Pixel Pitch P37.5-P80


LM1 is a LED mesh screen whose pixel only contains one LED lamp bead. Its low brightness is suitable for indoor or dark occasions at night, but it has a price advantage.

  • Brightness: 500nits~2100nits;
  • Weight:1.8~4kg/sqm;
  • Transparency: 70%~90%;
  • very good price;
  • Unit resolution: 8×128 dots;
  • Working voltage:7.5V DC.

Flexible & soft

The LED mesh display is flexible and soft, it can be arbitrarily bent into arcs, circles, waves, etc., the size can be customized in multiples of the unit, and there are different colors for choosing.

More than 70% transparency

  • It can integrate the mesh led display with the stage lighting, etc., presenting a vivid dance effect;
  • It will not block the light of the building and keep good indoor light;
  • Effectively resist wind resistance, making the screen more durable;
  • The weight of the screen is lighter.

Easy and simple installation

The splicing of adjacent units does not require tools, and the fast lock is directly used for quick connection

Hanging installation

The led mesh screen unit comes with 2 joints, which can be directly locked on the hanging beam by hand after passing through the hanging beam, which is fast and convenient to install

Creative styling

  • The LED lamp bar can be taken out separately to realize various creative shapes;
  • This also facilitates quick and easy maintenance of lamp beads, ICs and other parts.

IP65 waterproof

The PCB board is filled with waterproof glue, the front and back are bothIP65, with waterproof connectors on the head and tail, it can be installed outdoor.

LM1- LED Mesh Screen Specifications

Pixel PitchP37.5P40P56.25P75P80
LED typeSMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Pixel configuration1-in-1 SMD1-in-1 SMD1-in-1 SMD1-in-1 SMD1-in-1 SMD
Pixel density711pixels/m2625
Unit dimension(W*H)0.3 x 4.8m0.32 x 5.12m0.45 x 7.2m0.6 x 9.6m0.64 x 10.24m
Unit resolution8*128dots8*128dots8*128dots8*128dots8*128dots
Drive Methodstatic static static static static 
Brightness 2100nits 1800nits1000nits600nits500nits
Viewing Angle140°/110°140°/110°140°/110°140°/110°140°/110°
Transparency Rate70%75%80%85%90%
Refresh Rate4000Hz4000Hz4000Hz4000Hz4000Hz
Power consumption(Avg.)93 w/cabinet83 w/cabinet40 w/cabinet24w/cabinet21w/cabinet
Power consumption(Max.) 280W/sqm250W/sqm120W/sqm72W/sqm62W/sqm
Grey Level 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit
Humidity-operating10% ~ 90%10% ~ 90%10% ~ 90%10% ~ 90%10% ~ 90%
Operating Temperature-20° – 60° C-20° – 60° C-20° – 60° C-20° – 60° C-20° – 60° C
Input voltageAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
Working voltage7.5V DC7.5V DC7.5V DC7.5V DC7.5V DC
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling SystemSync or AsyncSync or AsyncSync or AsyncSync or AsyncSync or Async
Ingress Protection (IP)IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

Video for LED Mesh Screen


LM1-P37.5 is a mesh led screen suitable for stage decoration and close-up viewing with low indoor brightness requirements. It is cost-effective and has a high pixel density.

  • Lamps: nationstar SMD3535 3in1;
  • Pixel density: 711pixels/m2;
  • Unit dimension(W*H):0.3 x 4.8m;
  • Brightness:2100nits;
  • Viewing Angle:140°/110°;
  • Transparency Rate: 70%.
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