With the popularity of massive 3D billboards painting today’s city skylines, can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Its fame might be one of the reasons why it is believed to be a highly effective marketing tool that can push a business into success with proper use.

Research shows that businesses using dynamic displays are bound to get people’s attention 4 times more than just a standard display. If you want to attract more customers and get a more stable standing for your brand, using this electronic tool is worth it as an investment. Of course, you first need to learn everything you can about outdoor LED signs before spending your hard-earned money on them. 

Understanding LED Outdoor Business Signs

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Before answering, “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business?” we first need to define what these devices are. LED outdoor business signs refer to electronic displays that serve as communication devices. They are also known as EMCs or Electronic Message Centers, which businesses use outdoors for a specific purpose, including announcements and marketing tricks. 

The general idea of this device is to display content related to the business that can help with the company’s operations and marketing efforts. LED outdoor business signs can be programmed with the content you want to be shown. Powered by electricity, it is convenient to use anywhere there’s a power outlet. 

Is it different from DOOH or digital out-of-home displays? Outdoor LED signs are a type of DOOH. Here are some of the components of outdoor LED signs that look appealing to marketers and business owners:

  1. High Resolution – These LED displays feature high resolution, which ensures good-quality images and videos even in a disadvantageous lighting condition. 
  2. Excellent Weather Resistance – They are structured to be durable enough for outdoor operation, which makes the device resistant to weather elements, including dust, sunlight, moisture, lightning, and high temperature. 
  3. Long Lifespan – LED displays last over 100,000 operating hours when maintained regularly and kept well.
  4. High Levels of Brightness – Outdoor LED signs often have high levels of brightness that allow them to operate effectively under intense lighting conditions. These displays use over 100 lumens per watt to be clearly seen even when exposed to sunlight outdoors. 
  5. Vibrant Colors – These LED screens showcase vibrant colors that can be seen even when the temperatures are high. 

How Outdoor LED Signs Affect Your Business Growth

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When you answer the question, “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business?”, look closely into the role of these displays. With the advancement of technology, it is only one of the many tools companies can use in their advertising and marketing schemes. If they contribute to the growth of the company, it means that they are effectively doing their part. 

But how do these devices cause significant improvement to a business? There are several ways that these outdoor LED signs can boost a company toward success. Such improvements include the following:

More customers

Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Yes, it can bring in more customers. LED outdoor signs attract and encourage new customers to an enterprise. Eye-catching billboards and similar DOOHs easily move people to check out the enterprise behind these displays. 

Higher foot traffic

Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Using these DOOHs can increase the foot traffic of your business. The foot traffic refers to the number of customers who visit your physical store. If you rely heavily on the performance of your physical shop, increasing foot traffic is your best bet for success. If you want to have other venues that can contribute to your business growth, adding an online shop will work to your advantage. 

Helps increase business revenue

Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? You get more revenue from using it. Revenue is proof that your business is growing. If your revenue is increasing, it means that whatever marketing strategy you employ is working. The increase often comes from higher foot traffic. Besides using outdoor LED signs that attract your customers to your store, an online store can also be the cause of this increase. 

Faster and better conversion rates

Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Yes, it can through faster conversion rates. Conversion rate refers to the act of turning prospective customers into buying and subscribing customers. This means turning customers, who are just out to window shop, into someone who goes out of your store with a purchased product on hand. 

A good commercial on an outdoor LED display is capable of doing this. This can also be possible online as long as you consider the following strategies:

  • Offering sales and discounts
  • Showing authentic customer proofs through reviews
  • Using improved call to action

Can Outdoor LED Signs Really Attract More Business?

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The answer to the question “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business” is definitely YES. In fact, many marketers use LED outdoor signs in their efforts to achieve business growth. However, not everyone is capable of doing that. Marketers do what they do because they have the ability to read the market and adjust according to their needs, along with the current trends. They invest according to the company’s ROAS or return on ad spend

4 Ways to Induce Company Growth Using Outdoor LED Business Signs

To understand how can outdoor LED signs really attract more business, you can easily focus on ROAS. Here are some of the clear ways to increase it. 

1. Eye-catchy Content

Creating eye-catching content helps you trap an individual’s attention to whatever message it is you want to convey. Content needs to be visually appealing for an audience to be captivated so you can have enough time to make your sales pitch. Here are some ways marketers get the attention of the audience. 

  • Relatable Content – Designing the ad to be relatable to your audience is also a way to catch their attention. Good content with an amazing story that people can empathize with is effective content. 
  • Dynamic Elements – Adding animation and dynamic content like videos and other elements in motion can help get people’s attention. The deal with this strategy though is that people’s attention you capture in this way often doesn’t last so you need to reinforce it with another element to keep their eyes on the screen. 
  • Vibrant and High-Resolution Content – When content looks vibrant and features a high-resolution quality, all the elements displayed on the screen look realistic to the human eyes. This means that people often get lost in the content thinking about how real it looks, capturing the audience’s attention like a Venus flytrap. 

2. Employing Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising refers to a marketing strategy where the commercials and ads are structured according to the personality of the target audience including the following:

  • Audience interest
  • Audience traits and personalities
  • Audience preferences

The challenging part in this aspect is that you need to know the customer profiles like the back of your hand. Targeted advertising is the key to saying YES to the question, “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business?” You can either use localized or personalized content, depending on your needs and preferences. 

3. Real-time Marketing Communication

When you use real-time messaging, you get your audience’s attention right here, right now. You can effectively employ this in your outdoor LED display by choosing to show content relevant and connected to the time of the day. This means that you program a content in the morning and a different one at night. You can also choose to show content designed for weekdays and commercials designed for the weekends.  

4. Interactive Features On Display

Besides dynamic elements, you can also add interactive elements in your display. Make the most of the modern innovations of display technologies and showcase them by relying on displays with interactive features that can further get your audience’s attention. Here are the elements that can increase your content’s engagement with your target audience:

  • Call to action – a marketing tool that seems to call people’s attention to doing something 
  • Audio-visual elements – adding sounds to your video commercial will definitely make heads turn. Make it loud and make it catchy. 
  • Touchscreen capability – People just can’t help but touch anything touch-screen. This may be due to people’s use of smartphones today or they just can’t help themselves. This means if you add a touch-screen capability to your outdoor LED business signs, people won’t be able to ignore it and just walk by. They will stop and touch.  

How To Achieve Success Using Outdoor LED Signs

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Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Yes. However, you need to know the tricks that can have positive effects on your enterprise. To serve as your guide, here is a step-by-step process you can use to guarantee success in your marketing endeavors. 

Setting SMART Objectives

SMART is an abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. When you list down your marketing objectives, make sure that your goals can be described as SMART. This will help you monitor your performance better and have clear goals on what you need to work for. 

Set specific and clear goals like having 100 new customers this month or increasing the revenue by 10% after 6 months. Having specific goals will help you have a clearer vision of what actions to take. 

Creating a Comprehensive Strategy

Once you’ve stated your goals, the next step is to create a comprehensive strategy you can follow. In this stage, working with your team and brainstorming ideas are the best actions to take. Having a clear strategy can also guide you in your decisions as you go along with your plans. 

Conduct the Necessary Tests

Make testing a standard operating procedure you follow to make sure that you’re getting a clear look at what’s currently happening. In working with advertising campaigns, you need to conduct A/B tests and location tests. 

The former refers to split testing or creating several versions of the content and trying out which ones work better and which ones the target audience likes more. The latter simply refers to testing the ads in different locations and finding out which areas welcome the ad more than others. 

Implement Improvements

After the testing and once you’ve gathered the necessary data, the next thing to do is to apply what you’ve learned from the tests and make the necessary improvements. This is when you’ll use the best version of the content proven by the split test and display it in the area where many welcomed the commercial the most. 

Target Audience Feedback

How can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Your target audience can easily anc clearly tell you the answer to that question. Ask the audience for feedback about the commercial and make sure to take note of what they think and how they perceive the ads. Here are some tools you can employ to get feedback:

  • Surveys
  • Online forms
  • Online polls
  • Quick interviews

How To Know If Your Outdoor LED Signs Are Effective

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Metrics are the tools marketers use to measure if a specific marketing strategy is effective or not. In some ways, it is an indirect way to answer the question, “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business?” 

Here are the metrics you can use to assess whether your LED signs are effectively working in your favor or not. 

Audience Reach

This refers to the number of people who were able to see the content and commercials you’ve displayed out there. While technically you cannot tell the exact number of people who saw your outdoor LED business signs, you can have a general value based on percentages and foot traffic near the area where the display is installed. 


This pertains to the actual reactions your audience did as a result of your commercial. If we’re talking about the call to action, conversion refers to the actual action taken. Whether your message requires attendance, registrations, or purchases, high conversion means that your content was effective enough to make your audience move. 

Engagement Level

The engagement level refers to the intensity of the interaction between the audience and the business. This can be in the form of questions or comments about the content. If the commercial is about a new product, this can be through the number of queries per day. A high engagement level means a high probability of conversion. 

Return on Investment

Return on Investment or ROIs proved the answer to the question, “Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business?” Basically, it refers to the monetary return of your investment due to the success of your commercial. This is in the form of the excess after you take out the advertising spending from the sales revenue. 


This pertains to how visible and easily your outdoor LED display can be seen. If your commercial has high visibility, there’s also a high chance for conversion and success. This is why many use strategic places to showcase their marketing spectaculars like New York’s Times Square or the Shinjuku Crossing. 


Let’s get the facts straight. Can outdoor LED signs really attract more business? Definitely YES. There are so many potential marketing strategies you can employ to make the most of your LED outdoor business signs and use them to your advantage. 

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