Advertising through outdoor LED screens has become a trend for many enterprises just to catch the short-span attention of the market. The screens can be used for branding, even promotions, and simple product commercials, depending on what you think will be more profitable and can translate to ROI in the process. 

Based on an American study, out-of-home or OOH advertising campaigns can increase your reach to at least 18% and at most 212%, depending on your industry and target market. If you like these figures, you can go ahead and look into the outdoor LED screen price that you might need to pay to know what you’re dealing with. 

Outdoor LED screens are simply LED displays that are designed for outdoor installation, whether it’s along the highway or a large baseball field. The common LED screens structured outdoors have a pixel pitch between 3 and 16. Depending on the application, viewing distance, and display size, you will have to choose a pixel pitch that matches your needs. You also need to match them with the budget you are willing to pay for the outdoor LED display screen price.

Before jumping on the bandwagon though, make sure you know what you’re dealing with. Check out the probable outdoor LED screen price you would have to save up for. Explore all the different aspects that may seem relevant in your purchasing journey. 

Standard Outdoor LED Screen Price

With the rise of digital advertising campaigns and the increasing competitiveness in the market, both local and global, making a smart decision can be a make or break for your business. You can spend so much on an advertising campaign so looking at the outdoor LED screen price and comparing that to your budget is the wise thing to do.

But how much does an outdoor LED screen actually cost? There are many factors that can affect the prices but if the features and specifications are standard, they can range from $300 to $200,000. Many of these prices are differentiated based on resolution and size. Here is a look at the prices you might need to know about.

Outdoor LED Screen SizesOutdoor LED Screen Price (USD)
10-inch$300 to $500
60-inch$2,500 to $8,000
32-inch Full HD (1080p)$800 to $1,500
60-inch Full HD (1080p)$4,000 to $6,000
32-inch (4k Resolution)$1,500 to $3,000
60-inch (4k Resolution)$6,000 to $8,000
75-inch$2,500 to $6,000
400-inch $25.000 to $100,000
100-inch Full HD (1080p)$5,000 to $10,000
300-inch Full HD (1080p)$50,000 to $100,000
100-inch (4k Resolution)$10,000 to $20,000
300-inch (4k Resolution)$100,000 to $200,000
Installation Fee$1,000 to $5,000 (60-inch max) $4,000 to $25,000 (Big outdoor LED screens)
Maintenance Cost$500 to $1,500/year

These prices only cover the actual LED screens, without add-ons and other customizations you are planning to have. To get the total outdoor LED screen price you will pay, don’t forget other costs like the installation fees, shipping and delivery charges, and even warranties (if they are not offered for free). 

Many suppliers offer to ship for free, especially if you’re getting them from a local vendor. Installation fees range from $1,000 to $25,000, depending on the complexity of the installation and the accessories needed for the task. Some suppliers also include the maintenance cost for their outdoor LED screen price so ask your chosen vendor for the inclusions of the prices presented to you.

Factors That Affect The Price Of An Outdoor LED Screen

In exploring the LED display screen for advertising outdoor price, you will have to look into the different factors that can affect that number. It’s absolutely important to explore these factors, especially if you have a tight budget and you need to find ways to lessen the cost you’ll be paying. 

There are two decisions you would have to settle on first before looking at significant factors. One is to decide whether you’ll get an LED display for indoor or outdoor installation. And second is to choose whether to purchase or rent the LED display. 

An outdoor LED screen price is a bit higher than its indoor version and there’s a significant difference between the cost of purchasing the screen and renting it. 

Outdoor LED displays can be more expensive due to specialized features designed to be protected from exterior elements like rain, wind, and UV rays. And between buying and renting, of course, you have to pay more for the ownership of the screens. 

Here are other factors that can increase or decrease the cost you have to pay. 


The bigger the screen, the higher the outdoor LED screen price. When set with the same specifications, resolutions, and other features, a 100-inch LED screen will definitely be more expensive than its 65-inch version of the same display. 

Specifications & Features

Another factor that can increase and decrease the outdoor LED screen price is the screen’s specifications and the integrated features. Here are some LED screen features that can add to its cost.

  • Pixel Pitch – Outdoor LED screens with smaller pixel pitches are relatively more expensive. When the screen has a small pixel pitch, it can accommodate high-resolution viewing even at a close distance. 
  • Resolution – LED displays with higher resolution cost more than the ones with low resolution. With a high-resolution screen, more pixels are needed so will cost more. 
  • Viewing Distance – This factor influences the required pixel pitch. If the viewing distance needs to be closer then a small pixel pitch is needed. This translates to a higher outdoor LED screen price
  • Brightness – Outdoor LED displays need higher brightness due to their exposure to direct sunlight, which will make the screen more expensive than indoor displays.
  • Panel Type – Depending on the technology used by the screen, some may be more expensive than others. OLEDs have higher prices than regular LED screens. 
  • Color Gamut – The prices are also higher for displays with wider gamuts since they show more vibrant images and videos. 
  • Contrast Ratio – LED screens with higher contrast ratios feature more realistic images with brighter whites and deeper blacks. These screens are costlier to get. 
  • Refresh Rate – This refers to how quickly the images are updated on the screen. A display with a higher rate also has a higher outdoor LED screen price.
  • Control Software – There are LED screens with control software that are easily customized. These LED screens are more expensive since advanced features can be integrated into the software. Some of which are remote management and scheduling. 
  • Connectivity – Some outdoor LED displays have incredible flexibility in terms of connection, offering options like DisplayPort and HDMI. Some even have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access. Those with more connectivity options are priced higher than those with fewer. 


Besides the standard features, there are also several add-ons provided by vendors as optional offers. Some of them are the following: 

  • Weatherproofing – The outdoor LED screen price is often higher because of this additional protection. While many vendors offer weatherproofing as part of your display package, others will make it optional to create an illusion of affordability. 
  • Warranty – LED displays can come with warranties and they can come in full, partial, parts only, and service only options. Similar to weatherproofing, some suppliers roll this add-on into the package while some make it optional. 
  • Added Parts – Many LED screens come in a cabinet for added protection and the cabinet itself can be an added cost to the display. This is often not included in the outdoor LED screen price and is offered as an optional service. Aluminum cabinets are more expensive and some of the more affordable materials include carbon fiber, iron, steel, and even plastic.
  • Maintenance – Cleaning the outdoor LED screen is an absolute must, especially since it’s often exposed to dirt and dust. Many suppliers offer this maintenance service on top of the device. You can avail of this service as an add-on and so can be an extra cost. 


After buying the outdoor LED display, the next step is to install it. Some vendors offer free installation but if they don’t, you will need to pay for the charges as an additional expense separate from the standard outdoor LED screen price. 

Installation charges can be affected by the vendors offering the service, the size of the LED screen, and the complexity of the task. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted LED displays are complicated to install and so may demand a higher installation fee. 

Shipping & Delivery

If you choose a local vendor you can trust, you can save more on shipping and delivery compared to buying somewhere out of town. The shipping and delivery charges also depend on the LED display’s size and weight in addition to your location. 


There are many brands of LED screens offered to the market and they have different prices. The more popular ones with incredible reputations tend to be more expensive than newer and less-known brands. Besides established reputation, other factors that can increase the outdoor LED screen price are the R&D (Research and Development) and marketing procedures of the manufacturers. 

Tips When Choosing The Right Outdoor LED Screen For You

When you see that the outdoor LED display price is high, there are chances you will just give up on getting your chosen screen. If you are now hesitating, there are some things you can do to decrease the expenses you have to worry about when getting an outdoor LED screen. Here are some of the noteworthy tips for people with tight budgets.

  1. Explore your local LED suppliers and check out if they can meet your needs.
  2. Consider looking at used or refurbished outdoor LED screens. 
  3. Look into a higher pixel pitch enough to deliver the message but not too low that it won’t be worth looking at. 
  4. Compare the outdoor LED screen price from each vendor you’re considering.
  5. Consider buying in bulk for volume discounts, fewer shipping charges, and better warranty offers. 

Outdoor LED Screen Price FAQs

Before going out and finally getting your own outdoor LED screen, here are some popular FAQs to leave you something worthwhile. 

What pixel pitch of the outdoor LED Display should I choose?

Outdoor LED displays often range from P4 to P16 so take into account all your requirements and needs before choosing one. The important factors to consider for the pixel pitch are the viewing angle, display size, resolution, and budget. Can you afford the outdoor LED screen price you need to spend? If the answer is yes then go with it. 

Can I self-maintain my outdoor LED screen?

You can always try but it’s still a better decision to trust the work of an expert in cleaning and maintaining your outdoor LED screen. 

Is it worth investing in outdoor LED screens?

Definitely, yes. If you have the money you can spend on outdoor LED screens, you can turn it into an investment and rent them out to businesses that need eye-catching promotions. The ROI (return of investment) is at most 2.5 years so you can definitely profit from them. 


The outdoor LED screen price heavily relies on many factors, some of which include display size, specifications and features, installation, shipping and delivery, brands, and add-ons. You can easily explore all of these aspects if you want to make sure you get to the right decision. 

There are many ways to decrease the cost of your LED screen purchase. You can tweak some of the different aspects that can affect the device’s price. Whether that’s installing the outdoor LED screen with your own hands or choosing a smaller display, make a decision on what details you can compromise with and stick with your non-negotiables. Just make sure that the final outdoor LED screen price is within your budget and that you’re capable of paying for it.

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