From watching games from afar and sometimes through binoculars, you can now experience more interactive game-watching. And one of the elements that make watching sports live more thrilling and enjoyable is the scoreboard LED screens. LED displays keep you updated about the game, wherever you are in the venue. 

From NBA games to football matches, watching sports has evolved throughout the years. Research shows that the majority of people today prefer watching games outside of sports venues. With technological advancement, many prefer live viewing in the comfort of their own homes. However, the truth is that nothing beats watching sports live with your own eyes looking at the players. 

LED scoreboards have become the standard for many sports venues. They have become a convenient element in many sports games to fully satisfy the viewing experience of fans watching the games live. Because of these LED displays, watching sports matches live is now more engaging than ever. 

What Is an LED Scoreboard Screen?

Scoreboard LED
Scoreboard LED

A scoreboard LED display is a device integrated with LED technology to assist in displaying information about a specific game on a massive screen. These can be seen in locations where sports matches are often held. 

Technically, LED scoreboards display the current score in the game but they’ve evolved since then and are now multi-functional and can show other details about the game. More than just the real-time scores, the screens also show game statistics, replays, and highlights. Commercials and advertisements are also shown on the displays, along with announcements and important notices. 

Features of a Scoreboard LED Display

To get to know LED scoreboard screens better, here are some of the most common features in these LED scoreboards. 

Thin & Lightweight Structure

These displays are designed to have a thin and lightweight structure. They are also often matched with LED cabinets structured with lightweight designs. This saves a lot of costs in terms of delivery and installation. 

High Protection Level

LED scoreboard screens have a high level of protection since they are designed to be durable enough to operate outdoors. They have an IP65 protection level, making sure that the scoreboard is waterproof and protected from weather elements that can damage the device. 

High Refresh Rate

These LED displays are guaranteed to have a fast refresh rate to ensure that live streaming is possible without the panels flickering when the panels are changing. This rate can reach up to 3840HZm, which makes sure that no flickers can be seen. 

Fine Pixel Pitch 

LED scoreboard screens feature fine pixel pitches that showcase vibrant and colorful images. With these specs, viewers can enjoy smooth transitions of replays and highlight plays. P10 LED scoreboards make an incredible option for arenas. 

Types of LED Scoreboards to Consider

LED scoreboards also come in different varieties. In the past, monochromatic scoreboards with two colors reigned supreme. Today, full-color LED screens function as scoreboards and have become a common sight. Two of the categories you can find to differentiate the variety of LED scoreboard types are installation and sports. 

Scoreboard LED Display Types Based on Installation 

The installation of the LED scoreboard screens needs to be strategic for the optimal running of the games that will use them. Here are some of the major installations for these LED displays:

Flat-panel LED Scoreboards

Scoreboard LED - Flat-panel LED Scoreboards
Scoreboard LED – Flat-panel LED Scoreboards

This type of LED scoreboard has a more traditional look with its distinct flat panel. You can find these LED displays on the sides of the arenas. Besides screens for scores, they can also accommodate ads and live streaming of the game. These scoreboards are often used outdoors so they have a high protection level to boast about.  

Center-hung LED Scoreboards

Scoreboard LED - Center-hung LED Scoreboards
Scoreboard LED – Center-hung LED Scoreboards

Comprising around four to six panels, center-hung LED scoreboards are the ones that are suspended from the ceilings of the venues. Considering how this scoreboard type is designed, they are often found indoors and at the center of arenas and halls. They are installed in this location for optimal visibility.  

Wall-mounted LED Scoreboards

Scoreboard LED - Wall-mounted LED Scoreboards
Scoreboard LED – Wall-mounted LED Scoreboards

These LED scoreboard screens are installed on the surface of the walls. They are often installed inside sports venues where sturdy walls are available for installation. Similar to other scoreboards, you can display all sorts of data from the screen to make the game-viewing experience more engaging and fun. 

Scoreboard LED Display Types Based on Sports

Finally, LED scoreboards can be categorized based on the specific sports they are often used in. The most common and popular types of LED scoreboard screens based on the sports they’re used in are the following:

LED Basketboard Scoreboards

LED basketball scoreboards are incredibly relevant in games, where each movement is vital in fast-paced plays. The scoreboards show quick changes in the game’s status, including the following:

  • Real-time scores
  • Running shot clocks & timers
  • Player’s statistics
  • Replays and highlights of the game

These LED scoreboard screens dedicated to basketball can either be installed hanging at the center of the court or the end of the courts. This means that the displays need to be portable and lightweight for convenient transfer from one location to the other. 

Football LED Scoreboard Screens

Football games are often held in massive locations and it may be difficult to communicate without LED displays. In this case, football LED scoreboards are designed to be flexible and easy to switch from a standard scoreboard look to an interactive LED display. These screens show live updates on players and the match, along with effective sponsor advertisements. 

Baseball LED Scoreboards

Also known as the box score, baseball LED scoreboards are used to provide relevant information about the current game, including the following:

  • Lineup
  • Innings pitched
  • Earned runs
  • Hits
  • At-bats
  • Assists
  • Outs
  • Errors

Hockey LED Scoreboard Displays

LED scoreboards dedicated to hockey are also created to fit cold sports. These scoreboards can be installed on the side of the center of the rink. They can display the following details:

  • Timers and shot clocks
  • Penalty box indicators
  • Real-time scores
  • Time left
  • Player and match statistics

Scoreboard LED Display Applications

Scoreboard LED - Applications
Scoreboard LED – Applications

Scoreboard LED displays can be used in different ways. The applications you can explore also come in a variety of forms that you can categorize based on their use, location, and even the sports they’re often used on. 

Applications Based on Usage

There are many uses for LED display but scoreboards are often limited to games, from sports to other less physical matches. These are some of its major applications based on how the LED scoreboards are used:

  • Straightforward scoreboard – Just as they are named, the LED displays are used to show live scores of the match. Besides the real-time scores, the screen also shows live feeds and statistics about the player and team performances. 
  • Marketing needs – Along with game stats, the LED scoreboard can also show commercials and advertisements. The screen can give thanks to sponsors and promote their brands. 
  • Announcements – These screens can also be used for important announcements and emergency broadcasts. 

Applications Based on Location

Another classification for the applications for LED scoreboard screens is based on the location they’re installed in. These are some of the locations where you can find them:

  • Sports arenas – LED basketball scoreboards are vital for the game not just to show real-time scores but also for the shot clocks. The scoreboard can accommodate other sports that will need to display relevant game details while the match is going on. 
  • Outdoor sports stadiums – LED scoreboards can also be used in many outdoor sports, from golf to swimming. 
  • Gymnasiums – These scoreboards are very useful for indoor sports and so are often installed in gyms. Some of these sports include tennis, volleyball, and even wrestling. Timers and match scores can be displayed for everyone. 
  • Hockey rinks – LED scoreboard screens are prominent in hockey rinks, where relevant details are shown on the display. Some of this game information includes player statistics and penalty time, on top of the real-time scores. 

LED Scoreboards Prices

The prices for LED scoreboard displays are pretty varied and can range from 4,000 to 750,000 USD, depending on many factors. Some of the factors that can affect the costs of these displays include size, type of LED scoreboard, installation type, and features and functions. 

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Scoreboard LED displays are now digital and integrated with advanced features that can improve the game-playing and viewing experience of everyone. The screens can improve the operation of the games and have more efficient matches. Players will have access to relevant game information, along with fans and viewers. 

Besides the actual function of the LED scoreboards in the game, they can also be used for marketing purposes, where sponsors can be given the space for promotion and advertisements. In addition to that, announcements and important broadcasts can also be displayed on the LED screen whenever it is necessary. In short, scoreboards are now more than just showing the scores of the teams and players but more about optimal gameplay and engaging viewing experience.

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