LRI2.6 indoor rental led display

500mm x 500mm cabinet

P2.6 Indoor Rental LED Display

P2.6 indoor rental led display is a led display used for indoor rental that LED modules with magnets for quick installation, both for front and rear maintenance. The power supply and receiving card are integrated into the control box, and the power supply and receiving card can be quickly replaced. Quick-lock assembly and disassembly, with power and network cable connectors.

It is mainly used for performances, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, started opening, promotion, and other activities, and special effects equipment rental places.

SZLEDWORLD is a china professional p2.6 indoor rental led display manufacturer, We have more than 13 years of experience in the LED display industry, and our products have CE, RoHS, UL, and other certifications. Our raw materials are all selected with high quality, and the product display refreshes above 3840 Hz.

500x500 and 500x1000mm cabinet

Great Performance


High Definition


High contrast


High refresh rate

70 Billion colors

Vivid Picture

16 bits

High Grey Scale


High brightness

100,000 Hours

Long service time


Wide view angle

7.5 kg



  • Modular design for quick replacement of LED modules, power supplies, and cards;
  • This cabinet is also compatible with P2.976, P3.91, and P4.81indoor and outdoor;
  • The lamp protection blocks at the corners of the cabinet reduce lamp damage;
  • Aluminum direct heat dissipation, good effect, silent operation without a fan;
  • 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinets can be assembled together;
  • It can display engaging content in any indoor environment;
  • Looks strong, strong, safe, and reliable;
  • Low-latency live images and video;
  • LED module size 250mmx250mm;
  • It can support an 18bit+ grayscale;
  • Compatible with curved lock;
  • Lightweight: 6.5kg/cabinet;
  • Thin cabinet: 71.5mm ;

P2.6 indoor rental led display wireless conecting

Quick replacement of components

The design of the cabinet is perfectly in line with the concept of quick installation and maintenance. The magnetic installation of the led module, the quick removal and installation of the power supply and the receiving card, the use of connectors for cables and network cables to achieve quick wiring, and the quick locking of the cabinet and other structures.

P2.6 indoor rental led display cabinet details

Strong structure

P2.6 indoor rental led display, the cabinet structure is sturdy, the handle is thick and reliable, the power supply and receiving card are integrated into the control box, which can be quickly replaced, the LED modules can use magnets for quick installation, and the arc lock is optional and can be assembled with the 500x1000mm cabinets, the indication on the cabinet Lights facilitate quick identification of problems, etc.

500x500 and 1000 cabinet splice together

Compatible stitching

The 500x500mm cabinet and the 500x1000mm cabinet can be spliced together, and there are more size choices in the height direction of the LED display. At the same time, they can also be misplaced and spliced to create various shapes and attract the attention of the audience.

curved lock for P2.6 indoor rental led display

Curved lock

The cabinet supports left and right arc lock connections, and 500x500mm cabinets can be spliced and disassembled with 500mmx1000mm cabinets, making it easy to create custom designs for any layout.

Structural strength, thin and lightweight

Reinforcing ribs are designed around the cabinet body, the structure is firm and strong, and the weight of the cabinet is very light (6.5kg/pcs), and it is thin, with a thickness of 71.5mm, so it is very convenient to install, disassemble, and transport, which can save costs.

P2.6 indoor rental led display Anti-collision system

Anti-collision system

P2.6 indoor rental LED display cabinet as it often needs to be assembled, disassembled, and transported. During this process, the lamp beads in the cabinet are easily damaged by knocking, especially the lamp beads in the four corners of the cabinet. The four corners of the cabinet are designed with anti-collision blocks for you to choose to effectively protect the lamps of the four corners of the cabinet.

Right angle cabinet

The two sides of the cabinets can be processed into a 45-degree bevel structure. When the two cabinets are assembled, the cabinets can be perfectly assembled to form a right-angle shape of the LED screen.

P2.6 indoor rental LED display Specifications

Pixel Pitch P2.6
ModelLRI 2.6
LED typeSMD2121
Pixel configuration3 in 1 SMD
Pixel density147,456 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)250*250mm
Module resolution96*96dots
Drive Method1/32 scan
Cabinet size (W*H)500*500mm / 500*1000mm 
Cabinet resolution192*192 dots / 192*384 dots
Cabinet depth71.5mm
Cabinet materialAluminum
Cabinet weight6.5 kg/pcs / 11.5 kg/pcs
SQM / cabinet0.25 sqm / 0.5 sqm
Brightness800 cd/m2
Color temperature6500deg. K
Best Viewing Distance2.5m to 25m
Viewing Angle140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit
Refresh Rate≥3840Hz
Video frame rate60Hz
Power consumption(Avg.)65w/cabinet / 130w/cabinet
Power consumption(Max.)200w/cabinet / 400w/cabinet
Input voltage (nominal)110 or 220VAC
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours
Input interfaceDVI, VGA, HDMI, DP, SDI, etc.
Control systemNovastar, colorlight, linsn, HD, etc.
Ingress Protection (IP)Front IP65
Warranty2 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

Video for P2.6 indoor rental led display

Brochures for P2.6 indoor rental led display

Production Process

Raw materials such as lamps, ICs, PCBs, and other electronic components are processed into LED modules by high-precision SMT equipment. After QC confirms that the inspection is OK, the LED modules are assembled into a cabinet, and finally, the finished cabinet is assembled into a whole screen for the aging test


The installation methods of P2.6 indoor rental LED display screens usually include hanging and ground stacking. This installation and disassembly method is simple, fast, and very flexible, which is very suitable for stage rental performances.

Why choose us as your supplier

Rental LED display accessories

We will arrange spare parts for the main components outside the normal LED display screen, so as to ensure that the product is damaged and replaced quickly during the stage rental process, prolonging the use of the product’s lifespan.

Control system diagram

P2.6 indoor rental led screen is usually for stage rental use, so the control system is synchronous with the video processor for different video source input.

Project case

LRI2.6 Indoor Rental LED Display

P2.6 indoor rental led display is used for rental performances of stage concerts. The cabinet size was a mix of 500mmx1000mm and 500mmx500mm. It has a high refresh resolution of 4800 HZ.

  • Pixel density: 147,456 pixels/ sqm;
  • Resolution: 4800 Hz;
  • Cabinet depth: 71.5mm;
  • Viewing Distance: 2m to 20m;
  • Cabinet weight:6.5kg/pcs for 500x500mm, 11.5kg/pcs for 500x1000mm cabinet;
  • Location: Spain

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