Advertising has evolved throughout the years and businesses have become increasingly creative in promoting their brands. The changes in marketing strategies have developed drastically from simple flyering to social media marketing and grand advertising schemes like an event or gigantic LED wall displays. One of the standard and currently innovative marketing tools is the taxi top LED display.

If you want to explore what this particular marketing can offer your branding, the first step in this journey is to learn everything there is to using a taxi top LED display and explore all the options that come with it. Let’s start with the basics to have a simple beginning point. 

What is a Taxi Top LED Display?

A taxi top LED display is a moving marketing media campaign that involves a LED screen strategically installed on vehicles, including but not limited to taxis and buses. Also called rooftop billboards, they are often placed on top of vehicles, and in the case of buses on the sides. The concept is to reach as many miles as possible and show the LED display to as many people as possible.

This taxi top LED display is classified as a tool for DOOH advertising, which simply pertains to traditional outdoor advertising supported by ad technologies, from geolocation and tracking to GPS modules and 4G. 

Taxi Top LED Display Features

If you’re planning on using a taxi top LED display to optimize your branding, you need to be familiar with the different features it has. This will further help you understand how to maximize its use. While these types of LED displays are highly customizable and the features differ from one to the other, here are the standard ones you can expect to look for. 

  • High brightness level- 3000 to 7000 nits (adjustable)
  • Protection level – IP65
  • Wireless communication (3G/4G)
  • Lightweight design structure
  • User-friendly control system
  • Content supported (Text, Images, & Videos)
  • Customizable
  • May support 24/7 hour operation

How does a Taxi Top LED Display work?

Using a taxi top LED display requires that you know how it operates in the first place. When the displays are installed on top of the vehicle, you can customize the content you want to be displayed on the screen. And while the process may differ depending on the supplier you go for, here are some of the basic steps similar to most. 

  1. Check the working status of the LED display, wires, and car battery
  2. Go to the supplier’s site and register for an account
  3. Connect the platform to the LED display
  4. Install and set up the company’s software (if applicable)
  5. Log in to your account and upload the files you want to display on the screen
  6. Set the content’s configuration, including the following:
    1. Ads running time
    2. Choose the Geofencing function (If chosen)
    3. Set whether to operate using 4G or WIFI
    4. Complete the bind

Advantages of Using A Taxi Top LED Display

A taxi top LED display is a highly creative and innovative marketing tool you can make the most of. Here are the advantages you can benefit from using this marketing screen. 

Bright & Vibrant Colors

These LED displays commonly have high brightness and attractive vibrant colors so that they can effectively function even when under intense sunlight. The more colorful the display is, the 

Remote Control

The content you want to show on the taxi top LED display can be edited and uploaded wherever you are. Remote advertising can be accomplished through the PC or mobile phone, where you can also manage the content. 

Custom-Made Content

You can easily customize the content you want to show in your advertising. From the platform or site, you can upload and edit your marketing image or video. 

Highly Movable

Taxi top LED displays are designed to be highly movable so that they can reach as many people as possible, which can also result in more profits. 

Strong Storage

Taxi top LED display can easily store content and keep the ads on the screen as long as they are needed. Hundred of images and videos can be stored in the device and change them as you go along. 

Strong & Durable

The screen usually installed on top of a taxi is guaranteed to be durable and strong. Here are some of the aspects that make it highly protected.

  • Resistant to moisture (Some are completely waterproof)
  • Resistant to quaking and movement
  • Dust-proof
  • With anti-rust characteristics

Tailored Size

You can customize the size of your taxi top LED display based on the size of the vehicle and your preferred content. Most of these displays though are designed with slim and lightweight structures so as not to burden the vehicle. If you’re looking for a bigger and grander display, you may want to choose a bus instead of a taxi. 

These LED displays are also structured with a double-sided display. This guarantees that the ads can be seen from both sides of the road as the taxi traverses along it.

User-friendly Operation

Using a taxi top LED display is not that complicated. Besides the low energy consumption it requires to operate, it is also easy to install and maintain. Mounting it on top of the taxi will be the responsibility of your supplier so that’s one less worry you can take off your shoulders. 

Taxi Top LED Display Installation 

Installing a taxi top LED display simply means placing it on the roof of the vehicle. Assembling and disassembling the screens may require you to drill bolts and holes, as well as a solid mounting rack to hold the device in place. Make sure you use a compatible rack, based on the size and weight of the display. 

Note: If the taxi uses a 12V battery, you won’t need an additional power source to support the LED display. 

Taxi Top LED Display FAQs

To get to know more about taxi top LED displays and what it means to use them, here are some of the FAQs you should explore. 

How do you place the content on the taxi LED display?

Putting content into a taxi top LED display usually depends on the supplier of the display. Whether you own the vehicle or you’re just renting it out, you will need to upload your content to a platform so that it would be displayed on the screen. Different suppliers may have different platforms they use so you would have to ask them for the process they follow. 

How long does a taxi top display?

A taxi top display can last around 5 to 10 years if there are no outside forces that could have affected its decline. 

How do you enhance the taxi top display?

You can improve your taxi top display by using spare parts, including GPS modules and light sensors. The GPS modules can help track the position of the vehicle and the light sensors will make the screen brightness automatically adjust to its surroundings, making it easier to see for people.


A taxi top LED display is an incredible marketing innovation that does not only cater to the need to catch the attention of the target market but also the reach. This can further translate to possibly more customers and more profits. 

The display screens are vibrant and bright enough to function even under the direct heat of the sun and with the double-sided feature that improves its viewing experience. Besides the high quality, these displays are also offered at a good value. You just need to look for the right supplier to trust and rely on. 

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