LED scoreboards have become influential and beneficial to running games, from sports to esports matches. This popularity in a wide range of fields is the reason why the LED scoreboard prices are also varied. So, it’s a must that you look into the prices you may encounter and even pay for once you set your mind on this LED display. 

A scoreboard is technically an element where you can show the teams, players, and viewers the real-time score. With the introduction of LED technology, this element has been improved and developed to include other relevant game information like the timer and team statistics. The efficient dissemination of information makes watching these games more enjoyable and thrilling. 

If you’re looking into investing in LED scoreboards, whether you are a proud owner of an arena or just for a small sports event as an organizer, you need to look into the different LED scoreboard prices you will encounter. With a promising market, it is worth taking a look at what these devices can offer you.

LED Scoreboard Prices To Know About

LED Scoreboard Prices - Football Scoreboard
LED Scoreboard Prices – Football Scoreboard

The average scoreboard price falls between the range of 5,000 to 700,000 USD, depending on the facilities involved, inflation, and other elements that may cause changes to the prices. If you want to know more specific pricing for your canvassing, you need to set some of your requirements down just to narrow down the choices. Consider the configuration you want your LED scoreboard to have, along with the functions and size you want for it. 

How much does a scoreboard cost?

LED scoreboards have become an integral part of all live games that without one, sports and other times of games simply have a lower quality than they actually should be. How much does a scoreboard cost? This is one question that you need to know about if you want to take advantage of this interactive element in game-watching. To know the cost, there are specific considerations and categories you will have to look into to get an estimate. 

Based on Sports

LED Scoreboard Prices - Cricket
LED Scoreboard Prices – Cricket

LED scoreboard prices are also varied based on the sports these screens are used in. For instance, the LED cricket scoreboard price may be more affordable compared to the one used in baseball since the latter is significantly more popular. Another possible reason for this difference in prices is due to the specialized requirements and systems compatible with the specific sports. 

To give you an idea about the different LED scoreboard prices of specific sports, here’s a summary of these numbers:

SportsPrice Range (USD)
Basketball10,000 to 140,000
Baseball25,000 to 750,000
Volleyball8,000 to 110,000
Football25,000 to 550,000
Soccer15,000 to 500,000
Swimming4,000 to 90,000

These LED scoreboard prices may still vary based on other factors but giving you a range of numbers will tell you at least what to expect. Customizing the screens will increase the cost, along with availing other extra services like installation and maintenance. 

Based on the LED Scoreboard Size

Scoreboard LED Display 02
Scoreboard LED Display – Swimming

LED scoreboard prices can also be influenced by the size of the panels. The bigger the scoreboards, the higher their prices are. In this case, two sizes are considered along with their expected prices. This is only an estimation and can increase or decrease based on other factors. 

LED ScoreboardsPrices (USD)
8’ x 4’ x 8”2,000
28’ x 8’ x 8”10,000
8’ x 4’ x 8”2,000
28’ x 8’ x 8”8,500
8’ x 4’ x 8”2,000
28’ x 8’ x 8”7,000
8’ x 4’ x 8”2,000
28’ x 8’ x 8”10,000

Take note that these numbers are only estimates and you will need to ask the vendor you’ve chosen for a more accurate quotation. 

Based on Installation Requirements

Installation is one of the necessities you will need to take into account when getting an LED scoreboard. There is an option to install the device on your own but getting a professional to do the job for you will require an additional fee. This will make the LED scoreboard prices higher for you. Compared to mounted LED scoreboards that range from 1,000 to 9,000 USD, you can get portable LED scoreboards at cheaper prices of 300 to 500 USD. 

Based on Maintenance Needs

Besides installation, maintenance is also a major consideration when looking into the cost of LED scoreboards. If you’ve availed of the after-purchase services like maintenance, the cost is bound to be higher since you will need to pay for those services in advance. 

More than the maintenance services, choosing a high-quality LED scoreboard can help you save from all these maintenance needs. With this kind of scoreboard, you won’t have to worry about getting a professional to repair or replace some parts on your device when necessary. 

Factors That Affect Scoreboard LED Costs

Stadium Screens - Scoreboard
Stadium Screens – Scoreboard

There are specific factors that can easily influence LED scoreboard prices. If you’re looking into decreasing this price as much as you can, you need to look into these factors to use them to your benefit. While LED scoreboards have been known as a luxury in the past, it’s now becoming more common and affordable due to technological advancements

Type of LED Scoreboards

The type of LED scoreboard you choose will affect its cost. This is especially true when you’re considering the specific sports you want to use it on. LED scoreboards for baseballs are significantly more expensive than the ones used for volleyball. More than that, here are some prices you can find for specific scoreboards. 

  • Fixed-digit LED scoreboards – 4,000 to 36,000 USD
  • Traditional LED scoreboard with video display – 40,000 to 70,000 USD

Location of Installation

The location of the installation of your LED scoreboard can affect the cost you have to pay. The LED scoreboard prices for outdoor are relevantly more expensive than the ones used indoors. Here are the reasons why there’s a big difference between the prices of indoor and outdoor LED scoreboards. 

Influencing factorsIndoor LED ScoreboardsOutdoor LED Scoreboards
Weather ResistanceDoes not require high-level protectionRequires high level protection
DurabilityDoes not require high durabilityNeeds to be more durable
BrightnessOperates with limited BrightnessNeeds high Brightness levels
MaintenanceDoes not require much maintenanceRequires frequent maintenance

Size of the LED Scoreboards

Another factor that will affect the cost of LED scoreboards is the size of the displays. The bigger the scoreboards, the more expensive they are. To give you an expectation of the sizes for LED scoreboards, here are their standard sizes. 

Type of LED ScoreboardStandard Size
Small recreational facility scoreboard6 x 4 feet
Large high school stadium scoreboard20 x 30 feet
Indoor scoreboards5 to 20 x 2 to 3 feet
Outdoor scoreboards10 to 36 x 4 to 10 feet

In this table, outdoor LED scoreboards are often bigger and so tend to be more expensive than indoor LED scoreboards. This also means that a scoreboard used in a small recreational facility will be more affordable than the one used in large high school stadiums. 

Specifications of the Scoreboard LED

Checking out the specifications of your chosen LED scoreboard will help you figure out a way to decrease the price you have to pay for it. Besides the indoor vs. outdoor situation for these scoreboards, you can also check out the following elements that may affect the LED scoreboard prices. 

  • Resolution/pixel pitch – Small pixel pitches have better resolution and so tend to be more expensive. Make sure to take this into account when choosing the LED scoreboard you use whether have a closer audience or a larger one. 
  • Controller board – More complex controller boards can be more expensive so if you don’t need them, choose a simple one with simple functions and affordable prices.
  • Software – The software you can install on your computer to connect to the scoreboard is more affordable than other software you need licenses before using them. 

Scoreboard LED Features

The features integrated into the LED scoreboards will play a vital part in the final cost of the entire ensemble. Some scoreboards are more expensive than others because they have extra features you will only find in them. If you’re only looking for the conventional scoreboard, here are the common features you should look for that won’t shoot the LED scoreboard prices to the roof:

  • Score & time display
  • Team name
  • Game status details
  • Period indicator
  • Sponsor commercials and ads
  • Instant replays and highlights

Customization Requests

The LED scoreboard prices of custom-made displays are higher than the standard ones offered to the market. Here are some of the elements in the LED scoreboard you can customize:

  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Animations


The brands of the LED scoreboards can also influence the device’s cost. More popular brands tend to be pricier than less known brands. If you’re hunting for the perfect scoreboard for your budget, look into multiple vendors and check out different brands and their prices before making a decision.


LED scoreboard prices can vary based on many factors, from types and sizes to specifications and features. The average prices you can expect range from 50,000 to 700,000 USD so it’s best to expect numbers within this set. If you want to decrease the prices as much as you can, look into the factors that can make LED scoreboards expensive and choose the ones that are free from these elements to fit your running budget.

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