3D digital billboards have dominated the urban scenes, featuring show-stopping content that will easily make you look up and stare. The immersive visual experience easily stops people from doing whatever they’re doing, making them pay attention to this realistic masterpiece. 

Based on a report, from all of the travelers who saw digital billboards in the U.S. by the time the report was made, 55% claimed to be highly engaged by the content. With how catchy 3D LED billboards are, it is only to be expected that they catch more attention. 

These 3D digital billboards have become more popular in the streets of New York, China, and South Korea. Many of the types of content of these LED walls are hyperrealistic and it will make you doubt if they’re actually fake or not. So if you believe that they are the ideal promotional media for your project or event, take a shot at it. Make sure that you learn about the more vital elements of using one. 

What are 3D Digital Billboards?

A 3D digital billboard is the newest Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising that showcases creative and realistic campaigns using 3D technology. The concept of these 3D LED billboards is simple, with the help of several LED panels, a 3D image or video is generated using the latest technology for a realistic visual experience.  

3D digital billboards are able to relay any brand message with optimal potential, not just in terms of getting people’s attention but also when it comes to wide market reach. Many of these billboards are so humongous that you can view them from afar. While impactful, the only downside is that they are expensive. 

Characteristics Of 3D Digital Billboards

In understanding 3D digital billboards, it is only right to explore the characteristics that make up these displays. Here are some of the notable characteristics you will see in 3D LED billboards:

  • Experience with real-life objects
  • More pronounced images
  • Two images from two different perspectives give a perception of depth
  • Literally 2 images but produce an illusion of 3 dimensions
  • May use the environment for a harmonized look (For transparent 3D billboards)
  • May showcase different types of visual effects

How 3D Digital Billboards Operate

To simplify how 3D digital billboards operate, you will have to look into how the LED displays are able to trick the brain without the help of other devices like 3D glasses or other accessories. This is where the concept of forced perspective comes into play. 

Forced perspective refers to a visual technique that produces an illusion using the combination of perspectives and an object’s scale, where two images captured from different angles are put together in a single frame. The human brain sees this illusion as a 3D image, which is how 3D digital billboards are able to trick people too. 

Since the same image is viewed from different perspectives, the left and right eyes see them as one whole scene in a 3D effect, creating a depth that you won’t usually see in a 2D and flat image. If you want to learn more about how these 3D LED billboards work, you can check out this helpful article

5 Popular 3D Digital Billboards

3D digital billboards are dominating the urban skies and the most popular ones are masterpieces that will keep you in a state of awe. Here are 5 popular 3D LED billboards you can visit and check out. 

1. Super Casting Campaign from Naver (COEX Square, South Korea)

Created in 2022, Naver’s Super Casting Campaign was installed in COEX Square, South Korea. The promotional media features popular BTS band members Jungkook, RM, and Jhope who are seen waving from the pop-up screen. With the fame of the K-pop band to the incredible comic concept, it is no doubt a successful marketing scheme.

2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Game Launch from Activision (London)

London’s COD full-game launch of their Modern Warfare II filled many gamers with excitement. This is one of the 3D digital billboards that make use of the actual location that’s parallel to a location in the game, which is the well-known Piccadilly Lights. In the LED display, characters Soap MacTavish and Ghost come out of the screen in a transition. 

3. Balenciaga x Fornite Collab (Times Square, New York City)

One of the most popular 3D digital billboards in the world is found in NYC’s Times Square. One of the most unforgettable content is the promotional video of the collaboration project between the high-end brand Balenciaga and the famous video game Fortnite. The LED screen features a character in the game named Doggo who’s wearing Balenciaga glasses. 

4. Nike’s Air Max (China)

China’s 3D digital billboards feature Nike’s Air Max where the shoes can be seen popping through the display. The entire scene is naturalistic and proudly showcases the concept of the creative directors of the brand. 

5. Cat 3D from Cross Shinjuku Vision (Tokyo, Japan)

Finally, everyone gets mesmerized by the kawaii giant cat frolicking the 3D LED display installed along the streets of Shinjuku in Tokyo. The 3D cat can be seen flipping its tail and waking up from its nap.

Benefits Of Using 3D Digital Billboards

To figure out if 3D digital billboards can be a good match for your needs, goals, and preferences, look into the different benefits you can enjoy using them. Here are some of the notable advantages that these hi-tech billboards have over other advertising displays. 

Attention-grabbing Aesthetics

3D billboards are guaranteed to be a show-stopper that will awe anyone who sees them. They are one of the offline marketing mediums that can easily catch people’s attention with an astounding wow factor. While many often have their attention trapped in their phones, 3D digital billboards are simply designed in a way that you won’t be able to ignore them. The impressive and realistic content is enough to catch people off-guard. 

Immersive Visual Experience

The content displayed on 3D billboards is so realistic that people are left in awe. The 3D content also plays an important role in creating an emotional connection with anyone looking at the billboards leading to a complete immersive visual experience. The popular content for 3D LED billboards often involves items crashing on the screen and entering the real world. It’s catchy and very interesting to see. 

Ideal For Games, Videos, & Ads

Three-dimensional content is perfect for action-packed niches like games and industries that need to easily catch the attention of anyone passing by. This characteristic is what makes these trendy billboards incredible for brand promotions and product introductions. 

Distraction-free Relaying Of Promotions

These 3D digital billboards are designed just to deliver brand messages free from distraction. If you want to promote a product or event in a way that will get people talking, these are the perfect mediums to use. You just need to maximize its impact and check out the strategic location where your target demographic usually passes by. 

Incredible Marketing Potential

3D LED billboards are some of the best marketing and promotional mediums. These trendy media structures can be considered the future of marketing. If they were not expensive, many enterprises would surely ride this wave of fame and grandness. 

3D Digital Billboards Vs. Conventional Billboards

Comparing 3D digital billboards with conventional billboards is easy to do, especially since they have very different vibes and aesthetic appeal. Here is a summary of their basic differences. 

Aspects3D Digital BillboardsConventional Billboards
Content2 images of an item in different perspectives1 flatlay 2D image
Visual ExperienceMore immersive and visually-pleasingDepends on the content
Audience RetentionBetter audience retention and not easy to forgetCan be easy to forget (Static 2D images)

In terms of content, the standard billboards usually feature a flatlay 2D image while 3D billboards are comprised of 2 images taken from different perspectives in order to create that illusion of depth. This is how 3D digital billboards are able to offer a realistic look without the aid of accessories like 3D glasses. 

The visual experience that people enjoy from these types of billboards is also very different. With conventional billboards, how people react will depend on the content of the brand message displayed on them. With 3D LED billboards though, you get to have a realistic experience of the brand message coming at you. The content is guaranteed to be difficult to forget, especially since they are something new and different that you won’t see anywhere. This means that they are definitely a better medium for promotion and marketing, whatever brand message they show. If you have an event or introducing a new product and you want it to be undeniably successful, using this type of billboard is the way to go. 

The Future Of 3D Digital Billboards

There are not many 3D digital billboards that are currently operating and the ones that do have become part of the tourist destination of the city they are in, including the ones in Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and New York City’s Time Square. 

While there are only a few popular 3D billboards worldwide, the technology is now being adapted by many enterprises who want to benefit from the marketing phenomenon since they easily catch people’s attention like a piece of cake. 

The downside to these 3D LED billboards is that they come with a huge cost. After some time though, with how fast technology advances, you can expect them to be more affordable soon so that they can also be available to small and medium-sized enterprises.  


3D digital billboards can be considered the future of advertising. With show-stopper content anyone won’t be able to ignore and forget, these billboards can definitely be the secret to promoting a product or enterprise towards easy success. Of course, you would still need to work on good content and invest in high-quality LED screens to make the most out of this new technology.

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