If you’ve seen massive billboards outdoors, whether while traveling overseas or just going to town, then you’ve already seen OOH advertising examples. These massive signs and screens have become more engaging and interactive today and more people are drawn to them now more than ever. 

OOH is considered one of the leading mediums for commercials and advertisements in 2022. While it may only take 5% of the global advertising spending, a study shows that the numbers are expected to increase roughly by 24% in 2024, equivalent to more or less 42.14 billion USD. With this impending market boom, the best move to make is to join that upward wave and be one of the people to take advantage of this market rise. 

If you’re riding this wave and want to look into effective OOH advertising examples, the first step to take is to understand its definition. From there, look into your options and check out the current trends popular to the majority. 

OOH Advertising Meaning

OOH Advertising Examples - OOH Advertising
OOH Advertising Examples – OOH Advertising

To learn the OOH advertising meaning, you will need to look into what the first three letters mean, which refers to out-of-home. The out of home meaning that’s included in the OOH advertising simply points to the location of its installation. These are advertisements you will find outside your home.

This form of advertising is mostly found in public areas, where it can be seen by anyone. They don’t have a strict format they follow but most are installed in major highways and locations with high foot traffic for maximum exposure. Some of the best OOH advertising examples can be found in commercial establishments and locations where crowds are expected. 

Why OOH Advertising Companies Invest in the Industry

OOH Advertising Examples - Balenciaga
OOH Advertising Examples – Balenciaga & Fortnite Collaboration

Many of the OOH advertising examples you can see in the city skyline are successful because of the advantages they offer. These benefits are the major reasons why OOH advertising companies are investing in this industry in the first place:

  • Maximum exposure and broad reach – OOH advertising is often installed in strategic locations, where many will surely see them.
  • Free from ad blockers – Unlike online ads, no one can block OOH advertising so whether they like it or not, people will definitely see the ads. And not like radios and televisions, they can’t be turned off either. 
  • Creative visual impact – Many successful OOH advertising examples have creative content that will easily catch anyone’s attention on top of their massive sizes. Their brand messaging is highly engaging and powerful enough to make people turn around, like the 3D LED billboards that will make you watch and stare. 
  • Great potential for faster ROI – Considering their broad reach and creative content, many OOH advertising facilitates faster ROI for the company. 

Types of OOH Advertising

When deciding to invest and use this media, you have to learn about the different types of OOH advertising. This will give you options to look into, where you can easily match your needs and advertising requirements. Some of the common ones include the following:

Traditional OOH Advertising

Traditional OOH advertising simply refers to the conventional billboards that many are familiar with. The classic out-of-home advertising often comes with massive print ads that are installed in an elevated space that anyone can easily see 50 miles away. Excellent OOH advertising examples under this type are often strategically located along major roads and other areas with high traffic conditions. 

Digital OOH Advertising

OOH Advertising Examples - Nike
OOH Advertising Examples – Nike

This is one of the types of OOH advertising that’s more advanced than others. It simply refers to LED billboards that can be managed through electronic devices like computers. These are the benefits of digital OOH or DOOH advertising from the other types:

  • Efficient ads management – Unlike the traditional type, you can easily switch out ads that you believe need replacements. You don’t have to worry about any printouts. 
  • Unlimited creative potential – With the possibility of adding movements in the ads, you can now deliver impactful commercials from televisions to massive LED billboards for a more public stunt. 
  • Highly interactive – OOH advertising in LED screens is more engaging for viewers and is also often integrated with other advanced media marketing stunts online and in other digital venues. 

Many of the best OOH advertising examples are digital and most of them are 3D LED billboards that capture people’s attention in the most unique way possible.


Posters, both static and digital, are also considered part of the OOH advertising. Many of these materials can be found in stores, retail centers, and even on the streets. The difference they have over other OOHs is that they are smaller in scale compared to the billboards and other massive OOH ads. They often include short-term promotions but are more versatile in their positioning and affordability. 

Transit Advertising

OOH Advertising Examples - Transit
OOH Advertising Examples – Transit

This type of advertising pertains to ads that can be found in public transportation, be it in airports or the actual buses themselves. Terminals and stops are often littered with many ads to catch people’s attention as they go on their daily lives. Here are some of the popular categories of amazing OOH advertising examples under transit advertising:

  • Airport ads – This refers to ads you can see in the airports, specifically in areas where people are forced to wait for their turn for their flights. This includes the arrival and departure areas, lounges, ticketing areas, and retail shops.
  • Rail and subway ads – These are the ads you may find at every stop of the subway or on the actual trains themselves. They can be seen on the platforms and inside the train so that all commuters can see them as they go their way to work or home. 
  • Mobile ads – These are the ads you will find in moving vehicles, including buses, trucks, and taxis. Some vehicles are designed to specifically carry these ads like buses and trucks but some are mounted with posters like taxis. 

Street Furniture Advertising

This is one of the OOH advertising examples that enter the public domain in the form of the following:

  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Bus benches
  • Pedestrians
  • News stands and kiosks. 

Street furniture advertising targets pedestrians and areas where you will find people walking and looking around. The goal of OOH advertising is massive reach and impact so the location of installation needs to be well thought-of. The best move to make is to choose areas with high foot traffic and nothing gets higher than the streets. 

OOH Advertising in Commercial Locations

Finally, many OOH advertising examples are installed in commercial locations, where people complete their transactions and personal errands. Stadiums and arenas are some of the popular choices for these locations, along with shopping malls and other commercial areas like restaurants and convenience stores. In terms of these areas, both the interior and exterior of these locations are filled with OOH advertising. 

3 Incredible OOH Advertising Examples

If you’re looking for the top OOH advertising examples with amazing visual impact and creatively smart branding messages, these are some of the options to look at. 


OOH Advertising Examples - Coca Cola
OOH Advertising Examples – Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola 3D LED billboard installed in Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo is a feast for the eyes. This trendy OOH advertising is so interactive that it runs on the premise that you can get a real physical Coca-Cola beverage from the female character displayed on the screen. This creative masterpiece is a combination of digital and physical elements, from the LED screens to the actual vending machine panel that will produce the tangible Coke bottle. Needless to say, it is a magical visual experience for everyone in the airport. 


OOH Advertising Examples - Duolingo
OOH Advertising Examples – Duolingo

One of the great OOH advertising examples you can look into is accomplished by Duolingo, a language-teaching platform that helps people learn about other languages. 

Installed all over New York City, Duolingo created an incredible marketing scheme and a public service effort at the same time. The billboards were put up during Quitter’s Day, the 2nd Friday of January. It shows messages like “Don’t give up this quitter’s day!” all over the city with its owl mascot leading the way. 


OOH Advertising Examples - Oppenheimer
OOH Advertising Examples – Oppenheimer

To promote the movie “Oppenheimer”, which was directed by Christopher Nolan, a massive OOH billboard is set in Los Angeles, showing the countdown to the day when the film will be released. What makes this LED billboard one of the most effective OOH advertising examples is that it curries anticipation and buzz among viewers and fans. More than just the release of the film, it is also a countdown to the date July 16, which in the year 1945 was the time when the very first atomic bomb exploded. 


Looking at OOH advertising examples will give you an idea of what is effective for the market. From the traditional type of OOH advertising to the trendy and eye-catching 3D LED billboards dominating the city skylines of popular cities all over the world. There are different approaches you can take with OOH advertising but investing in LED screens for a more advanced strategy is a good deal to take due to convenience and edge among other options.

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