In today’s advertising, 3D LED billboards are the new and exciting trend many businesses follow and look into. With how eye-catching and realistic these billboards are, they serve as an effective way to reach a wide audience from a distance all in one go. So if you’re planning to get one for yourself, the estimated 3D LED billboard price is one of the things you need to know about. 

The 3D LED screen price varies on several factors that you will need to consider when either making a purchase or renting. Both will require a specific amount you have to give over but of course, renting out will always be more affordable than the actual purchase. Whether that’s a good investment move for you is at your discretion. In fact, according to an American study, 3D advertisements get 50% more attention compared to their 2D counterparts. 

One thing’s for sure about 3D LED billboards and that’s if you’re considering using one, you need to learn as much as you can about it. Starting with the basics, not just the 3D LED billboard price is the best beginning point.

Quick 3D LED Billboard Basics

A 3D LED Billboard refers to an LED display that showcases images integrated with 3D effects and can be effectively seen without using 3D glasses. These 3D LED naked-eye billboards are standalone, unlike other 3D producers that require equipment to work. 

The most popular 3D technologies used for these LED billboards are multi-view and three-dimensional anamorphic technologies. The former involves the function to see the 3D image, wherever you are standing but as long as it is within a good viewing distance. The latter on the other hand features characters that seem to approach the viewer. These technologies are the primary reasons why the 3D LED billboard price is considerably high compared to other billboards. 

While they can be expensive, they can also significantly improve your marketing and advertising schemes. Once you use these 3D LED billboards, you will definitely be noticed by many.

Standard 3D LED Billboard Prices 

More than just its first impression, the 3D LED screen price is also one of the most noticeable elements of this type of billboard. Buying one will be a massive investment you have to ponder on and renting one is not that affordable either.

To prepare for what you might spend, expect to pay at least $1,200 to $15,000 monthly just for renting 3D LED billboards. These are the billboards that have already been installed in strategic locations to capture maximum attention from anyone passing by. The difference between these two prices is due to the variety in specifications, add-ons, and other manufacturing elements. 

What Makes Up The 3D LED Billboard Price

To know what to expect, it is vital to look into what makes up the 3D LED billboard price. There are different expenses that will come with using a 3D LED billboard. When renting, all of these expenses will be presented as one, whether in a package or some charges offered separately. Here are some of the major costs you need to know about. 

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a 3D LED billboard you have to pay usually includes the cost of the hardware, the labor fees for its manufacture and production, and the content that will be played on the screen. Compared to the price of a standard LED display, the 3D LED billboard price is significantly more expensive. Here are some of the specific elements that will cost you.

  • The tangible display screen
  • LED display control system
  • Playback control software
  • Sound system
  • 3D video source
  • Media server
  • LED receiving card
  • LED video splicing processor
  • Other customized 3D accessories and add-ons

Operational Cost

There are expenses you have to take into account when using the 3D LED screen. They will be different, depending on whether you own the display or you’re renting one. 


After paying the 3D LED billboard price, particularly the initial cost, these are other expenses you would still need to take care of for the display’s operation. 

  • Electric cost
  • Software for the management of the 3D content
  • Venue rental (cost depends on how strategic its location is)


When you rent a 3D LED billboard, you will have to pay for using the display and this is often rated on a per hour or per day basis. There are many factors that will affect the rental 3D LED screen price, including the location of the venue, rental time, size of the display, specifications of the display, and so much more. Expect to spend from $2 to $2,000 per hour or around $1,200 to $15,000 monthly for the rental. 

Notable Factors Influencing The 3D LED Billboard Price

To further understand what you’ll be dealing with when using a 3D LED billboard, it is also advisable to look into the different elements that can affect your purchase or rental. There are many factors that can increase or decrease the 3D LED billboard price

One of these factors is whether the LED screen is installed indoors or outdoors. In the case of 3D LED displays though, most of them are strategically located outside for maximum reach. This means that LED panels used for 3D presentation needed enough brightness and protective structure to effectively work. Besides that, here are other important things to look into that can change the 3D LED billboard price

Screen Size

Most 3D LED billboards are humongous in order to fully appreciate the 3D effects shown in them. This also means that more LED panels are used and so will be more expensive compared to smaller LED billboard displays. 


The specifications of the LED panels used for the 3D LED billboard need to be high-quality in order to fully deliver the animated effects created for the promotion. This means that all of these specifications should be set to high:

  • Resolution
  • Refresh rate 
  • Grayscale 
  • Dynamic contrast ratio

Video Complexity

3D content is more complex compared to its 2D counterparts, which means that it will require more meticulous production and handling. This part adds to the 3D LED billboard price and increases the total cost you have to pay.

The price will significantly increase, especially when the content features special motion effects like running or colliding on the wall. 


The entire production process of the content for the 3D LED billboard is expensive. If you plan to wow your target market with a show-stopping 3D animation, you have to pay for the entire process. From the planning and production to the editing and finishing of the content, make sure to carry through the entire project. 


Another factor that should be taken into account for the 3D LED billboard price is the installation cost, from the labor expense you need to pay for installers to the steel frame structure that will hold the 3D LED billboard up. There might also be other accessories that will be relevant to the 3D effect so some may depend on the content too. 

Duration (For Rental)

The duration when the 3D promotion runs on the 3D LED billboard will also be taken into account, especially if you are renting it. The longer you have your content shown on the 3D LED billboard, the more you have to pay. With renting, the 3D LED billboard price will then come in the form of per hour, per day, or per month. 

Guide To Choosing A 3D LED Billboard

Choosing a 3D LED billboard is a pretty straightforward process. Once you’ve decided whether to purchase for investment or to rent for a promotional scheme, the next move is to choose a supplier to help you with it. From there, here are some of the specifications to look for, especially if you want your 3D content to be a definite show-stopper. 

  • Brightness: Over 6000 nits 
  • High resolution 
  • High grayscale
  • High dynamic range
  • High contrast ratio
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Fast frame rate
  • 3D-compatible design for parallax
  • High-quality driving inter-channel (IC)

All of these particular specifications come with an expensive 3D LED billboard price so make sure that you’re prepared for the high cost for this eye-catching content. 

How To Save Money When Using 3D LED Billboard

Using a 3D LED billboard can definitely be costly but there are ways you can lessen your expenses without having to give up the quality of your 3D promotional content. Here are some tricks worth checking out, whether you owned the LED screen or just rented it. 


Buying a 3 LED billboard will take a lot out of your bank but there are things you can do to lessen your total expenses. Besides lowering the actual 3D LED billboard price, here are some smart economic choices you can make. 

  1. Save from electric cost – Choose technology and accessories that require less electricity consumption, from dual voltage output to using a power supply 
  2. Save from transportation cost – Choose a local store where you can easily get the panels delivered to wherever you are rather than having to pay for needless transportation fees on top of an expensive 3D LED billboard price
  3. Save from installation cost – If you get a lightweight LED display, you will need fewer hands for its installation, which translates to fewer installation fees you need to pay
  4. Save from maintenance expenses – Go for LED screens with high protection ability to avoid getting the panels damaged and getting them replaced


When renting a 3D LED billboard on a limited budget, you need to make the most out of your rented time. In this case, make sure to create a showstopper for your promotion content and play it during the time of the day when many can see it. 


The 3D LED billboard price is expensive, whether you plan to buy or rent one. Make sure that you can afford this investment and that you can guarantee ROI. If you’re working on an event or promotion that requires a showstopper, renting a 3D LED billboard is a good option. Expect to pay around $1,200 to $15,000 monthly, depending on many factors you need to go through. If you’re planning on purchasing one as an investment, go to your preferred supplier for a quotation and customizations you have in mind.

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