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The LED poster is a smart, plug-and-play, structure-free, stylish, and portable digital display for both OEM and ODM. It is more convenient and beautiful than the normal LED display. it can be installed and played programs anytime and anywhere. compared with traditional posters. it is richer in content, environment friendly, and more convenient to publish programs.

LED poster display standard size is the width of 640mm and height of 1920mm for P1.8, P1.9, P2, and P2.5. If P3 the display size is a width of 576mm, and a height of 1920mm. the custom dimension is available. The standard colors of the frame are red, white, black, etc.

SZLEDWORLD is the leading manufacturer of led poster displays in China. All raw materials are stable and environmentally friendly. With a strict quality management system, all products offer superior quality. With more than 11 years of experience in the LED display field. Our led posters are applied to retail, shopping malls, the catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, the catering industry, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens, etc. contact us yellow

led poster feature

  • Thin and light, easy to move;
  • No need for installation, work without PC;
  • Programs can be sent via mobile phone APP, computer, USB, WIFI, or 4G;
  • Vertical, inclined, and hoisting installations for option;
  • Centralized management and monitoring of LED screens in different places;
  • High-end appearance, fashionable and novel;
  • High refresh rate, it can up to 3840hz;
  • Fanless design, suitable for indoor applications.

Description of LED poster display

smart led poster display

  • Easy to operate. plug and play design. no need for professional training and it can work immediately after turning on the power.
  • The programs can be sent via wifi, U-disk, Ethernet port, HDMI, and cloud. every smart led poster screen can be controlled by PC, Phone, Ipad and so on.
  • We can stay In a control room. to monitor and manage LED poster screens in different locations and cities, through the cloud platform. it can greatly save management costs.
  • The brightness of the led poster screen is automatically adjusted. According to the environment. And unified proofreading time.
led screem control method
led screem control method
Control LED screens in different places at the same time
cloud control led display in different cities

indoor led poster display

The viewing distance of indoor led poster screens is relatively close, so it needs high resolution and the pixel pitch should be small (P3, P2.5, P2, P1.9, P1.8…)
The brightness is much lower than the outdoor, so the pictures or videos are soft and not dazzling.

led screen indoor use
led screen indoor use
Outdoor Led advertising player
Outdoor Led advertising player

Outdoor led poster display

In many outdoor places, due to space constraints, it is impossible to install a fixed large led screen. so the outdoor led poster display is more convenient and practical.

High brightness, videos, and pictures are all clear under the sunlight. outdoor led posters are with IP65 waterproof rating;

It applicated in retail shops, hotel industry, advertising companies, airport, gas station…

led display poster cabinet

The cabinet is a combination of profile frame and sheet metal door panel, so it’s ultra-thin and lightweight, the thickness of the main part is 48mm. the weight, about 29kg/pcs.

base standing poster size
base standing poster size
bracket standing dimension
bracket standing dimension

Standard cabinet size of led poster:

Pixel pitchP3P2.5P2P1.9P1.8
Display size576mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm

The front of the cabinet has an acrylic board to protect the lamp beads. the two sides profile frame can be disassembled for splicing a large led display. it is seamless.

acrylic and remove side profile frame
acrylic and remove side profile frame

There are two types of cabinet materials. One is profile and metal, and the led poster display size can be customized. The other one is a die-cast aluminum cabinet. The width and height of the poster led screen must be multiples of the width and height of the cabinet respectively.

profile and metal led cabinet
profile and metal led cabinet
die-cast aluminum led cabinet
die-cast aluminum led cabinet

Multifunctional led poster

With a frame on two sides, can be used as a single screen. After removing two side frames, multiple poster led screens can also be spliced into a large LED screen with no gaps. Due to its lightweight and convenient performance, it can even be used for rentals.

led display working separately
led display working separately
splice into a large LED screen
splice into a large LED screen
Synchronous And Asynchronous Control Mode
Synchronous And Asynchronous Control Mode

Synchronous And Asynchronous Control Mode

The synchronous control system via HDMI / DVI cable connects the PC or camera. which can display the content that needs to be played in real-time. The asynchronous control system can let led poster plug and play, it also can generate programs and control the screen through various methods such as network cable, U disk, wifi, and 4G.

Portable Led Display With Convenient Stands

There are two kinds of stands, one is the bracket stand. it is a hydraulic type, which looks very high-end. When we pull it out, the led poster screen can stand steadily on the ground. After we close it, we can easily move the screen to other places. the other is the base stand, the screen body is installed to stand at 90 degrees. It is on wheels, so we can easily move it to other locations.

Hydraulic bracket stand
Hydraulic bracket stand
Base stand with wheels
Base stand with wheels

Multiple Installations

The led poster can be fixed in different ways. such as vertical lifting, horizontal lifting, base-standing, bracket standing, creative splicing, and wall-mounted installations. choose the best installation way for your application.

bracket standing mirror led screen
bracket standing mirror led screen
base standing mirror led display
base standing mirror led display
vertical lifting, horizontal lifting mirror led screen
vertical lifting, horizontal lifting mirror led screen
creative splicing mirror led screen
creative splicing mirror led screen

SZLEDWORLD Digital poster Feature

  • High-end luxury, beautiful and generous;
  • Easy operate, plug and play.
  • Environmentally sound and no need for consumable: Digital change programs. no need to print paper and copy content like traditional signs.
  • It can display text, graphics, animation (gif), and other formats. to make your promotional content diversified.
  • The content can be displayed alternately with time, date, and week.
  • Update content is quick and convenient.
plug and play pic
plug and play pic
Function keyboard of mirror led screen
Function keyboard of mirror led screen

p2.59 led poster display

The main parameters of P2.59 led poster.

module size280mmx210mm
driving method1/27 scan
Panel size560x1890x33mm
Net weight26kg
Max.Power consumption390w
Avg.Power consumption100w
Refresh rate≥3840Hz

Specification for led poster screen

Pixel pitchP1.8P1.9P2P2.5P3
LED typeSMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Pixel configuration3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD3 in 1 SMD3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density288,906 pixels/m2275,625 pixels/m2250,000 pixels/m2160,000 pixels/m2111,111pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)320*160mm160*160mm320*160mm320mmx160mm192mmx192mm
Module resolution172*86dots84*84dots160*80dots128*64dots64*64dots
Drive Method1/43 scan1/28 scan1/40 scan1/32 scan1/32 scan
MaintenancebackbackbackFront and backFront and back
Base Cabinet size (W*H)695.4mmx1965.4mm695.4mmx1965.4mm695.4mmx1965.4mm695.4mmx1965.4mm595.4mmx1965.4mm
Bracket Cabinet size (W*H)695.4mmx1939.4mm695.4mmx1939.4mm695.4mmx1939.4mm695.4mmx1939.4mm595.4mmx1939.4mm
Standard  Display size (W*H)640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm640mmx1920mm576mmx1920mm
Display resolution344*1032dots336*1008dots320*960dots256*768dots192*640dots
Cabinet main part depth48mm48mm48mm48mm48mm
Cabinet materialaluminium profile & metalaluminium profile & metalaluminium profile & metalaluminium profile & metalaluminium profile & metal
Cabinet net weightabout 30kg/pcsabout 30kg/pcsabout 29kg/pcsabout 29kg/pcsabout 26kg/pcs
Brightness800 cd/m2800 cd/m2800 cd/m2900~1250 cd/m2800~1000 cd/m2
Viewing Angle140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit
Refresh Rate≥1920HZ≥1920HZ≥1920HZ≥1920HZ≥1920HZ
Power consumption(Avg.)250w250w250w250w250w
Power consumption(Max.)800w800w800w800w800w
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling SystemWifi/USB/LAN/4G etc.Wifi/USB/LAN/4G etc.Wifi/USB/LAN/4G etc.Wifi/USB/LAN/4G etc.Wifi/USB/LAN/4G etc.
Ingress Protection (IP)IP31IP31IP31IP31IP31
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years

Catalog of mirror led screen

led poster video display

The first video introduce the details and functions of the poster led display, the second is video effect of P2.5 vs P3 indoor poster displays.

Customer feedback

This great for using movie posters in my theater. It’s large and the led are bright. The product looks modern.
Andrew Hersey
Own of Company
It’s awesome !! It’s just what I was hoping for !! ??The led poster box was exactly what I thought it would be, ideal.
Chris A. Martin
founder of Comany
Wow! I’m so glad to see that quality still exists these days. great frame super easy to use and display.
John W. McPherson
CEO of Company


Price range of digital led poster according to different pixel pitch:

Pixel pitchDisplay sizeMin priceMax price
P1.8640mmx1920mm2500 USD/pcs3500 USD/pcs
P1.9640mmx1920mm2300 USD/pcs3200 USD/pcs
P2640mmx1920mm1900 USD/pcs3000 USD/pcs
P2.5640mmx1920mm1400 USD/pcs2000 USD/pcs
P3576mmx1920mm1200 USD/pcs1700 USD/pcs

The price is affected by many factors, such as the brand of the lamp, pixel pitch, power supply, cabinet structure, control system, etc.,

There are the following methods to control led poster display:

  • Ethernet cable or HDMI or DVI connecting PC controlling and sending programs;
  • U disk transmission program;
  • Wifi connecting desktop, Ipad, phone, send programs and control it;
  • 4G for internet controlling and sending programs.

File formats for led display:

  • Picture: bmp、jpeg、ico、png、gif;
  • Video: wmv、asx、asf、mpeg1、mpeg2、mpeg4、h.264、DVD、VCD、xvid、divx、 mov、mp4、rmvb、avc1、QTRLE;
  • Office: docx、doc、xls、xlsx、txt;
  • Audio: mp3、wma;
  • Flash: swf.

Yes, the edges on both sides of the led posters can be disassembled. Firstly remove the frame on two sides, secondly connecting two cabinets together with connecting plates, then it can be spliced into a large screen, and there is no gap.

  • The brightness of the poster led display more than 1000 nits, which is 4 times of LCD Digital Poster and LED rear projection;
  • The color saturation is higher, the videos or pictures are clearer and vivid.

Standard cabinet size 640mm x 1920mm, 480mm x 1920mm, 512mm x 1920mm and 576mm x 1920mm. Among them, 640mm x 1920mm is the most popular. We can also customize the size.

The led poster size, pixel pitch and module size:

display sizepixel pitchmodule size
640mm x 1920mmP1.86, P1.904, P2, P2.5, P4320mm x 160mm
576mm x 1920mmP3192mm x 192mm
512mm x 1920mmP2, P4256mm x 128mm
480mm x 1920mmP1.8, P1.9, P2.5, P3160mm x 160mm, 240mm x 240mm

Mirror led display installations:

  • Stand on the ground directly, use its own base stand or bracket stand;
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically on the roof or wall;
  • Embedded directly into the wall.
  • The standard delivery time is 12~18 working days;
  • If we have stocks, we can deliver in 1~3 days.
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