Tokyo’s Shinjuku is one of Japan’s most popular locations filled with tourists and locals alike. The fact that it became one of the most popular tourist destinations during the 2021 Japan Summer Olympics can tell you about its growing fame. This tidbit is also the reason why Shinjuku 3D billboards are gathering investors and businesses like flies on honey. 

If you’re an advertiser in Tokyo, the Shinjuku district is an area you’ll need to scout and consider if you plan for grand advertising and maximum market reach. What makes these high-end billboards tempting for marketers and the general population? Let’s find out the answer to this query. 

What are Shinjuku 3D Billboards?

Nike 3D Billboard - Nike Air Max in Shinjuku
Nike Air Max – 3D LED Shinjuku

Shinjuku 3D billboards showcase the best that 3D technology offers, maximizing its potential and delivering high-quality commercials and advertisements. Where did these commercial wonders come from and how were they able to be what they are today?

The history of billboards can be traced back to the 1800s in the Americas. They were designed to attract as much attention as possible all at one time. This continues up to this very day. 

With the advancement of technology, many elements have been added to the simplicity of billboards throughout the years. The first development came in the form of the digitalization of the basic boards. From there, the improvements became unstoppable. The culmination of all these developments led to the creation of so many high-end skyline displays, including the Shinjuku 3D billboards  

When billboards were digitized, they became part of the digital out-of-home advertisements or DOOH. They proved so effective that these displays turned the skyline into their home. The use of these displays became rampant all over the world because of how easily they caught people’s attention.  

Benefits of Using Shinjuku 3D Billboards

3D billboards offer incredible advantages to marketers and companies. To understand this fact more thoroughly, these are some of the benefits that 3D DOOH commercials like Shinjuku billboards offer:

  • Amazing advanced technology – 3D billboards showcase some of the most incredible displays of powerful technology that you’ll only see in futuristic movies. These devices offer the possibility of displaying 3D content without needing additional tools like the 3D glasses used in cinemas and gaming consoles.
  • Immersive viewing experiences – This kind of experience is only possible when you’re viewing exquisite 3D content. Images used in the content are full-colored and look realistic, which contributes to the authentic aesthetic of the content. You’ll bear witness to a minimum of 16 million colors on display. This makes the entire screen more lifelike, especially with the integration of realistic characters and elements like moving animals. This is exactly what was used in Shinjuku 3D billboards. 
  • High versatility – 3D billboards are significantly more versatile compared to other LED screens. They can be dynamic and immersive or static, depending on the type of content designed for showing. The difference can be clearly made through the use of unique and different variables. 
  • Cost-effective investment – High-end skyline displays like Shinjuku 3D billboards are admittedly expensive. In the case of 3d billboards though, they work more as an investment than a form of spending. CrossSpace and Unika rent out many Shinjuku 3D billboards to companies who want to use the displays for product promotions and other marketing spectaculars. This can translate into faster and bigger ROIs for these companies, making the display cost-effective.

Shinjuku 3D Billboard Location & Time

Shinjuku is one of the popular districts located in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. It is considered one of the most-visited places in the country, where many activities and tourist destinations can be found. Many even compare it to New York City’s Times Square because of the large Shinjuku 3D billboards you can find in the district. 

The train station in Shinjuku has a high foot traffic since the district became a hotspot in Tokyo. With the major railway station, it’s not surprising that marketers install 3D billboards in this location where many people will pass them every day without fail. There are 190,000 people who pass by this station daily so almost two hundred thousand opportunities can be translated into sales and customer conversion at the end of the day. 

If you want to really catch the feline in action, you just need to know the Shinjuku 3D billboard time assigned for the content to be shown. For the Calico cat, you can see it and enjoy the sight from 7 in the morning to 1 in the morning the next day. This lengthy time frame gives you the chance to observe the cat without hurrying up and needing to meticulously schedule your visit. 

All about the Shinjuku 3D Billboard Cat

Cat 3D LED - 3D Billboard Japan
Cat 3D LED – 3D Billboard Japan

One of the most popular content that made Shinjuku 3D billboards even more famous is the 3D calico cat. The viral cinematic and eye-catching billboard became famous on social platforms just before the Olympics was held in Tokyo. After that, its popularity just blew up.

If you want to visit this popular Shinjuku 3D billboard, make sure you know the east exit of the Shinjuku station. Despite its popularity, the cat doesn’t have its own name. People simply dubbed the animal the “Shinjuku East Exit Cat” to differentiate it from other cats used in 3D billboards in Japan. 

The Calico cat is presented as a realistic feline that frolics in the LED display like it’s alive and as if you can pet it. The aesthetic of the cat is so life-like that it will definitely garner attention from everyone. The animal moves and acts routinely as if it’s your own pet at home that sleeps, eats, stares, and meows at you. All of these actions make sure that the viewers are kept engaged to the screen. 

The use of 3D technology is artful and effective, which is one of the reasons why people are drawn to it. It’s justifiable to say that Calico was able to display the strength and wonder of naked 3D technology on billboards and that marketers and companies around the world should try it out. 

What Makes the Shinjuku 3D Billboard Cat Popular?

The Shinjuku 3D billboard cat became famous because of so many elements working together to keep its reputation up. The use of the naked eye technology still fascinates everyone, which is one of its major marketing strengths. It’s also one of the first 3D billboards in Japan and tries to mimic the stunning displays that became popular in the skylines of the New York City Times Square

The Shinjuku East Exit Cat became popular primarily because of social media platforms. Considering it became popular before the Summer Olympics held in Japan in the year 2021, it blew up even more after people went to visit it when they attended the event. Its popularity gave way for the country to promote its culture more heavily, including its fondness for anything that’s cute. This is called Japan’s kawaii (cute) culture. 

This culture holds a powerful hold in the country way more than any passing trend you might think it is. This pop culture focuses on the charm of anything, whether it’s people, animals, or things. The fascinating thing is that you can trace this all the way back to the 11th-century poet Lady Murasaki. 

In the kawaii culture, cats are considered the model characters that perfectly display this charm. Besides their fluffy and adorable look, Japanese people always associate cats with good luck. This is why the use of a cat in this 3D billboard to introduce the technology to the market is intentional and holds quite a punch in the Japanese community. 

Why Should You Imitate Shinjuku 3D Billboards and Their Advertising Style?

Tokyo 3D Billboard - Featured

Shinjuku 3D billboards are popular and abundant for a reason and that’s because they showcase the prowess of a new technology that not everyone can easily get ahold of. This advertising technology is becoming more of a passing trend but a powerful marketing tool for corporations around the world. If you want to ride that wave and be part of the sale and ROI conversions easily happening today through these high-end billboards, try it out. 

If you’re still a bit hesitant about making the most of this advertising wonder, here are some of the clear advantages you get from using 3D billboards for your marketing stunts:

  • Wide market reach – 3D billboards are massive enough on their own that their reach is way wider than your standard advertising poster. This even increases because of people’s fondness and awe in them that they post it on their social media accounts, unknowingly expanding your market reach much further than planned. 
  • Better brand image – Only the best companies all around the world are able to use such marketing stunts as the Shinjuku 3D billboards. It wouldn’t hurt to fall under that category too and be grouped together with the best. 
  • Associated with modern technology – When people see you using new technology like the naked 3D technology, they immediately think your brand and company is a frontrunner in the industry. Being dubbed as a future-forward company can provide a positive image branding for you. 
  • Sales conversion – Ultimately, the goal of marketing stunts and advertisements is to convert viewers to customers and then finally to sales. Wider reach will increase the percentage of turning a simple passerby into a loyal customer. 

While all of these benefits are good to hear, it is also necessary to look at the other side of the coin. High-end marketing schemes like Shinjuku 3D billboards are expensive in terms of their initial costs. Not anyone can afford it and if you plan on using it, make sure you have enough budget you can spend on it. 

The effectiveness of the marketing spectacular may be hard to track and metrics will be lost along the way since you won’t have a definite knowledge of whether a person became a customer through the billboard or other methods. And since the digital screens are outdoors, be prepared for the results to be affected by season and weather. 

Lessons Learned from the Kind of Advertising of Shinjuku 3D Billboards

Shinjuku 3D billboards became popular and an advertising success. If you want to get the same success with your marketing spectaculars, here are some lessons from these billboards in Japan:

  • Strategic location is key – The location of Shinjuku 3D billboards plays a role in their success. Considering they’re in locations with high foot traffic, optimal market reach is possible. High viewers can translate to possible customers and sales conversions. 
  • Incorporate pop culture in your content – Like the Calico cat, you should also know how to integrate pop culture that will entice people’s attention and keep them talking about it. If you know your market well, this won’t be a difficult task to undertake and you’ll easily tell which elements you can use to get their attention. 
  • Go way above advertising – Don’t be a stifler to old advertising techniques and rules. Technically, the calico cat in the Shinjuku 3D billboards doesn’t seem like it has anything to show for it. It’s not even a commercial and doesn’t show any branding but it still got people talking. Introduce your brand and company in a discreet but unforgettable manner. 


Shinjuku 3D billboards offer strategic marketing techniques unlike you’ve ever seen before. It goes beyond the traditional advertising commentaries people are used to and actually are tired of. Wielding new and amazing technology, these high-end billboards are gaining attention and traction in the advertising industry.

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