Transparent LED Screen

Light, thin, transparent, bright

P3.9-7.8 1000x500mm silver color back view transparent led display
1000x500mm silver color side v

Super transparent

The light transmittance is 50%~90%. it looks like pictures or videos are displayed on the glass curtain wall when it is working.

Protect the lighting of the building;

Solving the problem that the LED screen blocks the light of building and there is no light in the room.

Ultra-thin and light

The thickness of the screen is only 46mm, including the power supply box, which is 86mm.
In this way, the screen can be installed behind a narrow glass curtain wall.

The weight of the cabinet is about 7kg/pcs.
So it is easy to install, disassemble, transport and store.

transparent led display cabinet dimension
cabinet dimension


There are hanging, stacking, claw and concealed installation methods. It can meet the requirements of different installation environments.

transparent led screen wall for shop guiding
transparent led screen wall for shop guiding

High brightness for outdoor use

The brightness can up to 6000nits. the transparent screen is attached to the glass and installed indoors. when the screen is facing outdoors, the video and pictures are very clear and bright.

The sized can be customized

The standard size of the transparent screen cabinet is 1000mm x 500mm and 1000mm x 1000mm. we can design different sizes and shapes for customers. To meet the needs of different customers.

triangle shape front view
triangle shape front view
transparent led display case single one
transparent led screen case single one

description of Transparent Led Screen

Transparent led displays

led display transparent for advertising

Applications & Categories

LED transparent screens are applicated in glass curtain walls, commercial displays, stage art, TV stations, showcases, exhibitions, and jewelry stores. and so on. we supply various led displays. there are flat, curved, poster, cylinder, and customer transparent led screens.

Poster-led transparent display

  • It can be used as a single unit, with WIFI, U-disk, or 4G cluster control;
  • It also can be spliced left and right, the size has basic matching, and the size is increased by 250mm;
  • It is easy to install, can be hung, no need for professional people to install it, no debugging;
  • The led poster transparent screen is an all-in-one display cabinet.

Standard cabinet size

transparent flexible led screen

Curved Transparent LED Display

There are inner arcs, outer arcs, circular arcs, etc, for curved transparent led screens. It can provide a better visual experience to people. There are the following matters to consider. When we design the curved LED transparent display.

  1. The radius of the arc is more than 1 meter, the cabinet is made into a vertical strip shape and spliced and installed
  2. The radius of the arc is less than 1 meter, the cabinet body needs to be made with a curvature, and then the unit modules are spliced.
  3. The steel structure of the screen body also needs to be arc-shaped.
transparent led screen for shop mall

Glass curtain wall LED display

The transparent glass LED display curtain wall is a high-permeability LED display. It is installed on the glass curtain wall. It does not affect the daylighting and viewing of the building during the day. And it also has a transparent display effect and can be played on glass. Commercial advertising or city promotional information. It is widely used in glass wall buildings, shopping malls, elevators, etc.

1000x500mm black color back view transparent led display

Transparent led screen Rental

Rental transparent LED screens. with lightweight and thin cabinet design, easy to carry, assemble and disassemble. With fast locks, the network cable and AC cable use connectors. It can make your work quick. It is used in stage and entertainment venues.

transparent glass led display Specification

Pixel PitchP3.91-7.81mmP3.96-7.81mmP7.9-7.8mmP10.4mmP3.96-7.81mm
(High brightness)
LED typeSMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921SMD 1921
Pixel configuration3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density32,768 pixels/m232,256 pixels/m216,128 pixels/m29,216 pixels/m232,256 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H)500*125mm500*125mm500*125mm500*125mm500*125mm
Module resolution128*16dots126*16dots63*16dots48*12dots126*16dots
Cabinet size (W*H)1000*500mm or customized1000*500mm or
1000*500mm or customized1000*500mm or customized1000*500mm or customized
Cabinet depth86mm86mm86mm86mm86mm
Cabinet materialAluminum profile or die castingAluminum profile or die castingAluminum profile or die castingAluminum profile or die castingAluminum profile or die casting
Cabinet weight7kg/pcs7kg/pcs7kg/pcs6.75kg/pcs7kg/pcs
Brightness3000 nits~3500nits3500 nits~4000nits2500 nits~3000nits3500 nits~4000nits6000 nits~65000nits
Viewing Angle140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140
Grey Level14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit
Refresh Rate1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz
Drive model1/8scan1/7scan1/7scan1/2scan1/6scan
Power consumption(Avg.)240w/sqm240w/sqm240w/sqm240w/sqm240w/sqm
Power consumption(Max.)800w/sqm800w/sqm800w/sqm800w/sqm800w/sqm
Operating Temperature-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C-20° – 50° C
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling SystemSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or Async
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years

Transparent LED screen download

Video of the portable transparent led screen in the flight case

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As the name implies. the transparent LED display is that the LED screen has the property of transmitting light like glass. It is usually installed behind the glass and perfectly combined with the glass. with 50% to 90% transparency. It looks like a video or picture is floating on the glass to attract customers. When it is working. read more

portable transparent led video wall for show room
portable transparent led video walls for showroom

Difference between traditional LED display with a transparent screen

parameterstraditional led displaytransparent led screen
light transmittance0%50%~90%

Transparent led screens are a new technology. they are widely used in large shopping malls, chain stores, stages, science and technology museum, glass showcase, construction media, airports, exhibitions, and high-speed places.

When the transparent LED screen is turned off, it merges with the surrounding environment, and the display screen can have the”stealth” effect. When the transparent led turns on. It can display pictures and videos like a traditional screen, due to its transparency feature. it looks like the pictures or videos floating on the glass.

transparent led cabinet for exhibition hall
the case for the exhibition hall
led screen transparent for stores
led screen transparent for stores

There are two aspects to the invisible function of the led transparent screen.

The first one is the screen structure. from the naked eye, the back of the display screen is invisible to the cable, wire, module, and power supply. In fact, they are all concentrated in the special box at the back of the cabinet. And lamps are all on a straight line of light bars, forming lamp beads like blinds. The structure Reduces the obstruction to the line of sight and increases transparency.

The second one is the material. we use two ultra-thin transparent substrates. When it is producing. The ITO material prints on the circuit. Aligning and pressing the two pieces. then pour the liquid crystal between the two transparent substrates. And seal the liquid crystal port. At last, install a polarizer with a filter function. so that enhances transparency.

The price of a transparent LED display ranges from 750 USD/sqm to 1500 USD/sqm usually. Because of different pixel pitches, lamp brands, power supplies, brightness, and so on.

  • Different pixel pitch different quantities of the lamps per square meter. For example, P3.91-P7.81 has 32768 dots/sqm, and P10.4 has 9216 dots/sqm. So the price is a big difference.
  • Different brands of lamps. usually, the price of NationStar’s lamp is higher than king light and HS lamps.
  • Different brands of Power supplies will also affect the price of the screen.
  • The higher brightness, the higher the power consumption required. the screen also needs a special design, so the price will increase.

We have to consider the pixel pitch, size, brightness, viewing distance, and other factors. before buying a transparent screen.

Pixel pitch, size, transparency, and resolution

They are closely related, and we have to choose the suitable one according to the application environment.

Pixel pitchresolutiontransparency1280x720P size need1920x1080P size need
P2.78*5.56mm64,800 dots/sqm45%14.2sqm32sqm
P3.91*7.81mm32,768 dots/sqm65%28.1sqm63sqm
P10.4*10.4mm9,216 dots/sqm70%100sqm225sqm

Choose the best viewing distance. In actual operation, the best visible distance = dot pitch/0.3. If the distance is near, we can choose 2.78-5.56mm, and 3.91-7.81mm is used for the farther.


If indoor use, the brightness we should choose 800-1500nits. If the brightness is high, it will dazzle the eyes and also consume power. it applicated to Indoor stages, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, etc. Semi-outdoor use. the brightness is 2000-3500nits. Suitable for shopping malls, entrances of sales offices, and so on. If it faces the sun, choose 3000CD-4500nits. in the sunny environment, chooses 5000-6000nits

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