If you’re looking for a good marketing tool or an impressive investment in China, you might want to look into 3D billboards. China 3D billboards are known for their impressively realistic visuals that will make you doubt what your eyes are seeing. Suffice it to say, that China can be considered one of the frontrunners in 3d billboards, developing advanced 3d technology that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. 

These 3d billboards are found in some of the most populated places in the country, maximizing their advertising potential to the fullest. Since the introduction of the very first China 3D billboard, its popularity has steadily risen. Major cities have caught on to this trend and try to use the booming industry to their advantage. If you want to ride the success wave too, learn everything you can about them first and what makes these billboards so tempting to many businesses and investors. 

What Makes China 3D Billboard Stand Out

Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab
Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab

China 3D billboards easily stand out with their realistic content is the first thing you’ll notice about these devices. They feature some of the best content you can drop for jaw for. However, masterpieces like these projects require so much more preparation compared to just displaying an image or playing a YouTube video. 

Flexible and Interactive LED Display

Billboards often refer to out-of-home advertising displays. It means that all the elements you’ll find in these displays are designed to operate outdoors. The LED displays used in 3D billboard ensembles are structured to be more durable and more flexible. They can be adjusted based on the design of the content, where the layout can easily be re-arranged when necessary. 

Powerful LED Control System

To back up these LED displays, you will first need a powerful LED control system that can conveniently manage some of the aspects of the digital device, including the color contrast and brightness level. It’s also through this system that you can ensure your display is visually stunning and clear on the part of the viewers. 

Excellently Creative 3D Content

Finally, let’s talk about the content. With China 3D billboards, the content needs to mimic 3D effects without the need for supporting tools like 3D glasses. The content needs to be properly planned and designed to capture the attention of everyone. In this case, good media playback control software is necessary. 

Compatible Media Server, Software, & Audio System

A media server and control software helps you control your 3D billboards, specifically managing the content you’re planning to display on the screen. You can schedule to play your content at a specific time of the day and you can also control the billboards using an impressive remote control. To top everything off, these billboards’ audio system often provides ready-made sound effects you can use together with your content. Of course, you can choose not to use the audio effects but just in case you want to add something new to it, the audio system can provide that for you. 

Best Spots for a China 3D Billboard

3D Billboard - China's Spaceship
3D Billboard – China’s Spaceship

China has incredible locations where 3D billboards are guaranteed to capture people’s attention. Among the massive land area of the country, the top cities you can visit that house the best China 3D billboards include the following:


Considered the country’s capital city, it’s only to be expected that Beijing holds a marketing power where 3D billboards are guaranteed to flourish. The vibrancy and brightness of these digital devices fit well in the skyline of the city as it dominates the central business district or CBD. You’ll also see many of them in specific streets like Quanmen and Wangfujing. 


With a more rural touch, Chengdu boasts a rich cultural heritage you won’t often see in modern cities today. However, the city knows the power of technology and has installed 3D billboards all over the polis. While it may seem out-of-place for a more down-to-earth city, the use of these displays in the city’s popular spots like the Kuanzhai Alley and Chunxi Road just fits well. 


Guangzhou is known for the hum-drum of the hustle-bustle of people wanting to make a living. It is recognized for its shopping districts that would benefit more from promotions and advertisements that 3D billboards can offer. With a lively nightlife, the China 3D billboards in Zhujiang New Town and Beijing Road can be appreciated even at night. It simply means that the city’s vibrant 3D billboards are impressively 


Some people often confuse Shanghai with Beijing as the capital city of China. It’s not surprising since like Beijing, Shanghai is filled with business and commerce activities that make it on par with the powerful capital. In this city, you will find bright and vibrant 3D billboards you can easily compare to that of New York City’s Times Square (which is something that Shanghai also has!). If you want to see plenty of jaw-dropping 3D billboards, visit popular areas like the Bund and Nanjing Road. 


While it may not be the capital city of China, Shenzhen remains the tech capital of the country, similar to how Silicon Valley is for the United States. If you’re looking for the tech giants and frontrunners, this is the city to visit. High-tech companies openly boast their expertise through amazing 3D billboards. To check out the best among them, you can visit the Futian Central Business District and the Huaquangbei Commercial Street. 

Top China 3D Billboards Ever Made

The top China 3D billboards can maximize LED technology in collaboration with 3D technology. The naked-eye 3D LED displays are massive not just in terms of their sizes but also the production behind them. To successfully produce the visuals that the creators have imagined, a team of experts has tirelessly worked to design eye-catching content and arrange the LED screens in a layout that will match that content. 

If you need a look at the best 3D billboards you can find in China, here are some worth looking at. 

Nike Air MAX Day 3D Wall in Hangzhou

China 3D Billboard - 3D Wall
China 3D Billboard – 2023 Nike Air Max Day

In Hangzhou, sportswear giant enterprise Nike held its 2023 Nike Air Max Day. The event “MAX to the Extreme,” organized by Nike Greater China, showcases a series of Nike shoes integrated with stunning visual effects. The realistic 3D effects on the show are made possible through double-screen LED displays that make it possible to create content that goes beyond the barrier of reality. The unveiling of this magnificent 3D billboard serves as the highlight of the event.  

Panda on 3D Billboard in Chengdu

China 3D Billboard - Panda
China 3D Billboard – Panda

What’s one thing that China has that the rest of the world lacks? The answer is a panda! In this 3D billboard installed in Chengdu, you’ll marvel at two massive panda bears moving around the realistic L-shaped billboard screen. If you’re into pandas, this show will definitely catch your attention and make you want to feel them. 

Dragon on 3D Billboard in Kunming

China 3D Billboard - Dragon
China 3D Billboard – Dragon

One of the most exquisite shows ever displayed on a 3D billboard can be found in the Yunnan Province. In Kunming City, a realistic and stunning dragon frolics all over the 2,184-square-meter LED screen installed on Jinge Centre’s external wall. It is one of the most stunning China 3D billboards in the country, capturing the expertise of the country. The 3D billboard housing this impressive dragon features an amazing 8K resolution and high-end glass-free technology. 

3D LED Screen in Shanghai

China 3D Billboard - LED Screen
China 3D Billboard – LED Screen

Shanghai’s L-shaped LED screen offers an inspiring quotation to the public to live well in a variety of gorgeous visual effects. In a collaboration between Radugadesign and Swire, the 3D LED screen in the TLQ commercial complex was turned into a public art exhibit. The creative masterpiece aims to motivate people to have a balanced lifestyle, diving deeper into people’s nutrition and their regard for a healthy environment. 


China 3D billboards offer impressively stunning visuals that play with the line between reality and fantasy. Many of China’s billboards are scarily realistic that you will want to start just to be sure you’re looking at something that’s not tangible and real. Simply visiting the grand cities of China will give you an idea of what they have to offer when it comes to 3D billboards and amazing advertising content displayed on them.

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