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The Outdoor Rental LED display is a LED display specially used for outdoor stage performances and cultural activities. It generally appears in the form of outdoor rental, so it is named outdoor rental led display. It has the characteristics of lightweight, thin, quick installation and removal.

It is widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing parties, various press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco bars, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV station Spring Festival Gala, various provinces

SZLEDWORLD is a professional manufacturer of outdoor rental LED displays in China since 2009 years. We provide high-quality outdoor rental LED displays, with Nationstar lamp beads, high refresh rate IC, MEAN WELL power supply, convenient die-casting aluminum cabinets, etc. We provide 24/ 7 hours service.

RK500 Outdoor Rental LED Display

Rk500 outdoor rental LED display is a beautiful, stylish, integrated power supply and receiving cards in the control box, to achieve the purpose of fast maintenance of the power supply and receiving cards. It is used in stage performances, churches, weddings, and other live broadcasts that need fast maintenance.

  • 10s to replace the power supply and card;
  • Super thin, 87mm;
  • Stainless steel self-locking lock;
  • Lightweight: 8kg/pcs;
  • Front and rear service;
  • Magnetic LED Module;
  • Power supply and card integrated into control box;
  • Suitable for P2.976, P3.91, P4.81

RK1000 Outdoor Rental LED Display

RK1000 series is a new type of high-end rental LED display with fast front and rear maintenance. It integrates the power supply and the receiving card in the control box for quick replacement. Compared with RK500, it is more cost-effective, and can also be spliced with RK500 to form a whole LED display.

  • 10s to replace the power supply, and receiving card;
  • RK1000 and RK500 can be spliced together;
  • Compatible with arc lock;
  • Stainless steel self-locking lock;
  • Magnetic LED Module;
  • Ultra-thin, 87mm
  • Location pins left and right for fast assembly;
  • Suitable for P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, and P4.81 LED modules;

LRO3.91-500 Outdoor Rental LED Display

LRO3.91-500 series Outdoor Rental LED Display is a very popular, high-resolution, lightweight, and cost-effective product in the current market. Compared with the LRO3.91-1000 Series cabinet, the weight and volume are smaller for a single one, and it is easier to assemble and disassemble, but the price will be higher.

  • Very light, 8kg/sqm;
  • LRO3.91-500 and LRO3.91-1000 can be spliced together;
  • Ultra-thin, 88mm;
  • Stainless steel lock is not easy to rust;
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly;
  • High refresh rate, ≥3840Hz;
  • Compatible with curved lock;
  • Pixel density: 65,536 pixels/m2

LRO3.91-1000 Outdoor Rental LED Display

  • No tools are required to install and remove;
  • With fast locks for quick disassemble and assemble;
  • Fanless design with aluminum direct heat dissipation, low noise;
  • Large handle design, comfortable to hold in hand;
  • Compatible with curved lock;
  • Lightweight: 13kg/cabinet;
  • Thin cabinet: 72mm ;
  • High resolution: 65,536 pixels per sqm.

LRO3.91-1000 Series Outdoor Rental LED display is very popular both for indoor and outdoor stage backgrounds, it has high-resolution, and cost-effective features. compared with the LRO500 series, it has more advantages in price, but the weight and volume of a single cabinet are bigger.

LRO4.81-500 Outdoor Rental LED Display

LRO4.81-500 series outdoor rental LED display, like the LRO3.91 outdoor rental type, is the most popular in professional stage performance and rental led display applications. Although it’s a bit lower resolution than P3.91 (43,264 pixel/sqm), it has a price advantage.

  • Ultra-light, 7.5kg/pcs;
  • Ultra-thin, 85mm;
  • High precision, processing accurate to 0.1mm;
  • Hoisting and stacking for installation;
  • Quick locking, completed in 10 seconds;
  • Good heat dissipation effect;
  • High performance and price ratio;
  • Lamp bead protection cover.

LRO4.81-1000 Outdoor Rental LED Display

P4.81 outdoor rental LED display 500x1000mm type is one of the most popular rentals led display models because it has a lightweight (13kg/pcs), thin body (70mm thickness), high resolution, and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Compared with the 500x500mm type, it can save time for installation and disassembling.

  • IP65 protection level;
  • Aluminum material is good for heat dissipation;
  • Large handle design, comfortable to hold in hand;
  • Cabinet size: 500mm x 1000mm;
  • Weight: 13kg/pcs;
  • Thickness: 70mm;
  • SMD1921 big viewing angle;
  • Pixel density: 43,264 pixels/m2.

LRO5-640 Outdoor rental led display

P5 outdoor rental led display is a P5 mm pixel pitch, high brightness, lightweight, thin cabinet, high-quality waterproof SMD type, and the cabinet size is 640mmx640mm outdoor LED display.

  • 640x640mm cabinets size;
  • LED module size: 320x160mm;
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly;
  • Aluminum die-casting cabinet dissipates heat quickly;
  • SMD lamp beads, with a wider viewing angle;
  • Lightweight: 11.7kg;
  • Thin cabinet: 77mm ;
  • Pixel density: 40,000 pixels/m2

LRO8-640 Outdoor rental led display

P8 outdoor rental led display, its pixel pitch is P8mm, using SMD3535 lamp beads, with high weather resistance, high brightness, lightweight, thin thickness, cabinet size is 640mm x 640mm, and with quick locks, suitable for the indoor and outdoor rental environment.

  • 640 High brightness: ≥5500 cd/m2;
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly;
  • Superb white balance and wide view angles;
  • 640x640mm die-casting cabinet;
  • Superb white balance and wide view angles;
  • Thin cabinet: 89.5mm ;
  • Lightweight: 8kg;
  • Seamless connection;

LRO10-640 Outdoor rental led display

P10 outdoor rental led display is an SMD3535 lamp bead with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast ratio, which can be directly displayed under the sun.

  • High brightness: 6500 nits;
  • Fast Lock Design, Easy Installation;
  • Excellent performance. vivid image and video display;
  • Die-casting aluminum material, excellent heat dissipation;
  • Standard Cabinet Size: 640mmx640mm;
  • Multi waterproof design, safety, and reliability;
  • Slim cabinet: 90mm ;
  • Lightweight: 11.5kg;

Best LED DISPLAY Manufacturers in China

Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD also known as SZLEDWORLD, is a one-stop manufacturer and integrated solution supplier in the LED display field, established in Shenzhen, China in 2009. After years of continuous efforts, the company has grown to be a leading supplier of LED display services, and OEM & ODM services.

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Today, outdoor rental LED displays have been used in various fields, such as Stage Performances, churches, weddings, anniversary celebrations, exhibitions, banquets, conferences, foundations, openings, promotions, and other activities, stage background construction, lighting, and sound equipment, and special effects equipment rental places.


Frequently Asked Question

When choosing an outdoor rental LED display, you need to consider the resolution, brightness, cabinet weight & size, your budget, personal preference, LED screen size, Use environment, whether you need a curved shape, etc.

Pixel pitch: today, P3.91 and P4.81 outdoor rental led displays are the hottest pixel pitches in the rental market, because of their high resolution and cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to be chosen. If the viewing distance is relatively far, you can choose the pixel pitch with a large one, such as more than 6 meters, you can consider the model above P6, and for close viewing, you can choose the P2.976 outdoor rental led display.

Cabinet weight & size: Outdoor rental LED display usually has 500mmx1000mm cabinets (weight about 12~13 kg/cabinet) and 500mmx500mm cabinets (weight about 7~8 kg/cabinet), if you need a lightweight and easy operation, 500x500mm cabinet is a very good choice, if you want cost-effective and don’t care about the weight of a single cabinet, you can choose a 500x1000mm cabinet.

Environment: If you choose a rental screen, sometimes it needs to be used outdoors, and sometimes it needs to be used indoors, then we have to choose an outdoor rental LED display, because it has high brightness and waterproof performance, and can also adapt to the indoor environment. use;

Quick maintenance: when some rental LED displays are in use, it is required that they can be quickly maintained when problems occur to ensure the continuity of the LED display. we can choose the receiving card and power supply integrated into the control box when it has the problems we can change them quickly. In addition, the LED module adopts the magnet adsorption method to quickly change the LED module.

Curved lock: When your LED display requires an inner arc and outer arc structure on the stage, we can choose the box with a curved lock structure.

The outdoor rental led display is an LED display that can be used for outdoor rental. It has excellent brightness, color contrast, and energy efficiency, and has become the standard of today’s display technology.

The outdoor rental LED display is much larger than the personal LED display and can be used for outdoor rental. It is usually a huge screen for activities that require lots of people to watch. It is also called the “outdoor LED video wall“. It is a LED cabinet assembled from unit LED modules. , and then spliced into an LED display from the LED cabinet, and used in outdoor stage rental performances and other occasions. So the term “outdoor LED display rental” can also be called “jumbotron outdoor rental” “outdoor LED screen rental” and “outdoor LED wall rental”.

Resolution: The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher resolution, the higher the resolution, and the higher price. We need to choose the appropriate model from the pixel pitch, viewing distance, usage time, application place, and other factors.

Lamps: Different lamp brands have different prices. Commonly used LED lamp bead brands are HS, kinglight, and nationstar, and their prices are from low to high.

Cabinet types and size: Different types of cabinets have different design structures, different materials used, different functions, and also different prices.
For outdoor rental 500x1000mm cabinet size, the price per square meter is better than 500x500mm.

Other accessories: In addition, other accessories such as driver ic, power supply(brand, certification, power, etc.), control system, etc., the price of different models will be different.

  • High waterproof and dustproof level: IP65;
  • High brightness: ≥4000nits;
  • Fast locks for quick assemble and disassemble;
  • Ethernet cable and AC cable with connectors;
  • Lightweight and thin aluminum or magnesium alloy die-casting cabinet;
  • Models: P2.97mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm.
Pixel pitchResolutionViewing distanceBrightnessCabinet sizeWeight
P2.97112,896 pixels/m23M ~30M 4800nits500x500mm7.5 kg/pcs
P3.9165,536 pixels/m2 4M ~40M4800nits 500x500mm 7.5 kg/pcs
P4.8143,264 pixels/m2 5M ~50M 4500nits 500x500mm 7.5 kg/pcs
P540,000 pixels/m2 5M ~50M5900nits 640x640mm11.7kg/pcs
P627,777 pixels/m2 6M ~60M 5500nits576x576mm9.5kg/pcs
P6.6722,500 pixels/m2 7M ~70M6000nits 640x640mm11.7kg/pcs
P815,625pixels/m2 8M ~80M 5800nits 640x640mm11.9kg/pcs
P1010,000 pixels/m2 10M ~100M6500nits 640x640mm11.5kg/pcs
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD

It is widely used in sports venues, advertising media, leasing, stage performance, energy, command/monitoring/conference center, radio and television, transportation, and real estate.

The LED industry is one of the strategic emerging industries supported by the state. The future development prospects are extremely broad. Outdoor rental LED displays will continue to develop in the direction of higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and better display effect

After installing the LED display screen, AC cable connecting, and signal cable connecting, we need to adjust the software of the LED display screen and the video processor to ensure that the LED display video can display normal pictures or videos, The following is the operation video of software operation and video processor for your reference:

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SZLEDWORLD is the only company, that can provide LED displays in all forms and custom fabrication services in China. Partnering with SZLEDWORLD provides excellent opportunities to grow your customer base and enhance your revenue by offering INTEGRATED solutions in the LED Wall Display.

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