From the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers movies to the Harry Potter franchise, the filmmaking industry has made a giant leap when it comes to visual effects and background content. While green screens are still a major consideration for many production houses, virtual production LED walls are starting to become an effective option. These LED screens are perfect when the setting of movies is difficult to reproduce, whether because of improbable settings or the expensive costs of the setup. 

Virtual Production LED Wall - Background
Virtual Production LED Wall – Background

Creating an immersive environment that looks realistic takes a lot of work. But all these efforts will be reduced using virtual production LED walls. Make the most out of this technology by thoroughly understanding what these displays can offer and how you can optimize their functions. 

Before checking out the virtual production LED wall price, the first step you can take is to define what this display is all about. This will help you start right and learn as much as you can about this LED device. 

Defining Virtual Product LED Walls

A virtual production LED wall is a high-end screen and solution for media and movie production. This new LED technology is responsible for creating high-quality realistic environments that fit perfectly into the narrative of the stories. Similar to how green screens work, you can use all kinds of virtual settings through these displays.

These LED walls display videos and static images of realistic settings and background scenes. Whether it’s a barren desert or a huge crowd of people, you can reproduce these images using these massive LED screens. 

Virtual Production LED Walls Types to Look Into

These virtual production LED walls come in multiple forms and your choice will depend on your filmmaking and movie needs. Here are some of the types worth considering:

XR LED Screen

Virtual Production LED Wall - XR Screen
Virtual Production LED Wall – XR Screen

With the development of new technologies, devices are also improved with technologies integrated into them. XR LED screens are examples of these improvements. These are displays that use high-end XR (extended reality) technology, along with other advanced techs like VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality), and AR (augmented reality). 

Some virtual production LED walls are integrated with these technologies, making it possible to produce more realistic and interactive images and environments. 

Curved LED Screen

Virtual Production LED Wall - Curved
Virtual Production LED Wall – Curved Screen

Most of the LED walls used in filmmaking are curved XR screens. These displays serve as the major structure in the ensemble and are often responsible for the immersive and realistic look. The curved shape plays a trick on the human mind since it recreates what the eyes can see.

Meanwhile, the integration of the XR technology ensures that the screens only display high-quality and vibrant images realistic enough to be used as a movie set. 

Ceiling LED Screen

Virtual Production LED Wall - Ceiling
Virtual Production LED Wall – Ceiling Screen

These LED displays are installed in the ceiling to serve as the view of the top, whether that’s the sky or an elaborate space above the setting. These screens can also come in curved LED screens to look like domes in the sky and take advantage of the ambient light in the location. 

Floor LED Screen

Virtual Production LED Wall - Floor Screen
Virtual Production LED Wall – Floor Screen

Another addition to the virtual production LED wall is the floor LED display. This type of screen completes the entire ensemble necessary for the LED displays for filmmaking. Typically, these LED screens are more durable and have a high load-bearing capacity to carry the weight of actors who will need to step on them.  

Along with the curved LED walls and ceiling LED screens, this LED display can create a three-dimensional setup that is convincing enough to be used in movies and shows. 

Features of Virtual Production LED Walls

When pondering about investing in these kinds of LED walls, you need to know the features and capabilities of the displays that will benefit you the most. Virtual production LED walls have these common features you can benefit from. 

System Compatibility

These LED displays are popular for their compatibility with various devices and systems. These are the elements that need to be compatible with the LED screens:

  • Virtual production systems and software – Facilitate the adjustments and editing of scenes more conveniently and efficiently
  • Tracking systems – Keep track of the movements within the location, creating a realistic scene however fast-paced and action-packed it is
  • Cameras – Guarantee vibrant images are captured

Incredibly Wide Viewing Angle

Virtual production LED walls are also known for their wide viewing angle, which is how they can be used to create an immersive and realistic setting. The production team is also able to be flexible in their shoots and consider different angles in the scenes. This also allows actors and performers to have more leeway when doing their bits. 

High Color Contrast

Similar to many high-end LED displays, these screens have high color contrast and reproduction that imitates colors perfectly. They guarantee vibrant images and stunning settings to be used for virtual environments.

High Refresh Rate

To continuously produce realistic environments, virtual production LED walls are equipped with a high refresh rate that allows the capture of seamless movements free from blurs. This also makes sure that fast-paced sequences are documented excellently without having to worry about lags and flickers. 

Real-time Monitoring

Most high-end LED displays have real-time monitoring that allows you to work on your content more efficiently and effectively. This simply means that you get access to features that allow instant editing and adjustments. 

Low Reflection & Blurs

Virtual production LED walls ensure that the images and videos are smooth and seamless. They can be used in movie production precisely due to the capability of LED walls to show glare-free images that make them look realistic. The possibility of moiré patterns on the screens is also significantly reduced in this type of LED display. 

How Virtual Production LED Wall Works

The focal point of the entire high-tech virtual production is the LED wall. Creating the backgrounds and environments fitting for scenes is vital in the filmmaking process. The most important parts you need to remember in this ensemble are the following:

  • LED display screen – Made of multiple types of high-end LED screens
  • XR controller – An engine that manages and controls the content that will be displayed on the screens
  • Camera tracking system – Makes sure that action scenes sent and rendered are realistic and seamless

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Production LED Wall

Virtual Production LED Wall - Production Process
Virtual Production LED Wall – Production Process

Virtual production LED walls are popular in the filmmaking industry for a reason and that’s because of the multiple benefits you can gain from using these high-end displays. To start, it is important to take note that these screens are designed for movie production and so they are structured with that industry in mind. Here are the advantages you can enjoy from using these LED walls:

  • Simplify Virtual Production Tasks – LED walls designed for virtual production have functions that make it easier for you to ve functions that make it possible for you to deal with pre-production and post-production tasks with ease. 
  • Access to Convenient Editing Features – These LED screens feature real-time adjustment of the content. Tracking is also added to the functions, along with the addition of visual effects.
  • Escape from Green Screen Overflow – With the use of LED screens, the images and videos are more realistic and vibrant, taking out the need to add more green screens in the location. 
  • Creates Real-time Visual Effects – Complicated visual effects and virtual environments are a piece of cake when using virtual production LED walls. The results are realistic and you get to have access to complex environments that are difficult to recreate through other means.
  • Better Realism with the Right Lighting – LED screens operate with their lighting, which further improves the realism of the content displayed on them. 

Virtual LED Wall Applications To Explore

Virtual production LED walls are not just limited to filmmaking. Other industries can also benefit from these displays. In totality, these are the applications you can explore when you have these LED walls on hand:

  • Film Production – These LED displays are used in the conventional shooting of scenes. They can recreate environments and backgrounds that are difficult to produce using the traditional scene and location setups. 
  • Visual Effects Exhibits – In terms of exhibits, these LED walls often come with XR technology that makes the entire setting more realistic. The visuals will look amazing to guests, who came in the first place to be amazed. 
  • Virtual Studios – Virtual production LED walls are also used in modern virtual studios, where individuals and crews can rent out the location and shoot shows, from TV series to live broadcasts. 
  • Complex Marketing Events – Some companies prefer to set up stunning marketing efforts for better branding or product introduction. Using these realistic LED walls will gather a crowd that will make any marketing stunt effective, in the hope of turning the appearances into profit. 

The Cost of Virtual Production LED Walls

Let’s be real with the figures, virtual production LED walls can be expensive. The popular set in the TV series “The Mandalorian,” which uses LED walls in its settings and backgrounds cost more than 10 billion USD. Considering that little tidbit, an average virtual production LED wall costs more than the price of a standard LED display. The reasons for the higher cost of this type of LED wall include the following:

  • Pixel pitch – LED screens used for virtual production often come with smaller pixel pitch. This ensures higher resolution and image quality, which is better for fast-paced action scenes and stunning shooting effects. 
  • Higher specs – Virtual production LED walls come with higher specifications in many aspects, including refresh rate, brightness, color contrast, color reproduction, and even viewing angle. 
  • Incredible control system – These high-end LED displays use high-quality effective control systems. The entire ensemble is integrated with virtual production features to make the entire process more productive, convenient, and effective. 

Virtual Production Differences: LED Walls Vs. Green Screens

Virtual Production LED Wall - Ambient Lighting
Virtual Production LED Wall – Ambient Lighting

In filmmaking and shooting scenes, green screens reigned supreme for many years. Now, virtual production LED walls are starting to be more popular and serve as an effective alternative to green screens. To get a good grasp of the differences between these two production methods, here is a summary.

Aspects to ConsiderVirtual Production LED WallsGreen Screen
Production ProcessConvenient & cost-effectiveMore complex & old-school
Preps & SetupsSeamless background changesRequires more time in setups
Post-ProductionReal-time thru XR technologyMore efforts in adjustments
CostHigh front cost but cost-effective Low

Virtual production LED walls are considerably more expensive than green screens because they require an ensemble of LED panels and compatible software. Once built though, the cost of production is significantly reduced due to the following:

  • No added transportation costs
  • Fewer labor fees for crews
  • Environmental costs are not required
  • Don’t need complex lighting requirements


Virtual production LED walls are becoming a convenient and more cost-effective alternative to green screens in filmmaking and movie production. While the initial setup of this production is more expensive, it is the more convenient and cost-effective option. With these LED displays, you can easily change backgrounds seamlessly without more effort and cost. The integration of high-end technologies like the XR and VR guarantees that the visuals are vibrant, high-quality, and realistic. 

The use of these screens in filmmaking and movie production is the start of an even more technologically focused scene shooting and production. It is a revolution and an improvement in the filmmaking techniques that are currently used in the industry.

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