Times Square is more than just a popular tourist spot but a major advertising power in New York. The 3D billboard Time Square often releases causes quite a stir in the crowd because of the brightness and vividness these screens offer.

Located at a crossroad in Manhattan where Broadway and West 42nd Street meet, Times Square features some of the best 3D billboards the world has ever known. It’s not surprising that companies and advertisers choose this location, considering it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, with around 174 million visitors recorded annually. 

If you’re pondering about having your marketing stunt displayed on one of the billboards on the Times Square skyline, make sure you have all the basic facts about it. 

9 Most Popular 3D Billboard Time Square Features

Times Square showcased some of the most creative and realistic 3D billboards ever produced. The 3D billboard Time Square can ensure high exposure to the market and possibly faster and higher ROI for companies. Here are some you can model and mimic to give you a view of the best 3D billboards released in this popular tourist spot. 

1. Balenciaga x Fortnite 

OOH Advertising Examples - Balenciaga
OOH Advertising Examples – Balenciaga & Fortnite Collaboration

Balenciaga and Fortnite collaborate to produce an eye-catching 3D billboard to capture the interest of gamers and high-end fashionistas alike. Set at the center of Times Square, the OOH advertisement features Doggo, a well-loved dog character in the game Fortnite. Doggo shows his fashionable side by wearing a stylish hoodie and sunglasses from Balenciaga so for those who love the game and the high-end brand, this 3D billboard will make you stare. 

2. BMW XM Series

3D Billboard Time Square - BMW
3D Billboard Time Square – BMW

Big shot car company BMW launched its newest and most powerful car series, the BMW XM Series, through a massive and trendy 3D billboard. In the history of the 3D billboard Time Square offers, this project claims to be the first in terms of automotive animation. It measures around fourteen thousand square feet, making the entire ensemble easy to see for everyone passing by. Installed on top of the 47th Street’s Edition Hotel, it features the newest car model getting out of the garage and driving smoothly on the road. 

3. House of the Dragon

3D Billboard - House of Dragon
3D Billboard – House of Dragon

Game of Thrones garnered so much attention because of its high-quality and realistic cinematography. This is passed on to its prequel, “House of the Dragon.” This amazing animation and cinematography is used on a 3D billboard in Times Square to promote the new exciting series. The massive OOH billboard will take you to Westeros with a realistic dragon coming your way. The creature will definitely make you want to watch the series soon. 

4. Tiger

3D Billboard Time Square - Tiger
3D Billboard Time Square – Tiger

Sometimes, 3D billboards are created just to entertain more than to promote a product or service. This is the face of the popular tiger 3D billboard. In this display, the tiger jumps in front of the screen, breaking dimensions and making the animal look more realistic. The content ends with a line that motivates people to break the rules. That’s a fitting saying for 3D billboards. 

5. Splash

3D Billboard Time Square - Splash
3D Billboard Time Square – Splash

Another stunning addition to the Times Square skyline features a gigantic splash. The animation seems to boast the technology used in the 3D billboard, showcasing the best that can be done with 3D effects. The realistic splash offers an impressive natural sight that stops people from walking. 

6. Coca Cola

3D Billboard - Coca-Cola's First & Largest
3D Billboard – Coca-Cola’s First & Largest

In this Coca-Cola spectacular, the 3D billboard Time Square shows includes a captivating digital story that’s claimed to be the first of its kind. Following its robotic billboard that’s also the first of its kind, the brand aims to differentiate itself from other companies through these spectaculars. It uses a total of 1,760 LED mobile modules that allow the entire ensemble to perform as it is programmed to do so. The massive LED billboard measures 68 x 42 feet. 

7. Rayban

3D Billboard Time Square - Rayban
3D Billboard Time Square – Rayban

Created by FotoFetch, this Rayban 3D billboard can be found on the corner of the street in Times Square. It provides the attention that the brand needs to increase revenues and market reach  

8. Spider-Man

3D Billboard Time Square - Spider-Man
3D Billboard Time Square – Spider-Man

Another masterpiece 3D billboard Time Square features is the one showcases Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse. While the animation looks a bit 2D in style, the entire ensemble is immersive where you feel like Miles Morales, the movie’s protagonist, is swinging towards you and getting out of the billboard. It makes viewers curious if the movie offers the same fun viewing experience.  

9. Lion

3D Billboard Time Square - Lion
3D Billboard Time Square – Lion

This Times Square 3D billboard features the king of the jungle, looking bored at first. The animal suddenly bursts out and roars, surprising the pedestrians and everyone passing through the street. The lion looks like it’s coming out of the screen, making it look more majestic and scary at the same time.

What Is the Biggest Billboard in Times Square?

The biggest billboard in Times Square sits on the entire block separating Broadway from 45th to 46th Street. It measures around 23 meters tall and 100 meters long. The billboard is also interactive so you can expect the content to be vivid and realistic. 

How Much for Billboard in Times Square?

When setting up a 3D billboard Time Square will showcase, expect to shell out a bit of money, especially since you’re dealing with a popular tourist spot in New York City known for its bright LED billboards. The cost ranges from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on several factors including the following:

  • Type of content/media
  • Location
  • Length of the content

Compared to traditional and standard LED billboards, 3D billboards in Times Square are more expensive. To give you a more specific rate to prepare for what you need to spend, make sure you have $5,000 to $25,000 to use a 3D billboard in 1 to 3 days. 

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Billboard in Times Square?

3D Billboard - Netflix Army of the Dead
3D Billboard – Netflix Army of the Dead

Besides the rates of the billboards in Times Square, there are other elements that you’ll need to take into account. The 3D billboard Time Square features can mimic 3D animation without the need for viewers to use tools like 3D glasses. To make this possible though, you need to complete all the elements that will make the ensemble successful. Some of these elements are the following:

Screen Sizes

The bigger the screen, the more expensive it is. It also means that it requires more effort in terms of installation and maintenance. The content also needs to be accommodated and considered for the entire image or video not to look forced or weird. 

3D Content

If you’re choosing 3D content, bear in mind that it takes much more preparation than other types of content you can showcase. The entire process of the content creation will require deciding on some of the technical aspects of it, including the type of 3D content to use (you have the option that include anime, cartoon, mechanical, and modern 3D content). The 3D content type decides the pricing, resolution, and other technical specifications of the entire project. 

It’s sufficient to say that creating this content is difficult and will require a team of creatives to pull through. Besides the technical side of the project, you will also have to think of the actual content and what information you want to show on the billboard in an impressive and jaw-dropping manner. 


In the 3D billboard Time Square shows, it is necessary to consider the location. Angles are highly relevant in 3D content because of two things – market reach and maximum visibility. You won’t have a problem with market reach when the billboard is installed in a highly populous area like Times Square. A 3D billboard needs to have a reasonable viewing distance and at a right angle to deliver maximum visibility of the 3D content. 

Environmental Factors

Lighting will play a part in the success of your 3D billboard but so are other environmental factors like the time of the day and even the weather. Depending on the effects added to the 3D content, some can be better seen at night or during the day. If your content features high-contrast colors, schedule its viewing during the day. If it has softer tones like pastel, viewing at night works better. 


The 3D billboard Time Square offers comes in a variety of types, many of which are designed and funded by well-known brands wanting to promote their companies. The location itself is an advertising gold mine that boasts a high market exposure rate and promises high yields and fast ROIs. If you want your 3D billboard to be noticed by the world, Times Square is one of the best locations to have it.

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