Events have become grander as they have been integrated with the use of technologies like LED technology. Music and sounds became louder and light effects and backgrounds became more vibrant and vivid. This is how LED screens have become trendy in events. So taking a peek at the LED screens for events price is a good move to make before deciding on it. 

From bulky and large TV sets to thin LED screens, technology has definitely paved the way for aesthetically pleasing displays. LED displays are being used in different industries, from advertising and marketing to education, healthcare, and event promotion industries. According to a market study, the prices have increased and the global market reached $17.89 billion USD in the year 2021 alone. One of the reasons for this increase is the trend to use LED displays to make events grander and more interactive

If you’re planning to use a display to spruce up your coming event, check out the LED screens for events price is vital for your planning. More than that though, you also need to know everything you can about how you can maximize its use and get the best deals in the market. 

Basics Details of LED Screens for Events

An LED display is basically a device powered by light-emitting diodes or LEDs, allowing it to produce colors that form images and videos. Unlike an LCD screen, LED displays are powered by light and do not need heat to work in the first place. They are also noticeably brighter and offer more vivid images. It’s one of the reasons why when you see the LED screens for events price, it’s not that cheap. 

Getting an LED display to be used for your event can deliver the following benefits:

  • Awesome eye-catchy background or backdrop for the event
  • Realistic visual effects add grandeur to the activities
  • Helps with the live streaming of the event for everyone to see what’s happening on stage
  • Wide variety of installation methods and applications for different types of events
  • Can be operated indoors and outdoors (based on the type of LED display you chose)
  • Wide selection of LED displays you can explore with limitless sizes and shapes
  • Cost-effective LED screens for events price and operational cost
  • Can be used to showcase brand commercials and ad sponsorships
  • Highly customizable screens that can be designed in a way that can best help the event

Events That Benefit From LED Screens

LED screens have become extremely popular for advertising and marketing purposes. The truth though is that there is so much more you can do with these LED screens. If you can afford the standard LED screens for events price and so much more then you can use them for different kinds of events. Whether you’re looking for a techie backdrop or you want to use it for stage display effects, here are some occasions you can benefit from using an LED screen:

  • Large-scale parties (Birthdays, Weddings, and Anniversaries)
  • Trade shows and promotions
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Theater performances
  • Sports matches and events
  • Product launches
  • Political events

In using these LED screens for different events, here are some of the ways or ideas you can incorporate the displays into your events:

  • Stage LED screens background
  • Dynamic audio-visual effects
  • Event’s live-streaming
  • Real-time scoreboards 
  • Replays and highlight plays for sports events
  • Broadcast of speeches and rallies
  • Slideshow or products and services for promotions and presentations

Standard LED screens for events price

The standard LED screens for events price relies heavily on many factors. You have to know more about the prices these displays are offered online to make sure you can afford them. Here is a look at some of the prices today.


If you decide to buy LED screens to help with your event, here are some of the numbers you need to be aware of. 

  • Indoor LED screens
    • Standard – $200 to $35,000
    • Full HD 1080p Display – $300 to $100,000
    • 4K Display – $1,500 to $200,000
  • Outdoor LED screens
    • Standard – $300 to $100,000
    • Full HD 1080p Display – $800 to $100,000
    • 4K Display – $1,500 to $200,000
  • Transparent LED screens
    • Standard – $15,000 to $40,000
    • Full HD 1080p Display – $30,000 to $150,000
    • 4K Display – $65,000 to $300,000


If you can’t afford the LED screens for the event price, you always have the option of renting them only for the duration of the event. Here are some of the prices you will encounter:

  • Standard & Full HD 1080p – $500 to $2,500/daily
  • 4K or 8K Resolution – $2,500 to $5,000/daily
  • Installation Charges – $1,000 to $10,000
  • Maintenance Charges – $500 to $2,000

Factors Influencing the LED screens for events price

The standard LED screens for events price is heavily influenced by many factors. To choose the right one, make sure that getting an LED display is affordable and is possible with your budget. You have to check out the different factors that affect the costs. Here are some of the vital factors you should look into.

LED Screen Specs

The specifications of the LED screen can dramatically increase or decrease its price depending on its composition. Some of the aspects you can look at are the Pixel Pitch, Resolution, and Viewing Distance. You will definitely pay a higher price if the LED screen has a lower pixel pitch, higher resolution, and a wider viewing distance. 

Screen Size

In terms of size, the LED screens for events price is noticeably higher the bigger the display is. This means that a 32-inch LED screen will obviously be more affordable than a massive 100-inch LED display. Of course, the gigantic screens cover more reach but they are also painful to your wallet. 

Added Features

LED screens come with fixed features but since they are highly customizable, you can have them built with extra features that can help you with your events. These extras will cost you to pay for a higher price but if it’s necessary and you can afford it, do it. Here are some of the popular improvements that can increase the LED screens for events price.

  • Higher brightness
  • Faster refresh rate
  • Higher contrast ratio
  • Wider viewing angle and color gamut
  • More connectivity options
  • Personalized control software
  • Weatherproofing option

LED Screen Cabinet Structure

LED displays are put together in a cabinet in order to safely operate and at the same time be protected on their edges. The material can influence the LED screens for events price. Here are some of the materials often used for these screens:

  • Aluminum – Strong, lightweight, and resistant to rusting but expensive
  • Steel – Strong and customizable but weak to rusting 
  • Iron – Cheap and easy to work with but heavy and prone to rusting
  • Plastic – Cheaper than iron and aluminum but may be affected by weather elements
  • Carbon Fiber – Strong, affordable, and lightweight but weak to rusting

Location Of Installation

Another factor that can easily influence the LED screens for events price that you need to pay for is the location of the installation. Outdoor LED screens cost more than indoor LED displays because they are designed with higher levels of brightness and stronger protection. The displays had to be designed to be resistant to factors like UV rays, moisture, and wind. 

Brand of the LED Display

Some LED display brands are more expensive than others because of their established reputation. These brands are often marketed to guarantee quality but it doesn’t mean that lesser-known brands do not offer the same thing. Explore the market and check out your options. 

Shipping and Delivery

While it may only be an added cost to the LED screens for events price you’ll spend, shipping and delivery charges can empty your bank. The farther you are from the supplier, the higher the shipping costs you have to pay. The weight of the LED screens is also taken into account, which is why lightweight ones will always be more affordable in terms of shipping and delivery charges. 

Installation Charges

Some LED screen installation methods are complex and you will require the help of a professional to get it running. Whether you plan to install the screens on the ceiling or on the floor, you need to pay for labor charges. Similar to shipping and delivery costs, this will be added on top of the LED screens for events price.

5 Saving Tips to Follow When Getting an LED Screen for Events

Organizing an event means that you have a running budget to stick to when putting everything together. It can be challenging if you have a limited budget but you want to make the event grand and more interesting. If you feel like your budget may hinder you from getting LED screens for your events, here are some practical tips you can do to lessen the LED screens for events price.

  1. Consider purchasing refurbished or used LED displays but make sure you only go to trusted vendors for these types.
  2. Check out LED screens with higher pixel pitch to lower the price of the display.
  3. If you need numerous LED screens, buy them in bulk. Besides getting a discount, you can also haggle for better warranty options and reduced shipping costs. 
  4. Make sure to explore the market and compare prices before settling on a vendor.
  5. Consider getting from a local supplier to help you decrease the shipping and delivery costs. 


Getting an LED display may mean paying for high LED screens for events price. The great thing about using these devices in events is that you have control over what to purchase and how to maximize this purchase. Try to lessen the LED screens for events price by manipulating some of the factors that influence the cost. See if you can get rid of some of the charges that come with buying them like shipping and installation costs. But make sure that you still get the best value without compromising the performance of the LED displays.

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