LED walls have become so multi-functional and powerful and many companies want to get their hands on these displays. However, everything will be futile if you choose the wrong LED wall content to show the market. It is vital to know what tickles the fancy of your customers and what will make them stop and stare. 

If you want to make the most of your investment and make sure that your marketing efforts are effective, you will need to look into how effective your content is. Strategizing well on the content to entice your target market and to keep them looking is the key to your success. 

What Is an LED Wall Content?

LED Wall Content - Building Facade
LED Wall Content – Building Facade

The LED wall content is the file or element you’ll show on your LED display ensemble. From exciting LED wall effects to interesting snippets and presentations, you can show anything you want using these screens. It would depend on what you plan to show on these incredible displays. 

The management of your content will rely heavily on the design and structure of your LED wall. Do you have a transparent LED wall? Do you want to go for a 3D display or do you want to settle on a standard LED wall background effects? There are only a few of the questions you will have to figure out first. 

Types of LED Wall Content In Terms OF Format

The content you can display on your LED walls can come in various formats. These are the forms where your content will be shown. They differ in costs, appeal, and goal so you will have to decide which one will benefit you the most. 


Text is one of the most common formats LED wall contents come in. You can choose between the txt or the pdf format, where the former pertains to plain text while the latter covers portable documents. They mostly show words and numbers so it would be the best option if you’re planning to display vital information like statistics or rates. While there are other formats for text, these two are the most compatible with many LED walls offered to the market. 


Another type you can use for your LED wall content is an image. Images are made of pixels, the basic elements used on these advanced screens. You can use images in JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats since they are compatible with these LED screens. PNG format possesses the highest quality while JPEG is the most practical choice in terms of its size. 


Finally, you can use a video for a stunning presentation. This is the most popular option for many companies because of its stunning visuals and all the possibilities you can create from nothing. Some formats are fitting to specific video players. For instance, among MP4, AVI, and MOV, the last one is compatible with Quicktime player when downloaded on a computer using a Windows-based operating system. This is even though the format is developed by Apple, Inc. Meanwhile MP4 is the most common formation and most compatible with many players and devices while AVI is the oldest.  

Managing Effective LED Wall Content

LED Wall Content - Colorful
LED Wall Content – Colorful

One of the key factors in making sure that your LED wall content is effective is its excellent management. Here are some of the aspects you should into when managing the content of your LED walls. 

Enough Storage

You need to have sufficient and safe storage for your content. Whether you’re using a storage site off-site or on-site, you need a reliable one that can make sure your content will run seamlessly. For cloud storage, Google Drive and Dropbox are recommended. 

Proper Scheduling

One of the best features of using a digital device for marketing is its scheduling capability. You can set up which content you want to be shown on a given day and time. This will deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduces the stress and strain in choosing which content to show
  • Offers efficiency in making use of your available content
  • Helps you seamlessly improve engagement without the added struggle

Regular Updating

You also need to regularly update your LED wall content to maximize its management. This will offer you these advantages:

  • Makes sure that your productivity continues and content won’t pile up and lag
  • Help you offer fresh content to your target market
  • Ensures that all resources and tools are appropriately utilized towards productivity and market success

Right Tools To Use

Another vital consideration in the management of your content is the tool you need to use. The great thing about digital marketing is the fact that everything can be set up with a reliable tool. Whether it is for scheduling or editing your content, there is always something you can use to process your LED wall content.

Content Management System (CMS)

These tools are the ideal platforms to be used when it comes to scheduling, updating, and even deleting content. They allow users to effectively change content without physically going to the location where the screens are installed. You can be versatile and flexible in handling your content through the tool. 

Digital Signage Platforms

You can also choose platforms that can help you operate your LED wall. These will help you maximize the use of your displays and help you manage the screens with flexibility and convenience. 

Graphics Design Software

For good graphic design software that can transform your LED wall content, look for tools that are easy to use when it comes to creating and editing images and graphics. Some are designed for beginners while others are built for advanced designers. Here are some of the popular graphic design software you can choose from:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender
  • Figma

Video Editing Software

There are many tools available solely for video editing and it can be quite overwhelming when choosing which to trust. These tools can be used to strengthen or lengthen your videos. You can add, remove, and edit the videos as you see fit for your LED wall content. Here are the most common software meant for video editing:

  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro

Tips to Follow to Maximize LED Wall Content Engagement

An effective marketing piece requires impressive content that’s perfect for its platform like the LED screens. If you want to make the most of your LED wall content, these are the tips to follow:

Creative Tips To Follow

LED Wall Content - Interactive
LED Wall Content – Interactive

When creating the content for your LED displays, it is necessary to make them in a way that can effectively catch the attention of your target market. To help you along, you can do these things. 

  1. Make your content short and simple – Construct your message to be concise by using images and videos and avoiding too many words.
  2. Be consistent with your branding – Your company has its respective identity and values and any content you make must be consistent with the branding you’ve established for your enterprise.
  3. Look into the basics of designing – Apply some designing principles when creating your LED wall content, including some in connection to balance, contrast, emphasis, hierarchy, pattern, and promotion.
  4. Use interesting graphics – Add motion graphics to your content instead of settling with static ones to make it more interesting and engaging. You can try out free motion graphics offered online. 
  5. Utilize more colors – Choosing colorful images and videos not only catches people’s attention but also evokes emotions in them that will make your marketing content more effective. 
  6. Maintain stunning visuals – Make sure to add elements that will easily catch the crowd’s attention. This is the first step towards a successful marketing stunt. When not done properly, everything will be fruitless. 
  7. Design the content like a story – Storytelling is a powerful content tool. If you incorporate your brand and message into an excellent story, the LED wall content will be more effective. 
  8. Take out all the clutters –  Once you’ve included all the elements you want shown on your display, get a general look at them and take out the clutters. If there are distracting elements in it, remove them. It can be in the form of sound effects or text.

Technical Tips To Consider

LED Wall Content - Installation
LED Wall Content – Installation

Besides the creative aspect of the LED wall content, you should also be meticulous with the technical aspect of it. Here are some of the practical tips to follow for your content to be more effective and successful:

  1. Pay attention to the aspect ratio – The proportion of your content plays an important role in what will be shown on the screen. Your chosen ratio needs to be compatible with the one on your screen. The common ones include 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3.
  2. Look into your display’s viewing distance – Consider the viewing distance of your screen when designing your content. Bear in mind that low resolution and near viewing distance means that you need to make the graphics bigger and bolder. This means that the LED wall content should be larger and more eye-catching if the display has a nearer viewing distance and lower screen resolution. 
  3. Choose high-quality images and graphics – Take advantage of your screen’s contrast and visibility by investing in designs with high resolution and high contrast, These are the images and videos that look like they’re popping out from the display. Don’t choose washed-out graphics. 
  4. Test the content on your LED wall – Make the necessary evaluation of your LED wall before operating it, including checking compatibility, content errors, and everything you have in your checklist. 
  5. Use interactive elements – You can also use interactive elements in your LED wall content like animation and videos. You can also use interactive features in your display (motion trackers, touchscreens, gesture-recognizing capabilities) for more engaging content. 


Create an LED wall content that’s effective in delivering your message and establishing your branding. It should also be interesting and eye-catching enough to get people’s attention and make them stay until the end. But make sure not to stray away from your main goal, whether that’s to solidify your branding in the market or to educate customers with your new offers. Take out your thinking cap and be as creative as you can and as technically meticulous as you’re capable of doing.

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