Cities and roads have upgraded so much in recent years that you won’t be able to say they’re the same places you’ve been to. Massive billboards are dominating the city skylines and pole LED displays can be found on the sides of the roads. It’s quite different from the familiar roads that are only filled with light posts. 

All of these pole display setups elevate the aesthetics of the streets and the cities they carry them. The areas where they are installed become sights people love to see. But it’s not just about aesthetics and if you want to check out if they can be useful for you, personally, for work, or for your company, the best move to make is to explore what it’s all about. 

In understanding street pole LED displays, it is necessary to start with what it is and the different features that make them valuable to the people.

What are Pole LED Displays

A pole LED display is a type of LED screen seen in the city skyline, particularly on the streets. These electronic displays are often mounted on light poles, which are often found in public and private locations, including scenic areas, parks, schools, and urban streets. This means that technically, these LED displays are outdoor screens and structured for outdoor operation. 

There are two types of street pole LED displays that you can check out, including the traditional type and the smart type. You just have to decide which one can cater to your needs better. 

Features of Pole LED Displays

Street pole LED displays became a unique and innovative addition to the general LED display portfolio. Here are some of the fantastic features of this type of LED display.

Modular Design

Pole LED displays have a modular design that makes them easy to assemble and install, as well as easy to disassemble. They are designed for convenience in installation and maintenance without having to sacrifice their quality and the aesthetics they provide. 

Multi-functional Operation

Pole LED displays are multi-functional and depending on the type you’re using, one can have more functions than the other. The strength of these LED displays comes from the fact that they are highly programmable with concurrent tasks, depending on what you want them to work on. 

Here are some of the functions that pole LED displays can operate on:

  • Playing audio and video content for advertising and promotions
  • Supervise temperature and environmental changes (Humidity, air quality, and wind speed)
  • Real-time monitoring of road condition
  • Effective and swift information distribution

Adjustable Brightness

The LED screens installed on the poles are often integrated with an automatic brightness adjustment, where the screens can change their own brightness depending on the environment. Because of this feature, the pole LED displays are guaranteed to always display high-quality and clear images. 

Durable Structure and Composition

Pole LED displays are outdoor LED screens, which means that they are designed to have incredible durability and strong structure. It has excellent protection against external elements and weathering elements. This protection built includes the following:

  • Standardized modules
  • Strong anti-aging galvanized sheet
  • Dust and water resistance (IP65 waterproof level)
  • Stable and durable
  • Uninterrupted operation (24/7)

Wireless and Remote Cluster Control

These LED screens can be controlled through the remote cluster, which means that they can be managed remotely using a 4G or 5G mobile network. And the distance from the LED screens does not matter. 

A street pole LED display is easy to operate so you won’t need to hire a technician to work on the pole LED displays. And you can operate it using the familiarity of your own mobile phone. 

Environmental Detection Sensors

The different environmental features integrated into the pole LED displays are some of the most useful and advanced sensors today. Here are some of the elements that these displays detect and monitor:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Combustible gas
  • Humidity 
  • Temperature

All of these elements can tell you the current weather conditions in that location, which can be helpful to people’s way of living in the area. 

These street pole LED displays also have their own smart cooling system, which often comes with a cooling system and a fan. They also have excellent heat dissipation, which is how they are able to function even with intense weather conditions.  

Conventional Pole LED Display Vs. Smart Pole LED Display

The two major types of pole LED displays are conventional and smart pole LED displays. They differ from each other not in terms of look and structure but in terms of functionality and features. Their prices are also different from each other. 

To find which one will help you the most, checking out their function and features in a more in-depth way is the best move to make. 

Conventional Pole LED Display

A conventional pole LED display is the type that’s used for displaying images and videos, whether for simple information dissemination or for marketing promotions. The displays are guaranteed to be durable and energy-efficient, as well as powerful communication and power supply systems. The pole LED display is also high-quality and is bright enough to function even under intense sunlight. 

Smart Pole LED Display

A smart pole LED display boasts intelligent features and functionalities you won’t find in the conventional one. It is an upgrade of the conventional and offers additional features, including the following:

  • Environmental Detection (Wind speed and direction, humidity, and temperature) that monitors the real-time condition of the surroundings
  • Provides customer feedback and reactions
  • Video monitoring
  • Charging pile
  • Smart lighting
  • Information exchange

How to Set Up a Pole Display

In setting up a pole LED display, the first thing you need to do is gather all of the parts you will need to install the screen. Besides the LED modules, make sure you find the designated pole and the cabinet that protects the screen. Count the screws if they are complete too. The good thing is that the parts are often made from lightweight material, making them easier to install.

First, carefully mount the LED display onto the pole. Once it’s stable and you’re sure it won’t fall, locate the cables and connect the screen to the power supply. Connect the display to the computer or mobile phone, whichever device you choose to remotely control the screens. Turn it on and make sure it’s properly connected. Set up the content you want to show and program the details you want for its operation. 

How to Choose the Right Pole Display for Your Needs

In deciding if the pole LED display is a good investment for you, check out if you need it in the first place. These displays are more advanced and so they’re expected to be more expensive too. There are three basic applications for this kind of display and it involves schools, smart cities, and scenic areas. If you are organizing something within the vicinity of these locations then it might be worth considering. 

Once you’ve set your sights on these LED displays, here are some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing them:

  • Conventional vs. Smart pole LED display
  • Credibility and reputation of the provider/supplier
  • Quality of the pole LED display
  • Location of the installation 
  • Distance of the supplier to your location
  • The size of the pole LED displays
  • High brightness levels
  • Durable with IP65 protection 
  • Must be supported by remote cluster control


Pole LED display screens are definitely a sign of a smart urban city. These displays, particularly the smart LED displays, are a major upgrade from the standard LED screens, especially due to their multi-functions. More than just providing details, these displays crunch data gathered through sensors and provide appropriate feedback that can be helpful for everyone. It’s definitely worth investing in just looking at this specific feature. More than that, they are also designed to stand the test of time, as well as the effects of weather elements outdoors. So they can also be a cost-effective purchase on your part.

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