P6.67 Perimeter LED Display

P6.67 perimeter led display is an outdoor high-resolution stadium LED display model. Its drive model is 1/6 scan, brightness 5500 nits, and refresh rate ≥ 1920Hz. It can be used not only for the perimeter stadium but also for outdoor fixed installation of large LED displays and stage rental LED displays.

  • Pixel pitch: 6.67mm;
  • LED module size: 320x160mm;
  • Resolution: 22,500 dots/sqm;
  • Cabinet: Aluminium die-casting 960x960mm or iron customized cabinet;
  • MOQ: 1 sqm;
  • CE, RoHS, LVD, FCC, ISO9001-2016, ISO27001, ISO14001 approved;

P6.67 Perimeter LED Display Features

  • It is a high-resolution outdoor LED perimeter LED display;
  • Sliding support legs can adjust different viewing angles;
  • The soft mask can protect the lamp beads and players;
  • Die-casting alloy material, lightweight, not easy to rust;
  • The cable has connectors, and the cabinet has fast locks for quick installation and removal.
  • Multifunctional use, besides using perimeter LED display, it can also be used for stage rental and outdoor advertising large LED display;
P6.67 perimeter led display details 001

Perfect structural design

  • Aluminum cabinet, lightweight, easy to carry, fast heat dissipation;
  • Quick lock, quick connector, easy to install and disassemble;
  • One cabinet can be used for all 320x160mm module sizes, such as P5, P8, P10;
  • Sliding support legs can adjust the viewing angle from 45 degrees to 90 degrees;
  • The cabinet not only has a handle on the upper part but also has a carrying handle on both sides;
P6.67 perimeter led display close legs

Multifunctional application

The cabinet can be unfolded 90 degrees and installed on the perimeter stadium. It can also be used to close the supporting legs for stage rental and commercial advertisements for fixed installation of large LED displays.

P6.67 perimeter led display different angle

Adjustable viewing angle

The sliding support leg can customize different inclination angles for the perimeter LED display so that the audience can clearly see the advertisements, notifications, live videos, etc. on the LED display in different positions

P6.67 perimeter led display soft masks and top hat

Soft tophat and soft masks

  • The detachable soft top hat can not only prevent balls or people from hitting the top of the cabinet and damaging the LED display, but also avoid people from being injured;
  • The soft mask is specially designed for a perimeter LED display to protect lamp beads and people.
P6.67 perimeter led display quick splice

Quick installation and disassembling

  • The cabinet has power and signal connectors, the cable is a convenient and fast operation, and newcomers will not make mistakes in the connection;
  • The left and right splicing of the cabinet and the up and down splicing are equipped with quick locks;

P6.67 Perimeter LED screen Specifications

Pixel PitchP6.67
LED typeSMD 3535
Pixel configuration3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density22,500 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)320*160mm
Module resolution48*24dots
Drive Method1/6 scan
Cabinet size (W*H)960/1280*960mm 
Cabinet depth102mm
Cabinet materialmagnesium or aluminum alloy
Cabinet weight25kg/pcs
Mounting legsMiddle leg
Protective coverSoft tophat
Brightness6000 cd/m2
Best Viewing Distance6m to 60m
Viewing Angle140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit
Refresh Rate≥1920HZ
Power consumption(Avg.)270w/cabinet
Power consumption(Max.)800w/cabinet
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours
Controlling SystemSync or Async
CertificatesCE, RoHS, FCC, UL
Ingress Protection (IP)IP65
Warranty2 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

Brochures for P6.67 perimeter led display

Video for perimeter led display

P6.67 perimeter LED display application

P6.67 perimeter LED display is a function compatible with a variety of LED displays, it can also be used for outdoor fixed installation of large LED displays, and can also be used for a stage rental

Stadium Perimeter LED Display02

Perimeter LED display

Open the rear bracket and install soft Anti-collision Foam

p6.67 perimeter led display fixed installation

Big fixed LED display

Close the rear bracket and remove the soft Anti-collision Foam

P6.67 perimeter led display rental installation

Stage rental LED display

Close the rear bracket and remove the soft Anti-collision Foam

Workshop of SZLEDWORLD

Your best P6.67 outdoor perimeter LED display manufacturer in China

SZLEDWORLD is the most professional P6.67 perimeter LED display manufacturer in China. We started producing stadium screens in 2009 and have 13 years of production experience. We can customize the installation structure, display effect, etc. according to customer needs. The P6.67 stadium screen we produce has the characteristics of impact resistance, high brightness, and easy installation.

Control system diagram

Synchronous and asynchronous control methods, HDMI for live broadcast, U disk, wifi, and 4G cloud to send control programs

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