Concerts have become one of the fun activities that people attend for entertainment. Based on the Gitnux market data report, the event and concert promotion industry in the United States alone is estimated to be around USD 65 billion when 2023 ends. This is not surprising, especially with the trendy new additions in events like concerts. One of which is the LED screen for concert stage which has become a constant in many events today. 

If you attend a concert nowadays, LED screens are not new to these events. They are becoming more popular for concerts because of the vibe they add to these kinds of occasions. Compared to traditional projectors, these LED displays are more colorful and brighter and they can even operate under direct sunlight without the risk of glare. 

An LED screen for the concert stage can transform the general feel and ambiance of the performance. With just a backdrop of bright and vivid patterns, an entire vibe can be set, especially when the visual effects are stunning and paired with sound effects. The concert experience both for the performers and their audience will be upgraded. It’s the reason why LED displays are incredible investments for concert producers and promoters. 

What Is a Concert LED Screen

A concert LED screen simply refers to LED-powered (light-emitting diodes) displays that feature vibrant and vivid images. An LED screen for concert stage is installed to spruce up the design of the venue using advanced technology. Today, concerts without LED screens may be considered old-school or incomplete. And if it is a large-scale concert, many people from the audience will definitely complain about not seeing anything from the back. 

Aspect Ratio of an LED Screen for Concert Stage

One of the important factors to maximize and use an LED screen for the concert stage is to get the right size and proportion. The LED display’s aspect ratio differs based on its size and shape. Here are some of the options you can check out.

Type of LED ScreenAspect Ratio (w x h)
Standard Concert LED16:9

LED Screen for Concert Stage Pricing

LED screens you can install in concert stages vary depending on many factors, including the following:

  • Size – Massive LED displays are understandably more expensive since they require more LED modules to operate. 
  • Specifications & Configuration – LED screens with incredible specifications tend to be more pricey. An LED screen for concert stage with high specs also delivers incredible quality and vivid images and videos. 
  • Type of LED Display – Some of the specialized LED screens you can use for the concert stage have complex designs that just have higher prices in the market. Curved and transparent LED screens are more expensive compared to standard flat LED displays. 
  • Features (Fixed & Added) – LED displays have their fixed features but there are extra features you can add to the LED screens, including an anti-moire feature and wider viewing distance. All these added features will mean an added cost to the screen price. 
  • Installation – Installing an LED screen for the concert stage can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can have the display hanging from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. You can even choose the LED screens fixed on the floor for a wonderful eagle-view effect. Depending on the complexity of the installation method and the accessories needed, it can get very expensive. 
  • Application – Outdoor LED displays have higher prices when compared to their indoor counterparts because of durability and protective requirements, including waterproof and weatherproof performances. They also have higher brightness than indoor screens to perform well even under direct sunlight. 

8 Benefits of Using an LED Screen for Concert Stage

The major reason why many event organizers and promoters install an LED screen for concert stage is because of all its advantages. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using LED displays in concerts.

  1. Elevates the visual experience of the concert’s performers and audience
  2. Allows everyone in the audience to see what’s happening on stage, even if you’re at the very end of the venue 
  3. Delivers colorful and vivid background and stage effects even during the day and not just at night or in the dark
  4. Flexible application – indoors, outdoors, and semi-outdoor environments
  5. Flexible installation – Can be hung, mounted, and fixed, and also offers a mobile installation
  6. Highly versatile content and compatible with magnificent light shows
  7. Economical and sustainable since the LED screen for concert stage is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan
  8. Convenient and effective real-time control system

Ideal Types of LED Screens for Concerts

LED screens are often described as limitless, primarily due to their highly customizable shapes and sizes. More than the usual styles of LED displays based on structure (transparent, flat, curved, and flexible), they can also differ from each other based on their configurations. These configurations will dictate the perfect environment where they should be used. Here are some of these types of LED screens. 

Outdoor LED Screen

An outdoor LED screen for concert stage is available in the market ideal for alfresco shows. These LED displays are popular for having high levels of brightness and a strong protective structure to protect the screen against weather elements. 

Semi-outdoor LED Screen 

You can also choose a semi-outdoor display, which is customized and designed to have a moderate level of brightness. It can be used outdoors but it’s not as bright and just has the right temperature endurance for semi-outdoor environments. 

Indoor LED Screen

Finally, indoor LED displays are designed to be used away from direct sunlight. Compared to their outdoor versions, these screens have less brightness and won’t have optimal performance when used outdoors. 

Mobile Concert LED Screens

Mobile LED screens have become more popular for concerts. Compared to other types of LED screens, these are portable so you can place them in any location ideal for the concert. A mobile LED screen for concert stage is often found at the sides of the concert’s venue. 

These mobile LED screens are often mounted on a vehicle for easier movement. They also often come with electric motor systems and can be adjusted to rise up to at most 2 meters in height. Besides the generator to power them, they also come with an active sound system. 

LED Screen for Concert Stage Applications

How can you use the LED screen for concert stage? Well, there are several applications you can consider to up the ante of your concert’s stage design. Here are some of the most basic ones that event organizers go for.


Concert stage LED screens can be installed at the back of the stage, acting as a magical backdrop for the concert by displaying patterns and videos suitable for the event. Besides improving the mood of the entire concert, they can also produce an ambiance of a top-notch event. 

Concert’s Livestreaming

An LED screen for the concert stage is also often used for live streaming. Ideal to cater to a large crown, the organizers often use massive LED displays to show what’s happening on stage. This will make sure that all people in the audience can clearly see and enjoy the concert. Even if you’re at the end of the venue, you will be sure to get a glimpse of your favorite artist and make you feel your time and money are worth spending on the event. 

Stage Floor

Another idea that can make the concert stage look more magical is using LED screens for flooring. Ideal for concerts held in a venue where the audience is placed on pedestals like coliseums and stadiums, having a floor LED screen for concert stage will look wonderfully aesthetic from the view on top. It will be awesome for the eagle’s eye view of the concert, especially if the organizers set up cameras from the top. 


An LED screen for concert stage can easily transform an event from a simple singing show to a whole new audio-visual experience. It’s what makes these LED displays a trend in today’s concerts. 

Considering how flexible and versatile LED screens are, event organizers and promoters are having a blast exploring their creativity and imagination in the best way possible. With a simple installation of these screens, they can take people to a new world and create the perfect ambiance fitting for the performers and the people who love watching them. This is what makes an LED screen for concert stage worth investing in.

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