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The LED mesh screen is a big pixel pitch LED display, and can take into account the characteristics of lightness, thinness, and transparency. It is a spliceable LED display module composed of an LED lamp, PC card strip, aluminum buckle, steel wire, and other components. because of its good flexibility, it is also called a led mesh curtain.

It is used in large-area display places such as real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, high-rise building facades, etc.

SZLEDWORLD is a professional wholesale manufacturer of led mesh screens in China since 2009 years, We provide a high-quality LED mesh display, its waterproof grade IP67, flame retardant grade V0, three-level electrical safety, anti-ultraviolet, and other characteristics, pixel pitch from 16mm to 200mm, can be customized according to customer requirements, to the greatest extent to meet customer needs need.

LED mesh screen outdoor

  • Outdoor high and low-temperature resistance: The outlet of the module is a silicone wire with the best high and low-temperature performance.
  • Outdoor waterproof: It has a professional waterproof connector, professional design, and a fully sealed waterproof structure. The protection level is IP67;
  • Outdoor anti-ultraviolet: Anti-ultraviolet raw materials, can adapt to the harsh outdoor environments and increase their service life;
  • Flame retardant properties: flame retardant grade V0 is safe and reliable.

Flexible led mesh

The flexible mesh screen can be customized into various shapes, can be bent, cover various irregular structures, conveniently display various video programs, special-shaped display, and cooperate with various lighting transformation effects, showing the infinite artistic charm.

Transparent led mesh

With its transparent design, the transmittance is 20%-50% does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen, has strong wind resistance, effectively reduces wind loads, and further reduces the strength and weight of the basic structure of the LED display. Installed in the glass curtain wall of the building.

The led mesh screen can be divided into LM1 (1 lamp bead inside), LM4 (4 lamp beads inside), LM6 (6 lamp beads inside), and LM8 (8 lamps inside) according to the number of lamps beads encapsulated in a single pixel. Models with different specifications have great differences in light transmittance, brightness, flexibility, price, etc. The following are the parameters of each model:


LM1 is a LED mesh screen whose pixel only contains one LED lamp bead. Its low brightness is suitable for indoor or dark occasions at night, but it has a price advantage.

  • Brightness: 500nits~2100nits;
  • Weight:1.8~4kg/sqm;
  • Transparency: 70%~90%;
  • very good price;
  • Unit resolution: 8×128 dots;
  • Working voltage:7.5V DC.
  • Pixel configuration: 1-in-1 SMD;
  • Grey Level: 16 bit;


LM4 is a LED mesh screen for outdoor use whose pixel contains four LED lamp beads. The brightness is OK, it is used in outdoor wall decoration, It’s a product with good cost performance.

  • Brightness: 200nits~6400nits;
  • Weight:0.9~10.5kg/sqm;
  • Transparency: 55%~98%;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Drive Method: static;
  • Pixel configuration:4in1.
  • Viewing Angle: 140°/110°;
  • Humidity-operating: 10% ~ 90%;


LM6 is a flexible transparent LED mesh display for outdoor use whose pixel contains six LED lamp beads. High brightness, used in outdoor exterior wall display advertising and decoration.

  • Brightness: 350nits~7200nits;
  • Pixel configuration: 6-in-1 SMD;
  • LED type: SMD3535;
  • Weight:0.9~10.5kg/sqm;
  • Transparency: 55%~98%;
  • Cost-effective;
  • P37.5 Pixel density: 711pixels/m2;
  • Unit resolution: 8*128dots;

LM8 led mesh screen

LM8 is a soft and flexible transparent grid LED screen. It contains 8 lamp beads per pixel, and its brightness is relatively high, It is applied to the display and decoration of wall pictures that require light transmission.

  • Brightness: 450nits~9600nits;
  • Pixel configuration: 8-in-1 SMD;
  • Viewing Angle : 140°/110°;
  • Weight:0.9~10.5kg/sqm;
  • Transparency: 55%~98%;
  • Refresh Rate:2000Hz;
  • P200 Unit dimension(W*H): 1.6 x 25.6m;
  • Drive Method:

Best LED Display Manufacturers in China

Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD also known as SZLEDWORLD, is a one-stop manufacturer and integrated solution supplier in the LED display field, established in Shenzhen, China in 2009. After years of continuous efforts, the company has grown to be a leading supplier of LED display services, and OEM & ODM services.

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LED mesh display has the characteristics of light weight, fast installation, high light transmittance, flexible size and area, and IP67 waterproof. It is widely used in building facades/glass curtain walls, cultural tourism projects/stage dance, park squares/science and technology exhibition halls, and other occasions.


Frequently Asked Question

The LED mesh screen is a dynamic display of text, pictures, and videos; it is softer than the traditional outdoor light bar screen. Lightweight, atmospheric, and suitable for stage activities, creative design, and technological aesthetics display LED display;
It has high light transmittance, soft, light, thin, easy to install, waterproof, and other properties;

The LED transparent screen adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, which not only maintains the ultra-high transparency of glass, but also presents photoelectric display effects through control, and realizes video playback! The LED transparent screen is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and has high permeability; low energy consumption!

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SZLEDWORLD is the only company, that can provide LED displays in all forms and custom fabrication services in China. Partnering with SZLEDWORLD provides excellent opportunities to grow your customer base and enhance your revenue by offering INTEGRATED solutions in the LED Wall Display.

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