LRO10 outdoor rental led display

640mm x 640mm cabinet


P10 outdoor rental led display is an SMD3535 lamp bead with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast ratio, which can be directly displayed under the sun. Its selling price is about 300USD. More outdoor rental LED displays are, P3.91, P4.81, P5, P6, P8, etc.

It is mainly suitable for outdoor large-scale rental occasions, anniversary celebrations, exhibitions, banquets, openings, promotions, and other activities, stage background construction, lighting and sound equipment, special effects equipment rental, and other places.


  • Excellent performance. vivid image and video display;
  • High brightness: 6500 nits;
  • Die-casting aluminum material, excellent heat dissipation;
  • Fast Lock Design, Easy Installation;
  • Standard Cabinet Size: 640mmx640mm;
  • Multi waterproof design, safety, and reliability;
  • Slim cabinet: 90mm ;
  • Lightweight: 11.5kg;

High-quality SMD3535 LEDs

We use high-quality Nationstar lamp beads with good waterproof, high reliability, high brightness, and well-designed as our unit display pixels, which can improve the stability and display effect of the whole screen.

  • matte surface, excellent contrast,100% smoothness;
  • Surface uniform output solves picture distortion problems even on light distribution surfaces;
  • Low pins high frame-ease in glue potting and mask design.

Reasonable structural design

The requirements of outdoor stage rental led display are durable and fast operation. The design of positioning pins of the cabinet, convenient handles, cable connectors, door hinges, and other structures can well meet these needs.

Structural strength and lightweight

The cabinet body is made of magnesium alloy, which is sturdy and durable, and its weight is 40% lighter than that of the traditional cabinet body, which is easy to install and transport, and greatly saves costs.

Reasonable cabinet size

  • The thickness of the cabinet is thin, only 90~95mm;
  • 640x640mm cabinet size design, compatible with more types of outdoor rental LED displays, such as P3.3, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, etc.

Good waterproof

  • The front lamp beads of the module are filled with waterproof glue to protect the lamp beads so that they can be suitable for outdoor harsh environments, and the waterproof level is IP65;
  • The back of the cabinet uses louvers to ensure the heat dissipation of the product while ensuring waterproof performance, and the waterproof level of the back is IP43.

Wide viewing angle

Using wide viewing angle SMD lamps, the vertical and horizontal viewing angle range can reach 160 degrees. looking from these directions, it can still maintain a clear and vivid picture and provide users with a perfect feeling.

P10 outdoor rental LED display Specifications

Pixel PitchP10
LED typeSMD3535
Pixel configuration3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density10,000 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)320*160mm
Module resolution32*16dots
Drive Method1/2 scan
Cabinet size (W*H)640*640mm
Cabinet depth90mm
Cabinet material Aluminum
Cabinet weight11.5kg/pcs
Brightness≥6500 cd/m2
Best Viewing Distance10m to 100m
Viewing Angle140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit
Refresh Rate≥1920HZ
Power consumption(Avg.)135w/cabinet
Power consumption(Max.)400w/cabinet
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours
Controlling SystemSync or Async
Ingress Protection (IP)IP65
Warranty3 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

Video for P10 outdoor rental led display

Brochures for P10 outdoor rental led display

The p10 led display is a display with a distance of 10mm between two adjacent lamps. It is composed of LED modules by patching the lamp beads to the PCB board, the LED modules are assembled on the cabinet, and finally, the cabinets are assembled into an LED display. Its lamp bead is SMD3535, scanning usually has 1/4 scan (brightness 4000nits) and 1/2 scan (brightness 6500nits), resolution 10,000/square meter.

P10 and P5 LED displays are not only different in resolution, lamp type, brightness, scanning, viewing distance, and other parameters.

P1010,000 dots/sqmSMD35351/26500 nits
P540,000 dots/sqmSMD19211/85800 nits

When we choose P5 or P10, if we are watching at close range, we choose P5, because of its high resolution, the picture or video will be clearer. From the perspective of budget or price, the price of P5 is higher than that of P10, and the brightness of P10 is higher than that of P5. Better results in sunlight.

LRO10 Outdoor Rental LED Display

The P10 outdoor rental LED display is used on the stage of the anniversary celebration, and the LED display is used as the stage background and live broadcast projection display.

  • Pixel density: 10,000 pixels/ sqm;
  • Cabinet size (W*H): 640x640mm;
  • Cabinet depth: 90mm;
  • QYT of the cabinets:72pcs;
  • Cabinet weight:11.5kg/pcs;
  • Location: Botswana
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