Getting a double sided screen may seem like overkill but it’s actually more affordable, convenient, and expansive in terms of market reach. This is an important consideration, especially if you feel like maximizing your advertising and promotional efforts. This type of screen is a good consideration for marketing promotions. 

Businesses are said to have a 27 percent profit increase when LED screens are used for their advertising gigs. If this is an accurate number, it can save many enterprises from closing and going bankrupt. You just need to look into LED displays like a double sided LED screen and check out how you can maximize its usage. 

If you’re interested in using these double sided screens for your business, try to understand what it means to use one. You will have to look at its components, features, and requirements to get one. Start with the definition of this LED screen and then go more in-depth with its features and the types you can consider for your use. 

What Is a Double Sided Screen?

A double sided screen is a type of LED display that features two LED screens that are placed at the back of each other. It’s all wrapped up in one sturdy and durable cabinet to carry both LED displays to wherever the entire ensemble may be installed. This placement ensures that whatever content is displayed on the screens is viewable in both of the LED displays. 

The double sided LED screen offers vibrant and high-contrast images and videos that can effectively and clearly be seen even when exposed to direct sunlight. This means that the content can be shown in an optimal condition regardless of the lighting in the environment. 

Features of a Double Sided Screen

To understand double sided screens better, here are the major features you can identify from this convenient LED display. 

double sides led display
double sides led display

Dual Display

A double sided LED screen obviously includes two displays packed in one ensemble. The screens can come in a variety of sizes and resolutions but they are often assembled to have stunning LED screens. Each LED screen though should have the same sizes and resolutions to create a semblance of balance in the ensemble. They are also often integrated with dual speakers to be more effective. You can also choose higher-quality LED screens, depending on your preference. 

Single Cabinet

The two LED screens are installed in a single LED cabinet to build a single unit. There are specialized cabinets designed to carry two LED displays in one go. They are oftentimes slim and lightweight so that the weight of the entire unit won’t be too heavy for installation and delivery. They are also structured to be durable to carry the weights of the two LED displays. 

LED Control Card

A double sided screen also uses an LED control card and depending on the design of your LED screen, you can use it in a way that both of the displays share a single card. This will, of course, require a partition control to work. 

These LED control cards often operate in a plug-and-play system, where you can conveniently upload the content using a USB. An optional network upgrade can also be included in the system, which means that you can connect it with any internet connection to access the content you play to display on the screens. 

Several Installation Options

Just like all LED displays, this type of LED screen has several installation options you can choose from. For double sided LED screens, they are often either hung or through a standing installation placed in the venue you’ve chosen. 

Why Double Sided Screens Are Better Than Single-Sided Screens

Two is better than one is a cliche that also works wonderfully when comparing double sided screens with single-sided displays. If you’re thinking about why you should get this type of LED display, here are some of the obvious reasons:

  • You get two LED screens all by purchasing one ensemble
  • More exposure and better target market reach
  • Often in a modular design so it’s easily portable and great for shipping and delivery
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

Major Types of Double Sided LED Screens

Double sided screens come in a variety of types and styles. The most popular ones you can find in the market and choose from are the following:

Front-opening Double Sided LED Screen

This type of double sided screen refers to the one that can be opened from the front of the displays. Here are some of the pros and cons of using this type of LED screen:

Waterproof-readyCannot be stacked up or down
Convenient for maintenance and repairsMay be too brittle (for an aluminum cabinet)
Options for steel or aluminum cabinetsMay come as too heavy or thick (for steel cabinet)
Ideal for outdoor installation

Full-front Double Sided LED Screen

A full-front double sided screen was developed to correct the liabilities offered by the front-opening type of double sided LED screen. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages to check out. 

Waterproof-readyMore expensive
More Convenient for maintenance and repairs (Compared to front-opening type)Requires higher waterproofing and heat dissipation requirements
Ideal for outdoor installationHigh installation and maintenance costs
Thinner and lighter LED cabinet
Wider application

Double Sided Ultra Slim LED Screen

A double sided ultra slim LED screen showcases thinner LED displays, along with its smooth and sleek cabinet design. Here are some of its pros and cons you can take into account. 

Ideal for indoor installationNot applicable for outdoor installation
High-quality display resolutionNot as durable compared to others so needs to be handled with care
Maintenance space is not needed
No cable design
LED cabinet options: steel & aluminum

Double Sided Transparent LED Screen

A double sided transparent LED screen offers a classic and elegant look that’s common to many transparent LED displays. This type simply refers to two transparent LED screens assembled to overlay with each other and create an interesting visual effect. Here are some of its pros and cons. 

More viewing sidesCan be dizzying when not done right
Highly customizable (shapes too!)Can be expensive
High-definition visual appearanceLED cabinets can’t be made into a huge size
Offers novelty visual experience

Double Sided LED Screens Applications

Just like all other LED screens, the double sided screens can function in a variety of applications. The most obvious application refers to using the unit for marketing and promotional purposes. Other applications include the following:

  • Sports live streaming
  • Airport and railway boarding stations
  • Exhibits and trade shows
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Banks

These double sided LED screens are often used for ads, product introduction, or basic information dissemination. The goal is to reach as many people as possible. 

How to Install Double Sided LED Screens

When installing a double sided screen, it is necessary to have a basic technical background you can use. If you don’t, relying on the expertise of professionals might be your ideal option. To help you along the way, here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you with the basics.


If you’ve chosen to use a double sided screen for whatever reason you have in mind, remember that you’ll be using two LED display screens compared to the conventional LED display. This means you will have to spend more and double your worry about the installation and maintenance of the LED screens. 

While it’s true that you will need to take into account two displays, this also means you’ve benefited twice from them all in one purchase. You’re guaranteed to get twice the exposure and target market reach, as well as the possible profit that comes with it. A double sided LED screen also covers a smaller space but can accommodate and double the results you have set for yourself.

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