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Stadium LED Screen

The stadium LED Screen is used on football, basketball, arenas, pool, rinks, etc fields. It can be used to play advertising, score sports, deliver information, and broadcast live. so It can increase the income of sports venues, clubs, and organizations.

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Stadium LED Screen Function

  • The broadcast of commercial advertisements increases the scene of the game. The perfect picture and sound make the scene even more shocking.
  • Introduce the information of the players and the actual situation of the game. The super-large and clear game live broadcast screen break the limitation of seats, making it more convenient to watch the game from a distance.
  • Connect the referee system, timing, and scoring system, and the LED display will broadcast the game time and score in real time.
  • The slow-motion playback becomes the basis for the referee to make correct judgments, which maintains the fairness and justice of the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts.
  • Highlights, slow-motion playback, and close-up shots bring the audience a perfect visual feast.

Categories of Sports Stadium LED Screens

With the rise of sports events and the acceleration of the construction of stadiums in recent years, professional LED display screens have become an important facility for game information display and live broadcasts of games in stadiums. We introduce several common stadium LED screens as below.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

It is a LED display installed around the stadium perimeter, which can replace the wall and guardrail in the stadium and can play more content on the LED screen, so as to fully meet the display requirements of football, basketball, handball, and other events.

  • Suitable for pixel pitch P5, P6.67, P8, P10, P16;
  • Top rubber soft top hat protection;
  • Soft unique mask protection;
  • Fast splicing of the left and right locks of the cabinet;
  • The good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level;
  • The angle of the installation support legs can be adjusted freely;

Scoreboard LED Display

It is connected with the timing and scoring system of the game and plays the players’ game results and related information. From the perspective of the competition, the scoring screen is more important. The key to the scoring led screen is real-time accuracy, clarity, and trying to be more vivid and expressive.

  • The score, team, and player information can be displayed on score led screen;
  • Display instructions for fouls, timeouts, and substitutions;
  • Display competitive time, pause time, system time, and game countdown function;
  • Play a temporary notification message;
  • High brightness, eye-catching LED display;
  • Professional international scoreboard.

led ribbon board

A Ribbon LED Display is a slim LED display that can be custom installed on the court or around an entire court as a supplement to the main LED display. It is specially designed for playing ribbon videos, animation, and advertisement in the stadium. The cabinet is light in weight and easy to maintain, so as to meet the requirements of different installation environments.

  • Lightweight cabinet;
  • Long size, discounted control system;
  • The thickness of the led screen is very thin;
  • Customize the installation structure to fit the shape of the stadium perimeter;
  • IP65 waterproof grade;

Large Stadium LED screen

It is a conventional large-scale LED display screen installed in the stadium and used to play highlights of games on the field, slow-motion playback or wonderful close-up shots, etc. Let the audience see the game clearly at any distance.

  • Support live broadcast, HDMI, DVI, SDI, and other signal inputs;
  • Quick lock up and down, left and right splicing;
  • Customization is convenient and conforms to the on-site installation structure;
  • High refresh rate, and no ripple on the camera screen.

Professional Large Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer in China

SZLEDWORLD started producing stadium LED screens in 2009, after more than 13 years of effort work, and continuous investment in technology and equipment, we have grown into a leading manufacturer of stadium LED displays in China.

Today we provide a complete set of high-quality LED displays for the stadium. It includes perimeter LED displays, ribbons LED displays, scoring LED displays, and live LED large displays. The products have obtained CE, RoHS, FCC, and LVD Certification, our company has passed ISO9001-2016, ISO27001, and ISO14001 certifications.

Video of The Stadium LED Screen

Frequently Asked Question

A Jumbotron or Jumbovision or Stadium LED Screen. It is an application of LED display technology in the stadium

The price of stadium LED display ranges from 400USD/square to 4000 USD/square, which is related to the following factors:

  1. The size of the stadium LED display;
  2. The pixel pitch of the led screen, the smaller the pixel pitch, the better the price;
  3. The use environment, the indoor price is better than the outdoor one;
  4. Do you need the soft mask, soft top hat, mounting legs, and other structures;
  • The length of the standard football field is 90-120 meters, and the width is 45-90 meters, so the length of the stadium perimeter LED display of the football is less than 270 meters to 420 meters, and the height is usually 0.96 meters;
  • The standard basketball court size is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, so the length of the basketball perimeter LED display is less than 86 meters and the height is 0.96 meters;

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