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Stadium LED Screen

The stadium LED Screen is used on football, basketball, arenas, pools, rinks, etc fields. It can be used to play advertising, score sports, deliver information, and broadcast live. so It can increase the income of sports venues, clubs, and organizations.

Scoreboard LED Display 03

Stadium LED Screen Function

  • The broadcast of commercial advertisements increases the scene of the game. The perfect picture and sound make the scene even more shocking.
  • Introduce the information of the players and the actual situation of the game. The super-large and clear game live broadcast screen breaks the limitation of seats, making it more convenient to watch the game from a distance.
  • Connect the referee system, timing, and scoring system, and the LED display will broadcast the game time and score in real-time.
  • The slow-motion playback becomes the basis for the referee to make correct judgments, which maintains the fairness and justice of the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts.
  • Highlights, slow-motion playback, and close-up shots bring the audience a perfect visual feast.

Categories of Sports Stadium LED Screens

With the rise of sports events and the acceleration of the construction of stadiums in recent years, professional LED display screens have become an important facility for game information display and live broadcasts of games in stadiums. We introduce several common stadium LED screens as below.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

It is a LED display installed around the stadium perimeter, which can replace the wall and guardrail in the stadium and can play more content on the LED screen, so as to fully meet the display requirements of football, basketball, handball, and other events.

  • Suitable for pixel pitch P5, P6.67, P8, P10, P16;
  • Top rubber soft top hat protection;
  • Soft unique mask protection;
  • Fast splicing of the left and right locks of the cabinet;
  • The good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level;
  • The angle of the installation support legs can be adjusted freely;

Scoreboard LED Display

It is connected with the timing and scoring system of the game and plays the players’ game results and related information. From the perspective of the competition, the scoring screen is more important. The key to the scoring led screen is real-time accuracy, clarity, and trying to be more vivid and expressive.

  • The score, team, and player information can be displayed on score led screen;
  • Display instructions for fouls, timeouts, and substitutions;
  • Display competitive time, pause time, system time, and game countdown function;
  • Play a temporary notification message;
  • High brightness, eye-catching LED display;
  • Professional international scoreboard.

led ribbon board

A Ribbon LED Display is a slim LED display that can be custom installed on the court or around an entire court as a supplement to the main LED display. It is specially designed for playing ribbon videos, animation, and advertisement in the stadium. The cabinet is light in weight and easy to maintain, so as to meet the requirements of different installation environments.

  • Lightweight cabinet;
  • Long size, discounted control system;
  • The thickness of the led screen is very thin;
  • Customize the installation structure to fit the shape of the stadium perimeter;
  • IP65 waterproof grade;

Large Stadium LED screen

It is a conventional large-scale LED display screen installed in the stadium and used to play highlights of games on the field, slow-motion playback or wonderful close-up shots, etc. Let the audience see the game clearly at any distance.

  • Support live broadcast, HDMI, DVI, SDI, and other signal inputs;
  • Quick lock up and down, left and right splicing;
  • Customization is convenient and conforms to the on-site installation structure;
  • High refresh rate, and no ripple on the camera screen.

Professional Large Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer in China

SZLEDWORLD started producing stadium LED screens in 2009, after more than 13 years of effort work, and continuous investment in technology and equipment, we have grown into a leading manufacturer of stadium LED displays in China.

Today we provide a complete set of high-quality LED displays for the stadium. It includes perimeter LED displays, ribbons LED displays, scoring LED displays, and live LED large displays. The products have obtained CE, RoHS, FCC, and LVD Certification, our company has passed ISO9001-2016, ISO27001, and ISO14001 certifications.

Video of The Stadium LED Screen

Frequently Asked Question

A Jumbotron or Jumbovision or Stadium LED Screen. It is an application of LED display technology in the stadium

The price of stadium LED display ranges from 400USD/square to 4000 USD/square, which is related to the following factors:

  1. The size of the stadium LED display;
  2. The pixel pitch of the led screen, the smaller the pixel pitch, the better the price;
  3. The use environment, the indoor price is better than the outdoor one;
  4. Do you need the soft mask, soft top hat, mounting legs, and other structures;
  • The length of the standard football field is 90-120 meters, and the width is 45-90 meters, so the length of the stadium perimeter LED display of the football is less than 270 meters to 420 meters, and the height is usually 0.96 meters;
  • The standard basketball court size is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, so the length of the basketball perimeter LED display is less than 86 meters and the height is 0.96 meters;

If you’ve been to a football game or a soccer match then you’ve been to a stadium. You’ll probably see massive stadium screens, some stretching all around the location while some are used to zoom in on what’s happening on the ground. Jumbotrons are popular, especially with the fame and novelty that comes with Kiss Cam. 

Stadium screens have only improved throughout the years, utilizing both the innovations of LCD and LED technologies. Today, stadium LED screens have become common in many venues, and they are one of the most boasted facilities for many venues. If you are also one of those who are planning to invest in these massive screens, it would be better to understand them better and know how you can make the most of your investment. 

What are Stadium Screens?

P3.91 outdoor rental led screen project

A stadium LED screen is an LED display installed and used inside a stadium. The bigger the size of the venue, the bigger the LED screen that’s needed. These screens are mostly used for the events held in the venue, whether that’s for sports matches, concerts, or other large-scale events that require a venue with a bigger area that can accommodate a large number of people. 

These stadium screens are meant to maximize fan engagement, providing them with facilities that can increase the value of the venue and the entire experience. The LED screens need to be massive enough so that they can be seen from afar, where the people are located. They often show information about the event like highlights for sports matches and zoom in on the artists performing on stage. 

Common Features of Stadium Screens

Stadium screens improve the general experience inside the stadiums, as well as the profitability of the venue. These are the common features that you can expect in these massive screens:

  • IP65-rated (Protected enough for outdoor weather conditions)
  • Massive stadium screen size
  • Anti-collision capability
  • Adjustable angle and modular solutions
  • High grayscale and contrast ratio
  • High refresh rate

Why Choose Stadium Screens

Stadium Screens - Stadium Perimeter LED Display
Stadium Screens – Stadium Perimeter LED Display

If you’re still hesitating about investing in these LED screens, here are some of the benefits that these displays can deliver. 

Longer Lifespan

The LED displays installed in stadiums are guaranteed to have a longer lifespan, where they can operate and function for as long as eight years or 25,000 hours. The device is expected to last long, which is the reason why stadium screens are an excellent investment to explore. 

Adjustable Angle 

Stadium LED screens have adjustable angles, which means that they can be positioned at an inclination that allows better viewing for your audience. This means that you can ensure that the advertising efforts you have to operate at their optimal condition and situation. 

Power Saver

LED stadium screens are designed to be energy-efficient. In the long run, the power usage of the stadium is significantly reduced since after some time, the savings will pile up and can be a huge value of money. 

Easy Installation

Stadium screens are easy to install since they have a modular design that allows the panels to be easily assembled. You also don’t need to be an expert or any special equipment just to install the device properly. 

Programmable Screens

The stadium LED screens have front and back access for maintenance that allows the displays to be programmable. They are integrated with systems that have a programmable module format that allows the setting of content and features that you want to show on the display. 

Lightweight & Slim Design

One of the reasons why LED stadium screens are easy to install is that they are designed to be lightweight and slim. Most of these screens are installed in aluminum cabinets, which only weigh 30 kg per mobile and are only around 120 mm in thickness. 

Durable With IP65 Protection

Stadium screens are structured to be incredibly durable using IP65 protection, which includes waterproof and dustproof capabilities. This protection ensures that the displays are weatherproof and so can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow and storm. It will also guarantee a longer lifespan and excellent investment.

Excellent Advertising Opportunity

LED stadium displays, specifically stadium perimeter LED displays, can be incredible tools for advertising. Since these screens are installed surrounding the entire area, more people get to see them, wherever they are sitting or standing in the stadium. 

This means that stadium LED screens are incredibly profitable and so would be great to rent out to companies who want their products and branding displayed for anyone to see. 

Different Types of Stadium Screens

There are different types of stadium screens you can consider to invest in. After considering all your requirements and priorities for the purchase, you can decide on a specific LED stadium display that’s worth investing in. The most common types are based on the pixel pitch the screens have and their applications. For your easier choice, here are the types you can consider. 

Based on Pixel Pitch

Most of the stadium screens have a higher pixel pitch since they’re outdoor LED displays. Your choice of solutions may depend on several other factors, including the stadium field size and the viewing LED angle. Here are some of the most common pixel pitches for these displays:

  • P4 Stadium LED Displays – You have the option to hang the screen to a beam or attach it to a steel bar, depending on your preference and concept. It is one of the smallest pixel pitches you can consider outdoors.
  • P5 Stadium LED Displays – Featuring a 5 mm pixel pitch, these stadium LED screens are also one of the smallest considerations for outdoor LED displays. However, like other options, you can use them for different applications like showing live feeds and brand advertisements. 
  • P8 Stadium LED Displays – These stadium screens are one of the most popular options, considering they sit right in the middle of choices for pixel pitch. They offer a better viewing experience to players, game spectators, and audiences in general. 
  • P10 Stadium LED Displays – This type of LED display is popular to be used in sports arenas, utilizing the screen to show real-time game scores and game clocks. The player’s profile, highlights, and even slow-motion game scenes are also shown on screen.
  • P16 Stadium LED Displays – One of the largest outdoor LED screens out of all your choices for stadium screens, these displays can be incredibly expensive and many opt to rent them for a more affordable approach. They are often used in games and always come with ultra-thin and lightweight cabinets for easier installation and setup. 

Based on Applications & Design

Another factor to look into when checking out your options for stadium LED screens is the one based on design and application. Here are some of the most popular options, especially for many sports events:

Stadium Perimeter LED Display

The stadium perimeter LED display comes in either outdoor or indoor versions. You will often see these displays surround the entire arena. They are designed to be connected to a system that will allow you to easily change the content whenever you need it to. This is why they make an incredible display for advertising to promote your sponsors and be rented out to companies who are interested. 

These stadium LED displays are structured to be incredibly durable and capable of withstanding accidental impacts in an area that is expected to have intense scenes. They also sport a high refresh rate that allows them to change the content on the screen seamlessly. 

Large Fixed Displays

Large Stadium LED screen 01
Large Stadium LED Screen

These stadium screens are often massive and may be less flexible compared to other types since they are fixed displays. This means that installation is more complicated but the quality of the images shown on the screen is guaranteed to be top-notch. They are popularly installed in changing rooms, press reception, and VIP rooms. 

If you have the budget and you can look for professionals who can help you with the installation, as well as maintenance, investment in large fixed displays for stadiums can be incredible.  

Scoreboard Displays

Stadium Screens - Scoreboard
Stadium Screens – Scoreboard

There are different types of scoreboard LED displays you can look into, from the most budget-friendly to the expensive ones, depending on your budget and preference. These types of stadium screens are often installed in an easy-to-see location so that everyone can check the scores without any hassle. Often located in a high place, these screens are also designed to be durable to withstand weathering elements at such height. You can also easily adjust their brightness to corroborate with the current lighting situation in the stadium. 

Customized Stadium LED Screens

Finally, you can choose customized stadium LED screens to invest in but make sure that you have enough budget for it. You can have the screens designed with specifications and installation types that you find ideal for your concept, whether that’s a billboard LED screen for advertising or a unique portable and interactive LED screen for fans. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Stadium LED Screen

When investing in stadium LED screens, there are vital elements that you need to take into account. These are some of the factors that can either make or break your decision:

LED Viewing Angle & Distance

The LED viewing angle and distance are two of the most important elements that can ensure that your LED screen is doing its job. They both can help improve the viewing experience of the audience, especially since they dictate which distance and angle can offer the best view for them. If you will be choosing your stadium screens, make sure that you take into account the minimum LED viewing angle and distance so that you can guarantee that everyone in the arena can see the LED displays clearly.

Brightness & Color Contrast

When you consider the brightness and color contrast of the stadium LED displays, choose the one with good color and light spectrum coverage. Consider LED screens with warm lights and learn about the optimal brightness level you can use for outdoor displays. 

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch dictates how clear the images will be on the screen and if they will be crisp and vibrant or blurry and dizzying. This factor is one of the most important considerations since it also affects screen size, resolution, and even the stadium LED screen price.  

The bigger the pixel pitch, the larger the screen size, which also means that you will have to spend a huge amount of money on it. 

Installation Type

For stadium screens, installation is a crucial aspect to look into. Considering these displays are often massive, the wall mounts and other parts that can be used for the installation also need to be durable and strong enough to support the LED displays and their cabinets. You will also need to make sure that the installation type you choose will help the screen be visible from afar. 

Most of the stadium LED screens are installed based on their functions and content displayed on them. Some are ceiling-mounted or supported by metal posts so that they’ll be seen even from afar. Stadium perimeter LED displays, on the other hand, are set at eye level. 

Screen Protection

Stadium screens are mostly installed outdoors so they are exposed to weathering elements that can break and damage them. This is why proper and strong screen protection can make sure that your investment is protected and lasts for a long time. The good thing is that with technological advancements, many outdoor LED screens are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. But make sure to still look into your display’s durability and screen protection to avoid investing in something that easily breaks. 

Stadium LED Screen Price

If you’re taking the chance to make money using stadium LED screens, the stadium LED screen price will be one of your most important considerations. The price of a small stadium LED display is around 30,000 to 50,000 USD. Depending on your customization and other factors like screen size and features,  it can stretch up to 3 million dollars. 


Stadium screens are trendy and functional LED displays that elevate the functionality and value of an arena. They improve the audience viewing experience and increase the profitability of the stadium. They can be used to assist with the events or simply display promotions for the sponsors. Whichever you use it for, these stadium LED screens are definitely a good investment you can look into. Just make sure you cross all your priorities and consider all the LED display types perfect for stadium installation to succeed.

Besides the calculators, you can also use LED screen size charts if you don’t want to deal with the numbers of your LED display. These charts may be available online or through your local LED display suppliers.

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