When you go to a cinema to watch movies, you tend to choose the seat that will give you a perfect view of the screen. Technically, the screens are strategically installed so that whichever seat you choose, you will be able to see clearly what’s shown on the screen. This is the magic of the LED viewing distance. And if you’re planning on getting an LED display for your home or a professional setup, it’s also worth learning about. 

When you get your LED screen, it doesn’t end in the purchase transaction. Once you paid for the display, you will need to be responsible for its installation and maintenance, if you want to optimize its use. This also means considering the LED display viewing distance and placing the screen in the location where you can best reap the benefits of its usage. 

If you’re interested in making the most of your investment, the first step is to define what an LED viewing distance means in the first place. From there, you should also learn how to make the most of your display like learning how to read an LED viewing distance chart or how you can estimate the LED video wall viewing distance.

What is an LED Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - Chart
LED Viewing Distance – Chart

The LED viewing distance is the point of reference where a person needs to be in the proximity of the LED display to clearly see what’s shown on the screen without noticing the borders and spaces between them. 

When it comes to the LED display viewing distance, a minimum is often set. It is the least distance where your eyes can adjust and clearly see the image in front of it. From there, you can go as far as you want as long as you can still see what’s on the screen. 

To further understand LED viewing distance, you should be able to learn and identify its relationship with other elements like screen size and pixel pitch. It will help you maximize the use of your LED displays and actually make the most out of your investment. 

Size and LED Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - Chart For LED Screen Size
LED Viewing Distance – Chart For LED Screen Size

The LED viewing distance is affected by the size of your LED display. The bigger the LED screen size, the higher the LED viewing distance. Besides that, both of these elements are also used to choose the LED pixel pitch viewing distance.

Bigger screens have more impact on the audience than smaller screens, taking out the resolution and pixel pitch from the equation. In the end, the screens will look the same at a certain distance but it’s important to take into account the LED viewing distance if you want to make sure that the LED screen can be clearly seen from where the people are. 

LED Pixel Pitch and Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - Pixel Pitch
LED Viewing Distance – Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch can have a direct influence on the LED viewing distance. While asking your LED display provider what pixel pitch to use for the viewing distance you have in mind, you can make an estimate. To give you a cheat sheet on what pixel pitch to use for specific viewing distances, here is a summary you can explore. the following are calculation formulas and tables.

  • Minimum viewing distance = pixel pitch x 1000
  • The most suitable viewing distance = pixel pitch x 2000 ~ pixel pitch x 3000
  • Maximum viewing distance = pixel pitch x 30000
Pixel PitchMinimum Viewing DistanceOptimal Viewing DistanceFarthest viewing distance
1.25 mm1.25 m (4.1ft)2.5 to 3.75 m (8.2ft to 12.3ft)38m (127.4 ft)
1.5 mm1.5 m (4.9ft)3 to 4.5 m  (9.8ft to 14.8ft)45m (147.6 ft)
1.86 mm1.86 m (6.1ft)3.7 to 5.6 m  (12.1ft to 18.4ft)56m (183.7 ft)
2 mm2 m (6.6ft)4 to 6 m  (13.1ft to 19.7ft)60m (196.9 ft)
2.5 mm2.5 m (8.2ft)5 to 7.5 m  (16.4ft to 24.6ft)75m (246.1 ft)
3 mm3 m (9.8ft)6 to 9 m  (19.7ft to 29.5ft)90m  (295.3 ft)
4 mm4 m (13.1ft)8 to 12 m (26.2ft to 39.4ft)120m (393.7 ft)
5 mm5 m (16.4ft)10 to 15 m (32.8ft to 49.2ft)150m (492.1 ft)
6 mm6 m (19.7ft)12 to 18 m (39.4ft to 59.1ft)180m (590.6 ft)
8 mm8 m (26.2ft)16 to 24 m (52.5ft to 78.7ft)240m (787.4 ft)
10 mm10 m (32.8ft)20 to 30 m (65.6ft to 98.4ft)300m (984.1 ft)
16 mm16 m (52.5ft)32 to 48 m (105ft to 157.5ft)480m (1574.8 ft)
20 mm20 m (65.6ft)40 to 60 m (131ft to 197ft)600m (1969 ft)

As you can see in the table, the minimum viewing distance for your LED display is similar to the pixel pitch. If you want to estimate the closest distance your audience can be from your LED screens, just look at the pixel pitch. 

LED Viewing Distance for Indoor and Outdoor Displays

The LED viewing distance for indoor displays is often limited compared to outdoor displays. In the first place, indoor LED screens have a smaller pixel pitch which means that the minimum viewing distance is also smaller and nearer. In the same line of thought, outdoor LED displays have higher pixel pitch, which means that the minimum viewing distance is farther and bigger in distance. 

The Importance of LED Viewing Distance

In understanding what LED viewing distance is, it is vital to realize why it is necessary to learn about this element in your LED display. Here are some of the advantages of knowing what viewing distance is and how to use it. 

  • Helps you estimate the optimal height of installation for your LED display
  • Helps you properly choose the ideal pixel pitch for your LED display board
  • Ensures that your audience will enjoy clear and sharper images and videos on your LED screen
  • Tells you the best options for your LED screen sizes suitable for the size of the venue and the crowd 

How to Estimate LED Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - Chart For Size & Pixel Pitch
LED Viewing Distance – Chart For Size & Pixel Pitch

When estimating your display’s LED viewing distance, the first thing you need to do is to know the pixel pitch. The pixel pitch depicts the minimum viewing distance a person can have from the screen. However, knowing the pixel pitch is not enough to get your LED display’s optimal viewing distance. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Convert the mm of the pixel pitch to meters (E.g. 1.86 mm – 1.86 meters) 
  2. Multiply the resulting number by 2 – This is the minimal optimal LED viewing distance (1.86 x 2 = 3.7 meters)
  3. Multiply the resulting number by 3 – This is the maximum optimal viewing distance for your LED display (1.86 x 3 = 5.6 meters)
  4. If you want the optimal viewing distance in feet and with only the average to consider, multiply the pixel pitch by 8 (1.86 x 8 = 15 feet)
  5. If you want to get the maximum screen height, multiply the pixel pitch by 30 (1.86 x 30 = 55.8 meters)

Choosing The Ideal LED Display & Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - LED Panels
LED Viewing Distance – LED Panels

When choosing the ideal LED display that corroborates with the size of your venue and crowd, you will need to take into account the LED viewing distance. Here are some of the factors guaranteed to have an effect on your LED screen choice:

  • Crowd & Venue Size – The larger the venue size and crowd to cater to, the bigger the viewing display and the more massive the LED screen you will need to use. 
  • Screen Size – In terms of screen size, choose one that will allow you to cater to every viewer you have. 
  • Pixel Pitch – This element is one of the most influential factors that affect the viewing display. The pixel pitch is directly proportional to the LED viewing distance. This means that LED screens with higher pixel pitch require higher viewing distance. When the LEDs are arranged more closely, you won’t be able to see the lights individually even when you look at the display closely. It’s a different thing for screens with higher pixel pitch. You also need to cover a specific distance to see the screen clearly, without the borders and the pixelated version of the content. 
  • Screen Resolution – Similar to the screen size, you will need the appropriate resolution that can meet the needs of your event. Look into the venue and the minimum viewing distance to be able to choose the ideal resolution for your LED screen.
  • Indoor Vs. Outdoor – Indoor LED screens are often smaller and have lower pixel pitch. This means that most indoor LED screens require a closer look. Meanwhile, many outdoor LED screens are massive in size with higher pixel pitch. This also means that the LED viewing distance is further than its indoor version. 
  • Content – The LED viewing distance can be influenced by your content. If the font and image size are small, a closer viewing is necessary to clearly see them. 
  • Ambient Lighting – Bright environs where the LED display is installed mean that you might need to increase the LED viewing distance to avoid issues like overly bright videos or washed-out images. 


The LED viewing distance simply refers to the perfect distance between the LED display and the viewer. The lines between each panel will disappear when you’re looking at the display from the optimal viewing distance. It is also the distance where the images are sharper, clearer, and more vibrant. 

When you decide to learn about the viewing distance, it means you want to maximize the use and purpose of your LED screen. The most convenient thing to do is to ask the help of your LED screen provider to figure out the LED viewing distance of your display options. If you have enough time to explore this topic though, do so.

Besides the calculators, you can also use LED screen size charts if you don’t want to deal with the numbers of your LED display. These charts may be available online or through your local LED display suppliers.

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