LED screens have become popular all over the world, whether you’re living in the West like the United States or the East like the Philippines. While it may be a small country, the Philippines is no stranger to vibrant LED screens in the cityscapes. While the LED screen price Philippines is known to be expensive, the country is slowly adopting this kind of technology. 

The introduction of the very first naked-eye 3D LED screen in the Philippines was unveiled in Bonifacio Global City, which is similar to the iconic giants in Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and Times Square in New York City. This will further increase the pace and reach of the adoption of LED displays in the country. 

If you want to ride with the increasing popularity of these tools, you can do so especially if you have an event coming up. Take a peek at the LED screens for events price to know what to expect. To have a more in-depth understanding of LED screen price Philippines and everything that affects it, starting with the basics is still the best way to move forward.

LED Screen Basics

In Metro Manila, traffic is known to be horrendous to the point that motorists stay on the road for an average of 2 hours per day. This is an incredible opportunity for advertising, whether it is through a standard outdoor LED wall or an expensive and high-end 3D LED display. Both can perform their functions as a marketing or advertising tool but differ in terms of LED screen price Philippines. 

LED displays are proven to be reliable marketing tools with a wide market reach when you use them right. Today’s advanced world is more inclined towards visual content so you will be able to get the market’s attention if you follow this trend. Besides catchy content and vibrant images and videos, LED screens are known for their use of diodes in producing light and colors that create images. Because of their vibrant look, they easily catch people’s attention. Their specifications and differences in several ways can lead to differences in values and prices. 

Standard LED Screen Price Philippines

The LED screen price Philippines of the display you’ve chosen may differ from the other that seemed similar to your choice. Here are some examples of the prices you need to be aware of..

LED Screen SizePrices (Philippine peso)
4 x 6 feet₱10,000 to ₱13,000 or $200 to $260 USD
9 x 12 feet₱15,000 to ₱20,000 or $300 to $400 USD

Factors Influencing LED Screen Price Philippines

The LED screen price Philippines you get when purchasing a display may vary depending on several factors. When looking into ways to make sure that you get an LED screen that fits your budget, here are some of the aspects of an LED display you can check out and compromise to meet the price you can afford. 

Purchase or Rental

The choice between buying or renting an LED screen can mean a big saving or expense on your part. Choose to rent if you’re just using it once but if you are going to regularly need an LED screen, invest in one. Of course, the LED screen price Philippines for rental is way more affordable than when you choose to buy one for yourself. 


The size of the LED screen will influence the LED screen price Philippines you have to pay. The bigger the screen, the more expensive it is since more LED modules will be used and a more complicated control system will be needed for the entire ensemble to function. 


Each LED screen has a particular specification and it can determine the value of the LED display. Some of the elements included in the specifications are resolution, refresh rate, brightness, color gamut, and viewing angle. All of these factors are normally part of an LED screen’s specifications and they help the display perform excellently or poorly depending on its composition. 

A high-quality display will fetch a high LED screen price Philippines while a low-quality one will be cheaper. A high-quality LED display consists of high resolution and brightness, a faster refresh rate, a vibrant color gamut, and a wide viewing angle


There are indoor LED screens and there are those more ideal for outdoor applications. Without having to consider the specifications, most indoor LED displays cost less than outdoor screens not only because they are often bigger in size but because of the higher brightness required for the screen to operate under direct sunlight. It also needs to be durable and built with a strong cabinet that won’t be damaged even when exposed to weathering elements. This means that a standard outdoor LED display has a higher LED screen price Philippines than its indoor version.


Whether you rent or purchase an LED screen, the transaction will come with the installation of the display. You have the option of installing it yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you. You will be charged with an installation fee and there are standby experts connected to the supplier who can easily complete the task. 


Finally, the brand of the display will also have a bearing on the LED screen price Philippines you need to pay. Popular and well-established brands and suppliers tend to be more expensive compared to newer and less-known brands. 

Why LED Screen Is a Practical Choice

While some may find this purchase expensive with its high LED screen price Philippines, many actually see this purchase as a practical choice. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using an LED display. 


LED screens are customizable so you can choose the shape and size of the display you believe will be ideal for your use. The designs are limitless and you can choose from different types of LED screens, from transparent to curved. Of course, they have a higher LED screen price Philippines compared to a standard LED display so take note of that. 

Bright & Crisp Image Quality

LED displays are popular due to their bright and crisp quality in images and videos. If your goal is to successfully market or advertise a product, this can be an incredible tool to help you. The screens are eye-catching and everyone can’t help but notice them. This is the power of LED displays. 

Lightweight & Slim Designs

Unlike other screens in the past, LED displays are lightweight and many have slim designs. This means that shipping and installation won’t be a challenge and so not much will be added to the LED screen price Philippines that you will spend on. 

Long-lasting & Energy-saving

LED screens are energy-saving that your electric bill won’t be a worry even if you use one for your business. They are also designed to be long-lasting and make an incredible investment for enterprises. 

Highly Programmable

Lastly, LED displays are programmable and they don’t require meticulous supervision after you’ve set them with the controls you want them to operate on. 

Top 5 LED Screen Suppliers In The Philippines

If you’re searching for the best suppliers in the Philippines, it can be a struggle with many claiming to be the best. Some offer too expensive LED screen price Philippines that they will make you give up on getting one. To help you out, here are five of the best and most reputable LED display and solutions suppliers and providers. 

1. Inewvation International

HeadquartersManila, Philippines
Tel. No.(+632) 8355 4639

Inewvation International is one of the most reliable suppliers of LED displays and solutions in the Philippines. The company is known to specialize in offering in-store, hospitality, and digital LED display solutions at a reasonable LED screen price Philippines. It also offers customized displays and solutions for enterprises and provides all types of accessories used for LED displays. 

2. Luce Acustico

Headquarters:Cubao Quezon City, Philippines.
Company Website:luceacustico.com
Tel. No.:+63 2 7107330

Luce Acustico is a pragmatic indoor and outdoor advertising solutions vendor and provider. It also offers LED displays for event rentals, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the products that the company offers include the following:

  • LED wall traffic lights
  • Traffic signs
  • Advertising LED screens
  • LED walls
  • Outdoor LED billboards

3. Globaltronics, Inc. 

Headquarters: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Philippines, 1554
Company Website:globaltronics.net
Tel. No.:8721-2878

Globaltronics, Inc. is a prominent LED screen supplier in the Philippines, along with the rest of the Southeast. It is a frontrunner in terms of digital outdoor LED displays that can easily deliver high-quality solutions. The company is also known for the affordable LED screen price Philippines It sets on products and does not raise prices despite its incredible reputation. 

4. United Neon

Headquarters:Makati City 1200 Philippines
Company Website:unitedneon.com
Fax:8888 0130
Tel. No.:8889 1111 to 16

United Neon is a leading LED billboard supplier and for decades has been helping companies and enterprises with their advertising needs. The company focuses on helping corporations optimize brand visibility and increase the market reach of their operations. Since it’s one of the oldest suppliers, it has established itself excellently in the market, with over 400 sites all over the country. 

5. Luneta Advertising

Headquarters:Parañaque City, Philippines
Company Website:www.lunetaadvertising.com
Tel. No.:8820275-77

With over 4 decades of experience, Luneta Advertising sells billboards and LED video boards to the market. The company invests in passion and unlimited creativity, with a wide range of products and solutions offered at a reasonable LED screen price Philippines. 

With the rise of LED screens, the advertising industry has become even fiercer. If you’re planning on effectively marketing and advertising your brand and product offers, talking to an incredible LED display supplier is highly recommended. More than just knowing about their offers and prices, you will also learn more about the ideal solutions to fit your specific needs. 


When exploring the ideal LED screen price Philippines to fit your budget, understanding your options is key. See if you can adjust some of the components of the LED display to afford it. And skim through the best LED screen suppliers in the Philippines to avoid wasting your time talking to vendors who will just let you down. Take your time and learn more about the market.

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