With LED screens dominating the marketing and promotion scene, many developments have been made to improve them, whether it be quality or aesthetics. One of the popular developments is that of transparent LED screens, delivering sleeker and more aesthetically stylish displays. Considering it’s one of the latest introduced technologies of LED screens, the transparent LED screen price is understandably high. 

If you’re thinking about investing in these transparent LED screens, make sure that it is a good economic decision and that you know what you’re getting into. According to a market study, the global market of transparent LED screens is predicted to grow by 16.6% by 2028 from the market value of 3.69 billion US dollars recorded in the year 2018. Will it be worth it to buy transparent LED screen? It could be if you’ve done enough research and exploring.  

Brief Introduction To Transparent LED Screens

Before jumping directly to checking out the transparent glass LED display price, a brief introduction to transparent LED screens and the basics about them is a good first step. 

Referred to as an LED ice screen, an LED transparent screen is one of the most advanced types of LED screens you can use. This is one clear reason why the transparent LED screen price is significantly high. They often have a 75 to 95 percent transparent structure, which makes it easy to see through them. Here are some of the basic characteristics you will see in transparent LED screens:

  • Standard panel thickness: 10 mm
  • Structure: Extremely light & thin
  • Common composition: screen installed inside a monotonous glass wall
  • Not waterproof

Transparent LED screens are well-known for showcasing eye-catching visual integrity that can turn into an incredible marketing masterpiece. Will they generate ROI fast enough to justify the transparent LED screen price?

Exploring Transparent LED Screen Prices

Transparent LED screens are relatively new but they are becoming more popular as many use them for their marketing and advertising purposes. You will see many of them in public spaces, from airports and train stations to retail stores and art galleries.  Here is a glimpse of the transparent LED display price you may deal with once you decide to invest in one or rent one for your business needs. 

Transparent LED Screens TypesPrice Of The Transparent LED Screens
Transparent LED panel$600/square meter
100 sq. ft. transparent LED display$30,000 to $70,000
200 sq. ft. transparent LED display$80,000 to $150,000
100 sq. ft. transparent LED display (4K)$65,000 to $150,000
200 sq. ft. transparent LED display (4K)$150,000 to $300,000

Transparent LED screens often cost around $600 per square meter so your total cost will highly depend on how big your project will be. This is why some may be cheaper than other packages or projects despite all being transparent LED displays.

The transparent LED display price may be comprised of the following elements:

  • LED screen structure
  • Control system
  • Power supply
  • Flat power cables
  • Sending and receiving cards
  • Desktop computer or laptop
  • Video processor
  • Audio power amplifier

Determining Factors Affecting Transparent LED Screen Price

The transparent LED display price can be influenced by many factors, which can either help you or hinder you from buying the transparent LED screens. To be on the lookout for what you can expect in your purchase, here are some relevant determining factors. 

Type of Transparent LED Screens

Similar to other LED screens, transparent ones have different types you can consider. One may be more expensive than others based on the technology integrated into the LED displays. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Front-lighting & Side-lighting transparent LED screens
  • Glue-on-board & Chip-on-board transparent LED displays
  • Laminating transparent LED screens
  • Transparent OLED displays

Screen Size

Screen size also affects the transparent LED display price since the bigger they are, the more expensive they get. 

If you want to get an estimate of what your project will cost, measure the overall width and height of the entire transparent display, multiply the values to each other then multiply that to the per square meter price. That will be an estimate of what the project will cost. Of course, the best way to know the cost is to get a quote directly from your supplier.

Design & Specifications

The general design of a transparent LED screen and its specifications will heavily influence its price. Besides the raw materials used to build the panels, changes in the resolution or contrast ratio may also either increase or decrease the transparent LED display price. This means that you can choose to upgrade or downgrade the screen’s specs just to meet your budget and quality expectations. 

In terms of design, LED displays are also flexible in shape and you can find some transparent LED panels in a variety of shapes too. Standard square or rectangular panels are cheaper compared to triangular panels or others with irregular shapes. 

Customization & Add-ons

Transparent LED screens, like all other LED displays, offer the flexibility of customization. The complexity of the customizations will dictate whether the transparent LED display price will be significantly higher or just a tad bit more expensive.  

Ways To Save Money On A Transparent LED Screen

While it’s expected that you will pay a considerable amount for transparent LED screens, you can make practical choices to decrease your expenses or make the most of your purchase. Here are some ways to make your transparent LED screen purchase a cost-effective choice. 

  1. Choose high-quality transparent LED panels – If you invest in transparent displays, make sure you get the best that can last for a long time. The transparent LED display price for high-quality panels may be high but as an investment, you can profit from it for a long time. 
  2. Use a generator/UPS – Make sure to connect your transparent LED display to a reliable power source so that your content can continue playing despite possible power interruptions. 
  3. Invest in anti-glare filters – It might be great to save money by downgrading but if you want optimal performance from your transparent LED screen, adding anti-glare filters will lessen reflection and artificial light glares l, as well as increase the content’s visibility.
  4. Choose a strategic location – To easily get back the money you spent from the transparent LED display price, choosing a strategic place to install it with maximum exposure can turn to faster ROI. 
  5. Ensure proper maintenance – While often overlooked, an excellent maintenance habit, from regular display cleaning to temperature monitoring, can prolong the lifespan of your transparent LED screens so instead of enjoying profit for only 10 years, you can extend it to 20 years which is an ideal investment scheme.

Transparent LED Screen Price FAQs

If you’re just about ready to get your transparent LED screen but still have questions you need answering, here are several FAQs many are curious about before the purchase. 

Is the price worth the expected lifespan of a transparent LED display?

With proper care, transparent LED screens can last for an estimated 50,000 hours. Depending on the transparent LED display price, the worthiness of this value will depend on how you use the LED screen and how you make the most out of the display. 

Can you customize your transparent LED screen?

Yes, you can customize the transparent LED screen depending on how you want it to look. This includes the size, shape, and resolution, which can affect the cost you have to pay to get the LED display. You can even use multiple displays and connect them all into one system to create the visual effect you want to produce. 

Do you need to spend on additional equipment for your transparent LED display?

Additional equipment can be used with your transparent LED display but this is a separate expense you would pay on top of the transparent LED display price. Some of the extra accessories you can use are audio components and video controllers. You can also check out several mounting systems and a power supplier for backup. 

Is the operational cost expensive?

There are operational costs you have to prepare for, including the electricity used for running your transparent LED screen. The expenses may also include the management and handling of the software to have the content running whenever it was set to play.

Is it expensive to maintain your transparent LED display?

If you regularly clean your transparent LED display, you can avoid replacing panels and other parts of the screen. This means you can save some cash just for proper maintenance. So it will be up to you if you will have expensive maintenance. You can also choose a package that will include maintenance charges to the transparent LED display price you will pay when you buy the display. 


The transparent LED screen price can be expensive but it’s up to you to explore all your options and be practical in your choices. Look into all the factors that can help you lessen your expenses without compromising the quality transparent LED screens you’ve chosen. Make sure that you can match your budget with the visual interest and goal you have in mind. And take into account all types of expenses that come with it more than just the screen itself, including operational costs and maintenance costs.  

You can manipulate the transparent LED display price you will pay by adjusting some of the elements of the screen specifications. You can also look into practical tips you can follow to lower your expenses, from ensuring proper maintenance to optimizing performance for faster ROI. Don’t forget to always look at your budget to avoid future troubles after you’ve made all the necessary decisions for the purchase.

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