

Construction started in September of 2018, with its scheduled opening in 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed this scheduled opening due to lockdowns and a limited workforce. Construction resumed in August 2020, and the MSG proudly announced that the Sphere would open its doors in 2023. And on September 29, 2023, the Sphere lit up and became one of the most sought-after spots in Vegas.

What Is Inside the Sphere?

From afar, the large LED screens generate crystal-clear images. The video output is so vivid and bright that it’ll make you feel that you’re watching a high-resolution movie on your monitor or television screen at home. Well, that’s what it feels and looks like if you’re far from the sphere. But if you go near the sphere, you’ll see how the magic happens.

As you get closer, you’ll see LED modules called S-POK LED. Each module contains 48 LEDs. To give it perspective, it’s roughly about the size of your palm. Visitors are allowed to see and even touch these LED modules. The Sphere doesn’t have fences around the LED, so you’ll get to see how each module works.

Inside the Sphere, there are nine floors, two of which are not accessible to the general public. The floors are as follows: event level, main level, lower suites level, terrace level, upper suites level, and upper gallery level. The main level is where most of the foot traffic occurs. If you’re planning to attend a show in the Sphere, you better be early because there’s a lot to see inside. 

On the main level, there are a lot of things to see in the atrium, but you’ll want to visit Aura, the most advanced humanoid AI robot. You’ll have to go to the upper floors depending on your seat number, so there are a lot of places to explore inside the Sphere.

What Does the Screen Inside the Sphere Look Like?

Once you enter the auditorium area, you’ll see a huge screen that wraps around the entire wall. Even if you look up or look back, there’s a screen. Imagine yourself sitting at the theater, and no matter where you look, there’s a screen. This screen provides each viewer with an outstanding immersive experience. It won’t really matter where you’re seated. You’ll still get a VIP experience in the kind of immersion that the Sphere can give.

Because of the Sphere’s unique screen, a special camera is needed to shoot videos just for the Sphere’s screen. They call this camera Big Sky. It shoots at a higher resolution and a wider field of view. Aside from its high resolution and immersive videos, there are 160,000 speakers behind the screens.

These speakers use beaming technology that beams the soundwaves to a particular area. Regular speakers release sound waves uniformly in the area, and everyone hears the same sound. However, with the Sphere’s special speaker, they can produce sounds that can only be heard in the area where the soundwaves beamed.

However, it doesn’t end there. The seats inside the Sphere are equipped with haptic technology. That means that the seats will vibrate depending on what’s on the screen. They can also add fog and wind effects to further amplify the immersive experience.

What Makes the Las Vegas MSG Sphere Unique?

The creators of the Sphere only had one goal in the construction of the Sphere: to create a visual spectacle on the outside and an immersive viewing environment on the inside. The goal is to make the Sphere a memorable spot in the face of Las Vegas. It’s not only a memorable attraction on the outside but also a unique experience on the inside.

Here are some reasons why the Las Vegas MSG Sphere is unique and outstanding:

Outstanding LED Display

The most outstanding feature and attraction is the Las Vegas MSG Sphere’s display technology both on the inside and outside. The design of the Sphere included indoor LED panels that follow the shape of the building. When inside, you’ll be surrounded by LED panels that cover all viewing angles. Outside the dome, the LED panels showcase different animations to capture everyone’s attention. It also became an advertisement magnet.

The screens in the MSG Vegas Sphere are incredibly sharp and vivid. It can be seen clearly even in broad daylight. This display is the biggest and most immersive globally, making it the world’s most amazing screen.

Eye-catching Spherical Design

The Sphere takes the spotlight because of its spherical design. Everything in Las Vegas seems like a box or a rectangle. The buildings compete in height and lighting designs. But if you look at the Sphere, it looks unique and eye-catching. Its being a sphere makes it stand out from the rest of the buildings. 

The Exosphere—the giant LED screen surrounding the spherical building—shows different adorable, stunning, and jaw-dropping animations that’ll surely make you feel like it’s unreal. The location of the Sphere is also advantageous because it’s far from the other tall buildings in the Las Vegas strip. This ideal location makes the Sphere stand out like a huge ball from afar.

Unparalleled Viewing Experience

In movie houses and cinemas, it’s normal that we always aim for the center seats. The viewing angle is perfect at the center, and the acoustics are balanced. But in the Sphere, you don’t need to worry about your seat. 

Wherever you are, you’ll surely experience the same thing that the people at the center, above or below your seating level. Because of the Sphere’s outstanding screen and sound system, you’ll still get your money’s worth regardless of your seat number.

Amazing Size and Design

The Sphere stands tall at 366 feet and calls the attention of approaching visitors with its width of 516 feet, making it the largest spherical structure in the world. From afar, the Sphere looks like a gigantic display. But as you go closer, you’ll see that the Sphere’s Exosphere is a collection of LED panels that project the image. If you’re near the landmark, it’s quite challenging to see its beauty. You’ll most likely enjoy its magnificence when viewed from afar or, better yet, viewed from above.

The Las Vegas MSG Sphere can host up to 17,500 people, of which 10,000 are premium seats. The best section in the Sphere is Section 306, or the director’s seat. This section is at the center of the auditorium, so it’ll look like you’re looking through the director’s lens.

Events in the Las Vegas MSG Sphere

Aside from being an architectural feat, the Las Vegas MSG Sphere offers unparalleled quality in immersion technology and experience. That’s why it is the perfect place to hold events and shows. 

Live Shows and Concerts

What’s amazing about the Las Vegas MSG Sphere is its versatility in hosting live events, shows, and concerts. With its stunning screen quality and outstanding sound system, concerts and performances will definitely be world-class and top-notch. 

But nonetheless, the Sphere can offer an immersive entertainment experience. Hence, it’s understandable if the ticket prices are a bit higher. The experience that the Sphere can offer is definitely worth every dollar spent.

Visual Performances and Exhibits

The Las Vegas MSG Sphere currently shows Postcard From Earth, a 50-minute immersive and multi-sensory screen. This show features the Earth’s beauty and fully utilizes the Sphere’s outstanding screen and sound-beaming technology. A few films are still showing in the Las Vegas MSG Sphere, but it has much potential for other visual performances and exhibits. 


With its large seating capacity, the Las Vegas MSG Sphere can also be used for huge conventions that can fill all 17,500 seats. Because of this seating capacity, nationwide events, conventions, or gatherings can take advantage of the Las Vegas MSG Sphere as the central venue. And since it’s in Vegas, many people would like to visit the City of Lights as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Las Vegas MSG Sphere located?

The MSG Sphere is in Paradise, Nevada. It is near The Venetian Resort, east of the Las Vegas strip.

Why is the Las Vegas MSG Sphere unique?

The MSG Sphere has the world’s largest LED screens. The screens can project 18K resolution videos and span up to the back of the dome. Its acoustics system uses beaming technology that makes sound more dynamic to the audience.

How many people can the Las Vegas MSG Sphere accommodate?

The MSG Sphere can accommodate up to 17,500 people inside the auditorium. This seating capacity includes the VIP and premium seats at the auditorium’s center.

Does the Las Vegas Sphere accept private events?

Yes, the MSG Sphere accepts private events and corporate bookings from interested individuals. Reach out directly to management to know more.


The Las Vegas MSG Sphere is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. It has outstanding LED modules on the exterior that project high-quality video outputs even in broad daylight. 

Inside the Las Vegas MSG Sphere, the main hall features different activities and attractions for visitors to check out and experience. Finally, its LED screens inside the auditorium play 18K video plus beaming sound technology to make the sound more realistic and natural.

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