LRI3.91 indoor rental led display

500mm x 500mm cabinet

P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display

The p3.91 indoor rental LED display is an indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of 3.91mm. It has the characteristics of quick installation and disassembly, lightweight, thin cabinet, and easy handling. It is one of the best sellers in the rental market. Compared with the outdoor p3.91 rental LED display, it has a price advantage (around $290).

It is mainly used for performances, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, started opening, promotion, and other activities, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment, and special effects equipment rental places.

SZLEDWORLD is a china p3.91 indoor rental led display wholesale manufacturer, We choose high-quality raw materials, and the products have passed CE, RoHS, UL, and other certifications. Professional service team with more than 12 years of experience to solve any difficult problems you have in use and pre-sale.

  • Aluminum direct heat dissipation, good effect, silent operation without a fan;
  • 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinets can be assembled together;
  • Ultra-high refresh and contrast ratio, the picture is clear and bright;
  • High precision CNC machining, high precision, and good flatness;
  • Black LEDs are colorful and have good contrast;
  • Low energy consumption and cost-saving;
  • Quick installation and quick disassembly;
  • LED module size 250mmx250mm;
  • Compatible with curved lock;
  • Thin cabinet: 94mm ;
  • Lightweight: 6kg;

High-quality SMD2121 LEDs

We use high-quality Nationstar lamp lamps with good contrast, high reliability, high brightness, and well-designed as our unit display pixels, which can improve the stability and display effect of the whole screen.

  • Full black frame and encapsulation, excellent contrast;
  • High reliability and brightness;
  • Abundant market experiences.

High refresh rate

Since P3.91 indoor rental led display is used for stage display usually, in order to present the perfect visual display and photographic display effect, we will use high refresh IC for it, such as ICN2153, SM16169, MBI5153, etc.

Easy installation

Unlike the fixed installation of LED display, which needs to be made of steel structure, the P3.91 indoor rental led display has 2 installation methods that are convenient and quick to install and remove:

  • In hanging beam installation, the cabinet is connected to the hanging beam with a lock, and the hanging beam is then hung on a truss or other installation structure;
  • For stacking installation, you can use a dedicated stacking rack or back support to fix it behind the cabinets.

Wide viewing angle range

SMD2121 lamp beads, the viewing angle range is 140 degrees/140 degrees. Even on the corners of the LED display, the pictures or videos are still clearly visible.

Cabinet structure

The p3.91indoor rental led display cabinet adopts the combination of aesthetics and industrial design concept, comfortable and durable handle, positioning rod for quick installation and positioning, lamp bead protection block, LED module fixing handle, magnetic LED module, fast self-locking function Lock, fixed slot, lamp bead protection block, compatible with arc lock, etc.

Curved lock

The two sides of the cabinet can be compatible with curved locks, and the cabinet can be easily assembled into an outer curved shape, inner arc shape, and round LED outdoor LED display to meet the needs of different applications and customers

Structural strength and lightweight

It is made of aluminum material with light density, which is not only light in weight but also strong and durable. The weight of a single cabinet is only 6kg.

Anti-collision system

P3.91 indoor rental LED display cabinet as it often needs to be assembled, disassembled, and transported. During this process, the lamp beads in the cabinet are easily damaged by knocking, especially the lamp beads in the four corners of the cabinet. The four corners of the cabinet are designed with anti-collision blocks to effectively protect the lamps of the four corners of the cabinet.

P3.91 indoor rental LED display Specifications

Pixel PitchP3.91
ModelLRI 3.91
LED typeSMD2121
Pixel configuration3 in 1 SMD
Pixel density65,536 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)250*250mm
Module resolution64*64dots
Drive Method1/16 scan
Cabinet size (W*H)500*500mm / 500*1000mm 
Cabinet resolution128*128 dots / 128*256 dots
Cabinet depth94mm
Cabinet materialAluminum
Cabinet weight6kg/pcs / 12 kg/pcs
SQM / cabinet0.25 sqm / 0.5 sqm
Brightness1000 cd/m2
Color temperature6500deg. K
Best Viewing Distance4m to 40m
Viewing Angle140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit
Refresh Rate≥1920HZ or 3840Hz
Video frame rate60Hz
Power consumption(Avg.)65w/cabinet / 130w/cabinet
Power consumption(Max.)200w/cabinet / 400w/cabinet
Input voltage (nominal)110 or 220VAC
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours
Input interfaceDVI, VGA, HDMI, DP, SDI etc.
Control systemNovastar, colorlight, linsn, HD etc.
Ingress Protection (IP)Front IP65
Warranty2 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

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LRI3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display

P3.91 indoor rental display 500mmx500mm and 500mm x 1000mm are perfectly combined to form an LED display background screen and use a driver IC with a refresh rate of 4800Hz, the video and pictures captured on-site are lifelike.

  • Pixel density: 65,536 pixels/ sqm;
  • Cabinet size (W*H): 500x1000mm/500mm;
  • Cabinet depth: 94mm;
  • Power consumption(Avg.):65w/cabinet;
  • Cabinet weight:6kg/pcs;
  • Location: Zimbabwe

Frequently Asked Question

P3. 91 Rental LED display mainly used for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, started opening, promotion and other activities, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment, and special effects equipment rental places. It refers to the distance between the adjacent 2 lamp beads as 3.91mm for indoor quick installation and removal of LED display.

P3.91 indoor led parts as below:

  • Power supply;
  • Receiving card;
  • Sending card;
  • Video processor;
  • LED modules;
  • Lamps
  • ICS
  • Ethernet cables;
  • Ac cables;
  • DC5v cables;
  • Flat cables;
  • Hanging bars;
  • Back supports;
  • Bolts;
  • Connect plates;
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