Have you ever wanted to go to Japan and simply cross that famous Shibuya Crossing you see in movies? Similar to the popular Times Square, it houses some of the most creative and stunning Tokyo 3D billboards in the world. When in the middle of the hustle-bustle, it makes you feel like you’re in a brighter and more colorful world. 

Japan is a country that flourishes in technology and it’s not difficult to boast its expertise by coloring the skylines with bright and colorful LED displays. It can also easily deliver 3D naked-eye billboards with ease they don’t require days and even months of preparation just to successfully launch one. 

Tokyo is particularly brimming with Japan 3D billboards and if you want to witness them for yourself, stick around and check out which ones are in store for you. 

6 Amazing Tokyo 3D Billboards

Tokyo in Japan houses some of the most unforgettable 3D billboards in the history of LED displays. They are so cute and uniquely Japanese that once you see them, you’ll understand how the content of these billboards is fitting. 

Here are some of the best 3D Tokyo billboards in the country. They are grouped based on their locations for easier visiting and checking out. 


One of the busiest cities in Tokyo, Shinjuku can be considered a commercial center that houses some of the best 3D billboards in Japan. The city is also popular for the Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Here are some of the best ones located in Shinjuku.

A Day in the Life of a Big Cat

Cat 3D LED - 3D Billboard Japan
Cat 3D LED – 3D Billboard Japan

In this cat billboard, you’ll see a giant feline frolicking as if it’s getting out of the LED screen. This 3d billboard became the talk of the town when it went viral online. Its popularity springs from the realistic visuals of the 3d billboard and the cuteness overload delivered by the animated cat. 

The cat appears every 3 minutes of commercials, acting like an ice breaker between each advertisement. It only changes every 7 in the morning, where several minutes are dedicated to showing what “A Day in the Life of A Big Cat” looks like. You’re then shown a cute slideshow of all the activities that cats get busy with, from scratching their ears to taking naps. 

RTFKT x Nike Collab

China 3D Billboard - 3D Wall
China 3D Billboard – 2023 Nike Air Max Day

This Tokyo 3D billboard offers a view of what spectacular advertising is supposed to look like. With a collaboration between sports apparel giant Nike and RTFKT, a creative sequence of the Airforce 1 shoes in 10 different shades was shown as creatively designed by Artstation. Besides the fact that the shoes look so realistic they seem to be coming out from the screen, the colors chosen were also vibrant and vivid that they will make you stare and watch, waiting for the next color to appear. 

Billboard Bull

Tokyo 3D Billboard - Lion & Bull
Tokyo 3D Billboard – Lion & Bull

The sturdy bull displayed in this Tokyo 3D billboard is so realistic that you will want to reach out and touch it. The animal looks so majestic even when surrounded by smoke that seems like a car engine being prepped for a long ride. The animation of the content delivers a powerful and graceful look at the animal that seems too solid to be fake.  


Shibuya can be described as one of Tokyo’s major commercial centers, considering it is the home to the two busiest stations in Japan. With Shibuya Station and Shinjuku Station in this area, it’s a good opportunity for advertising and promotional feats. It’s one of the reasons that enterprises and marketing agents filled Shibuya skylines with out-of-home (OOH) 3D billboards that scream their branding and product offers. With the popularity of the Shibuya crosswalk that matches that of Times Square, it’s also not surprising that Shibuya houses some of the best Tokyo 3D billboards in the country, including the following:

Giant Dog

Tokyo 3D Billboard - Shiba Dog
Tokyo 3D Billboard – Shiba Dog

The giant dog playing around the skyline of Shibuya offers an impressive look at what this technology offers. The k9 jumps from one building to the screen of another building, making the entire scene even more realistic and exciting. 

Unlike other 3D billboards, the screens are scattered in several buildings in Shibuya just to show the dog leaping from one building to the other. 


Tokyo 3D Billboard - Panda
Tokyo 3D Billboard – Panda

The panda bear featured in one of the 3D LED screens in Shibuya adds a kawaii effect that Japanese people and foreigners alike will adore. The Tokyo 3D billboard is located in one of the busiest areas in the district and makes people stop and stare even when walking in this crowded area. Who wouldn’t find panda bears adorable?


Tokyo 3D Billboard - Harajaku Screen
Tokyo 3D Billboard – Harajaku Screen

Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s districts that brings in the cash in the country. While Shibuya reigns over the south, Harajuku reigns supreme in the north. The area is often associated with fashion and youth, with all the restaurants, cafes, and shopping stores catering to the younger market. All of these establishments help attract huge crowds in the area, making it a marketing gold mine. 

Considering the foot traffic in Harajuku, it’s also not a surprise that Tokyo 3D billboards are scattered all over the area. Previous Change Vision, Be-All designed the billboard and installed it in an area that’s often filled with people. People always crown the area where Meiji Street meets with Takeshita Street because of the popular fashion house, Beams. 

Why Are Japan 3D Billboards in Demand?

3D Tokyo billboards are incredibly popular not just inside the country but all over the world. These creative LED screens deliver vivid and unique content that draws people’s attention like flies on honey. Besides this though, here are some of the reasons why people explore and go for Japan 3D billboards. 

  • Positive market perception – 3D billboards often create a more positive image of greatness and power. Unique and eye-catching content can improve brand perception. 
  • Faster ROIs – With a huge market to immediately see the marketing promotions and a higher effective rate, these billboards can easily transform probable customers into sales.
  • Strategic locations – Tokyo has the best spots to promote branding and products, where the crowds often get together. High foot traffic areas can guarantee market reach and a higher probability for sale turnovers. 

What You Need to Know Before Investing in a Tokyo 3D Billboard

Nike Air Max - 3D LED Shinjuku
Nike Air Max – 3D LED Shinjuku

Have you decided to invest in 3D Tokyo billboards after seeing all these wonderful creations they’ve provided the world? If yes, there’s something more you need to know. Here are some basic facts you absolutely need to learn first before putting your money into this investment. 

Tokyo 3D Billboard Technical Specifications

LED displays come in a wide selection of types, from traditional to flexible LED displays. For these 3D billboards, the hardware and software components need emphasis. You would want a higher value for the following specifications:

  • Frame rate
  • Refresh rate
  • Grayscale

In terms of the software, you will need to pay more attention to the following elements of an LED display:

  • High-definition quality
  • Powerful decoder
  • Excellent image processing algorithm

Tokyo 3D Billboard Costing

These 3D Tokyo billboards are considerably more expensive than the traditional LED screen because of the advanced LED technology it uses. The cost is significantly higher because of the following factors:

  • More expensive IC drivers
  • Higher screen specifications
  • Customized functions
  • Special 3D capabilities added through more advanced technology

Best Location for 3D Billboards in Tokyo Japan

Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku are the top locations for 3D Tokyo billboards. If your market is for young people, going to Harajuku is the best option. For a maximum general market reach, Shibuya and Shinjuku will work wonderfully. 


Tokyo 3D billboards capture the world’s attention because of the high-end technology and the creative content. Success won’t be possible if one of these two is missing. When it comes to OOH advertising, nothing beats a bright and colorful LED screen that delivers a realistic scene.

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