Nike is a sports apparel powerhouse that frolics in major leagues, from NBA to FIFA. The brand has established a strong foundation in different sports and communities that made it popular worldwide. It’s also one of the reasons why Nike 3D billboards popularly captivate people, from its positive reputation to its iconic branding. 

Technological development added and contributed to the company’s excellent approach to marketing. While it already has a good image, with the entire world serving as its market, Nike needs a spectacular that can get the world’s attention. One of the tools that can make this possible is a jaw-dropping and eye-staring billboard equipped with naked-eye 3D technology that will make the content look so realistic you’ll doubt your own eyes. 

If you want to learn more about Nike and its handle on 3D billboards, you can explore how these marketing stunts help the company remain on the top. With the pressure of greatness, it is compelled to use an effective tool that can help the company compete in the fierce market. 

What is a Nike 3D Billboard? 

A Nike 3D billboard refers to Nike’s take on this fast-advancing marketing tool. The out-of-home (OOH) advertising started with traditional displays, which later turned into digital LED billboards, finally transforming into the naked-eye 3D billboards that Nike loves to dabble with. 

Many Nike 3D billboards are created to launch new products massively and spectacularly. The company wants to introduce its products with a bang, garnering as much attention as possible all in one go. And this can only be possible through an effective and interesting 3D billboard. 

Nike produces billboards that offer the world an immersive experience and can be counted as some of the most innovative advertisements ever produced. One of which is the launching of Nike’s Air Series, designed by renowned innovator Kouta Iguchi and the creative team Cekai. Its content is added with a bit of Japanese culture with the addition of the Shinjuku cat. 

What makes Nike 3D Billboard Displays stand out?

Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab
Louis Vuitton x NIKE 3D Collab

Nike 3D billboards are designed to stand out to be able to compete in the world market. With this in mind, the company tailored its marketing spectaculars with several elements that can make them stand out, making it effectively draw huge crowds and become unforgettable in the city skylines. Some of these elements are the following. 

Advanced Technology

One thing that makes the 3D billboards from Nike effective is the technology that powers everything. Naked-eye 3D technology offers a unique and enjoyable experience to viewers, considering the realistic and unique images it produces. It simply shows 3D videos without the need to use special glasses 

The technology works in a way where two frames are rapidly shown and alternated to produce images that will cater to the left and right eyes. In this way, when the image is seen, you will see as if the object is real. The same inner working is responsible for making it possible to produce 3D images even without the use of the 3D glasses often given in 


Nike 3D billboards are structured to be massive. They are designed to be seen from far away, increasing the market easily. The large size of these marketing tools makes it possible to view them without needing to come near the installation. Besides that, the massive size also seems like proof of grandeur and branding for Nike, boosting the company’s reputation to remain at the top of the industry.


Another factor that makes these 3D billboards stand up is the content they show. The videos break the fourth wall, making it seem like you can touch everything you see on the screen. This type of content screams for attention and will get just that. Eye-catching and interesting content will make a mark on everyone’s mind, which is exactly what Nike wants to happen when using these marketing spectaculars. Much more, if they garner enough attention, they can get on to social media platforms and even rise to more popularity. 

Vibrant Colors

Nike 3D billboards showcase vivid and vibrant colors and display content that is easy on the eyes and can quickly get people’s attention. The more colorful the content is, the more likely it is to gather people and attention. And Nike’s 3D billboards offer some of the most colorful content with varied and vibrant shades. 


Another important element that Nike was able to consider excellently is the location of the marketing spectaculars. These are two of the most strategic locations that can be considered all over the world:

  • Japan – Japan is one of the best locations to put 3D billboards in. Nike knows this fact, which is why it has a 3D advertising billboard installed just outside of the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. 
  • China – Nike also considers China a good place to put in their 3D billboards. The company installed one in Hangzhou, specifically in the West Lake District. It is considered as Hangzhou’s very first double-screened 3D LED screen. 

Most Popular Nike 3D Billboard Displays

When learning all about Nike 3D billboards, you will have to consider the most popular ones that the company has produced throughout the years. When it comes to effectiveness, market reach, and visual appeal, these are the two most popular 3D billboards from this sports apparel corporation. 

Nike 3D Billboard – Air MAX Day 2022 3D Billboard in Shinjuku

Nike 3D Billboard - Nike Air Max in Shinjuku
Nike Air Max – 3D LED Shinjuku

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the company tagged 2022 Air MAX Day, Nike installed a massive naked-eye 3D billboard spectacle in Shinjuku, Tokyo. With the creative inputs of Olympics designer Kouta Iguchi and genius team Cekai, Nike brings to life this 150 square meters curved digital screen that covers the Cross Shinjuku building. 

The 30-second 3D presentation features several Air Max shoes displayed in succession, showcasing different colors and details, starting with the iconic orange model. The shoes seem to float in the air and burst from the billboard,  making them appear more real. The advertising spectacle then ends with a cat snatching the Nike shoebox and making it his. 

Nike 3D Billboard – 2023 MAX to the Extreme Event 3D Billboard in Hangzhou

China 3D Billboard - 3D Wall
China 3D Billboard – 2023 Nike Air Max Day

The Nike 3D billboard in Hangzhou, China, was designed and dedicated for the 2023 Air MAX Day. The event uses the tagline MAX to the Extreme, and this was shown in how the advertising screen was designed. 

This Nike billboard was installed in the West Lake District intersection in an L-shaped digital ensemble that spans around 1,000 square meters. The naked-eye 3D billboard features a 4K HD resolution, where the images look more vivid and detailed. 

Why Did Nike Choose 3D Billboards for Their Marketing Stunts?

Nike chose 3D billboards for their big events like the company’s anniversary celebration. This marketing tool becomes the best option since the company wants to stay as visible as possible and prove its rank and reputation to the world. 

Much more than the market reach and the head-turning content and technology, not all companies can successfully curate 3D billboards, especially since it requires a lot of money. This is a nod to Nike’s financial prowess and its bold move to invest in its marketing and advertising endeavors. In summary, though, there are the reasons why a renowned company like Nike chooses 3D billboards for their spectaculars:

  • Life-like visual effects and content
  • Powerful branding material
  • Easy-to-manage displays and content
  • Produces wow factor for viewers
  • Delivers advanced technology unseen before


Nike 3D billboards can be found in the countries of Japan and China. Despite the location, their popularity extends beyond these countries. The stunning visual content makes these 3D displays popular all over the world. They easily capture the world’s interest and offer an immersively fun experience that makes a significant mark in the minds of the market. 

Most of the best 3D billboards from the company are prepared for grand events, including Tokyo’s 2022 Air MAX Day 3D billboard and Hangzhou’s 2023 MAX to the Extreme Air Max Day.

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