Outdoor advertising companies in UK

Best Outdoor Advertising Companies in UK

The best outdoor advertising companies in UK must provide you with the necessary advertising services that can bring your business forward. You must also choose a provider that you can afford but still can deliver the best outdoor advertising service for your needs. Let’s explore the list of the top outdoor advertisers in UK.

Finding the best outdoor advertising companies in UK
United Kingdom

JCDecaux UK


Headquarters: Paris, France (with sales office in London)

Contact Number: +44 (0)20 7298 8000

Email: [email protected]

  • Public advertising through bicycles, public benches, and bus shelters
  • Advertising through public transportation like rail, buses, and trams
  • Billboard advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Advertising for smart cities

Founded in 1964 by Jean-Claude Decaux, JCDecaux is a popular name in outdoor advertising. Celebrated for creating street furniture for advertising, the firm has been developing its products to incorporate other creative ideas for cities and business districts. JCDecaux’s business strategy centers on offering free or low-cost public services such as bus shelters and self-service bicycles. Cities, citizens, and marketers all gain from this original strategy. Having a presence in more than 80 countries, JCDecaux reaches an audience of 850 million people every day by using its large network to create powerful advertising campaigns. The company’s dedication to sustainable growth and ongoing innovation has confirmed its major influence in the worldwide advertising sector.​​

Clear Channel UK

Clear Channel logo

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: +44 (0)20 7482 3000

Email: [email protected]

  • Digital out-of-home advertising
  • Traditional advertising through billboards
  • Custom advertising solutions
  • Public advertising through shelters and phone kiosks

Having more than 33,000 spots throughout the country, Clear Channel UK is one of the top suppliers of out-of-home (OOH) advertising in the UK. From classic billboards and bus shelters to innovative digital displays and programmatic advertising systems, Clear Channel provides a different of advertising options. Clear Channel works with local authorities and commercial landlords to provide not just good advertising venues but also useful public infrastructure such as bus shelters and phone kiosks, usually improved by green projects, including living roofs. Clear Channel keeps changing to meet the demands of advertisers and communities, guaranteeing maximum exposure and effect for brands by emphasizing sustainability and creativity. The company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and technical development confirms its major influence in the OOH advertising sector.

Global Media Entertainment

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: 0333 200 6000

Email: N/A

  • Radio advertising (Heart Radio, Classic FM, Capital FM)
  • Outdoor advertising in airports and roadsides
  • Digital advertising

Known for its popularity in radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising, Global is a top media and entertainment company in the UK. Globally, reaching over 51 million people every week via its radio stations and outdoor media, Global is very visible in the UK and Europe. The company’s radio brands—Heart, Capital, and Smooth—offer a range of music and conversation shows. Apart from radio, Global’s outdoor advertising covers approximately 95% of the UK population via its extensive network of digital and conventional advertising locations. Dedicated to creativity and public involvement, Global remains a top competitor in the media scene.

Ocean Outdoor

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: +44 (0)20 7292 6161

Email: [email protected]

Established in 2005, Ocean Outdoor has expanded quickly and became a popular name in the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising industry. Piccadilly Lights and the BFI IMAX are among Ocean Outdoor’s portfolio. Their creative ideas, such as Augmented Reality advertising and DeepScreenTM 3D, differentiate them in the market by giving customers rich and interesting experiences. Vehicle Detection Technology is one of the cutting-edge technologies that are not only aesthetically appealing but also helpful in their advertising campaigns. The firm is committed to stretching the frontiers of outdoor advertising and they always crave fresh creative ideas.

75 Media

Headquarters: Leeds, UK

Contact Number: 0113 357 2111

Email: [email protected]

  • 48 and 96 sheet paper billboards used in traditional and digital roadside billboards
  • D48 network for high-impact digital displays
  • Panoramic D96 panels for bigger sizes.
  • DM6 and RISE+ digital billboards in high-traffic region
  • OOH planning platform called BOB, which provides real-time access to their whole portfolio for effective campaign planning and optimization.

UK-based 75Media specializes in both classic and digital roadside billboards. Originally founded with a goal of transforming out-of-home (OOH) advertising, 75Media has quickly grown to include different kinds of advertising solutions and different clients. From tiny enterprises to global brands, the firm serves a large base of customers, assisting them to use OOH advertising to reach large audiences. Known for its creative approach, 75Media includes cutting-edge technology in its products, including its BOB planning tool, which improves monitoring and campaign efficacy. Dedicated to community involvement and sustainability, 75Media stresses ecologically friendly processes and culture as well. As a leading choice in the OOH advertising sector, their strategic placements and high-impact designs guarantee optimum exposure and interaction for advertisers.

Exterion Media

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: +44 (0) 800 80 85 619

Email: [email protected]

  • Traditional billboards, digital displays, and transport advertising.
  • Iconic buses, national railways, city subways, and transit shelters throughout the UK.
  • Advertising through street furniture and retail environments, enhancing visibility for brands in high-traffic areas.
  • Digital Out of Home (DOOH) technologies to deliver dynamic and interactive advertising campaigns.

Established in 1911, Exterion Media is now a key player in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising sector. With its headquarters in London, the firm is well-known for its wide range of conventional and digital-oriented advertising campaigns. Exterion Media efficiently reaches a large and valued audience as it is highly visible in large cities and expansive transportation systems. Their creative approach consists of using the most recent digital technologies to create interesting and powerful advertising environments. From small companies to international brands, Exterion Media serves a wide a large customer base, helping them establish meaningful relationships with consumers. Dedicated to quality, the firm keeps setting market benchmarks for efficiency and excellence in OOH advertising.


Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: N/A

Email: [email protected]

  • Out of Home (OOH) advertising solutions
  • Conventional and digital billboards
  • Audience data and analytics
  • Nifty Picnic, a creative community meant to support original advertising ideas.

Founded more than thirty years ago, Posterscope is the first dedicated Out of Home (OOH) agency and is still one of the well-known names in the advertising scene. By carefully arranging commercials where people are most likely to engage, the firm specializes in enabling companies to have an impact on audiences. Their understanding of human behavior helps Posterscope guarantee that advertising efforts are both powerful and relevant to the customer’s audience. By using sophisticated data and analytics to maximize performance, they are driven to provide exact and efficient OOH solutions. Posterscope’s creative style and dedication to quality have brought them several honors, therefore confirming their leadership in the OOH advertising industry.​​


Headquarters: Florida, US

Contact Number: (800) 296-7104

Email: [email protected]

  • Search advertising using first-party data to drive performance 
  • Native advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping feed advertising for product exposure

As one of the best advertising companies globally, AdMedia works with companies and around 200 million US consumers and even reaches the UK. AdMedia provides a suite of services meant to bring a good return on investment for advertisers. Their solutions provide thorough coverage throughout digital media by spanning search, native, contextual, mobile, and video advertising. Innovative technologies from AdMedia, including its DSP and DMP, provide sophisticated targeting and optimization power. AdMedia creates high-performance programs that stimulate company development by working with leading publishers and keeping rigorous brand safety standards. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and ongoing development helps to confirm its leadership in the digital advertising sector.​​​​

Retail Media Group

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: 020 7291 6200

Email: [email protected]

  • Advertising through rolley panels 
  • Digital basket displays
  • High-impact point-of-sale advertising through digital 6-sheet (D6) displays.

Leader in the retail media market in the United Kingdom, Retail Media Group specializes in matching businesses with consumers using creative and effective advertising approaches. Having more than two decades of expertise, the firm works with media agencies, big UK stores, and brand marketers to create successful campaigns that best use physical and digital retail media. Designed to grab consumer attention and boost sales, its vast network consists of trolley panels, digital basket displays, and point-of-sale D6 screens. Many well-known businesses have trusted Retail Media Group because of their dedication to great compliance and outstanding service, which guarantees effective and quick advertising tactics.

Out of Hand Advertising

out of hand LOGO

Headquarters: Bristol, UK

Contact Number: 0117 953 6363

Email[email protected]

  • Site takeovers for complete advertising
  • Wall murals and hand-painted ads in busy places.
  • Digital panels for vibrant advertising choices 
  • On-site outdoor posters for celebrations

Established in the middle of the 1990s, Out of Hand Ltd. has strong roots in the arts, music, and cultural sectors providing competent, reasonably priced, and energetic advertising solutions. The firm specializes in outdoor advertising, print, design, and distribution services. Out of Hand Ltd., with more than 20 years of expertise, has created a large network of approved outdoor advertising locations throughout the South West and South Wales in place of unlawful flyposting. Their creative approach and dedication to excellent service have earned them confidence for many campaigns, therefore guaranteeing effective and powerful outdoor advertising techniques.

Priority Outdoor

Headquarters: Manchester, UK

Contact Number: 0330 133 2244

Email: [email protected]

  • Conventional and digital billboard advertising, including 48-sheet and 96-sheet billboards for high-profile, large-scale campaigns.
  • Mega 6 sheet billboards designed for arterial highways 
  • Mobile billboards, anamorphic 3D projections, and digital advertising screens

Leading UK billboard advertising company Priority Outdoor specializes in both conventional and digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions. Designed to provide powerful advertising techniques, the business guarantees broad exposure and audience involvement via carefully positioned billboards all throughout the country. Priority Outdoor specializes in developing high-impact campaigns by using a variety of advertising tools such as traditional billboards to state-of-the-art computer displays. Their knowledge of campaign planning enables customers to properly target certain areas or get national reach. Priority Outdoor always innovates to fit the changing advertising scene and provides unique and tailored solutions for companies based on a dedication to invention and customer success. Priority Outdoor is a reliable partner for strong outdoor advertising as its famous advertising sites, such as Piccadilly Lights, provide unmatched exposure and reputation.

City Outdoor

City Outdoor logo

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: N/A

Email: [email protected]

  • Large-format outdoor advertising and premium digital platforms
  • The Shoreditch Canvas, which consists of three separate banners covering a center portrait screen
  • A primary screen surrounded by 25 smaller satellite displays for creative possibilities, the Old Street Digital Canvas
  • Manchester’s Deansgate Tower, a top advertising location connecting to the city center commercial areas

City Outdoor Media is a UK-based outdoor advertising company that uses different kinds of advertising techniques to cater to different uses. The firm uses premium sites to provide strong digital advertising tools that efficiently link companies with their target markets. Focusing on high-value locations such as The Deansgate Tower in Manchester, The Shoreditch Canvas, and The Old Street Digital Canvas in London. City Outdoor Media guarantees the best visibility and interaction with your target market. By emphasizing innovation and premium ad placements, the organization helps companies have notable success with outdoor advertising. City Outdoor Media is leading in providing successful and unforgettable outdoor advertising campaigns by giving strategic site selection and creative possibilities priority.

Limited Space

Limited Space logo

Headquarters: Dorset, UK

Contact Number: +44 (0) 1202 708 884

Email: [email protected]

  • Digital media solutions, including the Orbit platform
  • Adlift, an advertising style incorporated into lift doors of retail buildings
  • Classic stationary banners in important retail locations and panoramic digital banners
  • Digital 6-sheet (D6) displays

Limited Space is a leading advertising company focused on retail and leisure destination advertising. The company focuses on connecting companies with customers in different ways. Dynamic digital platforms like Orbit and Adlift are meant to grab consumers’ attention in high-traffic retail areas. Top companies have trusted Limited Space because it is dedicated to providing excellent, innovative ideas that will get exposure and interaction. By emphasizing customer success and ongoing innovation, Limited Space stays at the top of the retail media sector, always changing to fit a dynamic market.​​​​ ​

Smart Outdoor

Headquarters: Boldon Colliery, UK

Contact Number: 0191 260 0403

Email: [email protected]

  • Large-format digital displays at 22 locations
  • Digital 6-sheet (D6) and digital 4-sheet (D4) displays are in high-traffic areas
  • Data-gathering technologies that can track foot and vehicle traffic

As one of the well-known names in digital out-of-home advertising, Smart Outdoor provides a variety of services combining cutting-edge technology with intelligent placements to create highly effective campaigns. Smart Outdoor runs huge format digital displays and fuel station forecourt screens all throughout the United Kingdom. By monitoring foot and vehicle traffic data, their modern technology enables exact audience targeting, therefore assuring that ads reach the target market at the correct moment. The company’s ongoing growth and application of digital advertising options clearly show its dedication to creativity and innovation. Smart Outdoor works directly with customers using a customer-centric strategy to create customized advertising plans that maximize involvement and provide outcomes. Their emphasis on sustainability and smart technology integration guarantees their continuous leadership in the evolving world of digital advertising.

Adverta Transport Advertising

Headquarters: North Yorkshire, UK

Contact Number: 01422 322255

Email: [email protected]

  • Bus advertising for Headliner, Bulkhead, Super Rear, Streetliner, and Twinliner advertisements among other forms.
  • Bus wraps and Super Edge commercials.
  • T-Side designs, tram wraps, 6-sheet posters, and tram advertising.
  • Automobile liveries and legal lettering customized graphic design and print services.

Established in the middle of the 1990s, Adverta is the only professional bus advertiser in the United Kingdom. To connect companies with on-the-job viewers, they provide complete outdoor advertising solutions including bus and tram advertisements. From headliners to whole bus wraps, Adverta guarantees outstanding ad exposure for companies throughout local, regional, and national markets. Their services include tram advertising, which is available in high-traffic locations in major cities, thoroughfares, and districts. Adverta’s dedication to excellence in the outdoor advertising sector—results-driven campaigns and quality—has helped them to establish themselves. Adverta keeps leading in the ever-changing field of outdoor advertising with a focus on creativity and customer satisfaction.

Kinetic Worldwide

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: N/A

Email: N/A

  • Digital and out-of- house (OOH) advertising solutions.
  • Data-gathering services for measurement, attribution, and analysis
  • Designing engaging, immersive, and unmissable events
  • QR code connections for simple customer involvement.

Kinetic is committed to transforming brand interactions with consumers through advertising that converts. Strongly focused on innovation and technology, Kinetic uses digital and programmatic technologies to provide very focused and powerful campaigns. Their knowledge covers strategic planning, audience analysis, and creative execution to make sure commercials not only reach but also connect with the target market. Kinetic helps companies evaluate the effects of their efforts and maximize better outcomes by using sophisticated measuring and attribution capabilities. The business is dedicated to ethical advertising and sustainability, therefore producing benefits for the environment and society. Kinetic, with offices in London, Manchester, and Harrogate, keep innovating on what’s feasible in OOH advertising, therefore they are a reliable partner for companies trying to produce significant events and stimulate economic development.

KBH On-Train Media

Headquarters: London, UK

Contact Number: 020 7207 5333

Email: [email protected]

  • Train advertising through Traincards 
  • Advertising at Ticket Gateways.
  • digital 6-sheets in movies 
  • Customized advertising solutions throughout many high-traffic areas.

Multiverse Event is an event management organization that offers planning and organizing services for business events, private events, and other types of events. They can handle a wide array of events depending on the client’s needsThrough smart advertising in certain areas like rail networks and theatres, KBH Group focuses on connecting companies with different kinds of audiences. Their knowledge of rail advertising spans creative ideas like Traincards and Ticket Gateways, which are meant to grab passenger interest throughout transit. Digital 6-sheets from KBH Group have a great effect in places with lots of foot traffic like in theaters. Originally founded with a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, KBH Group collaborates with customers to develop successful advertising plans that are appealing to their client’s target markets. Their commitment to using high-impact media channels guarantees firms to involve customers in significant ways, and therefore improving brand recognition. Strongly present in the UK, KBH Group keeps extending its products in response to changing advertising environment demands.


Headquarters: Poole, UK

Contact Number: 01202 670687

Email: [email protected]

  • Traditional and digital billboard advertising
  • Billboards at 48-sheet and 96-sheet styles
  • Imaginative design and printing services

Having over 20 years of industry expertise, Amplify Outdoor is an independent, family-run billboard advertising firm. Their area of expertise is offering local companies sensible and powerful advertising options. Amplify Outdoor guarantees maximum visibility and involvement for client initiatives utilizing a large network of carefully selected billboard sites. Their goal is to provide companies of all kinds—not just large corporations—access to high-impact outdoor advertising. Amplify Outdoor drives brand visibility and development by providing custom packages and creative assistance, therefore enabling companies to properly convey their message to a big audience. Their dedication to high-quality work and customer satisfaction has helped them to become a reliable partner in the outdoor advertising sector.


Headquarters: Cardiff, UK

Contact Number: +44 (0) 2920 100 888

Email: n/a

  • Content marketing, strategic communications, video creation, events management, and branding
  • Customized advertising campaigns for different kinds of customers

Known for its strategic thought, creative ideas, and commercial influence, Orchard is an integrated marketing firm that offers different kinds of advertising services for different needs. By using a mix of professional experience, creative ideas, and immersive experiences, they enable businesses to engage their consumers in unique ways that resonate with their client’s branding. Their offerings include strategic communications, content marketing, branding, video creation, and event management. Orchard works directly with customers using a team approach to grasp their goals, polish concepts, and carry out successful campaigns. Reputable customers including BBC, Airbus, British Gas, and Qatar Airways trust Orchard to regularly provide excellent and powerful marketing ideas. The agency’s dedication to strategic execution and originality guarantees that it will always be the leading edge in the marketing sector, therefore fostering significant client involvement and company development.​​​​ ​

Route Media

Route Media logo

Headquarters: Cardiff, UK

Contact Number: 02922 338813

Email: [email protected]

  • Digital and static out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions, including roadside digital screens and Digi Vans.
  • Event screens for large gatherings and brand ambassador billboards
  • Digital signage tailored to various environments like rail and bus advertising.
  • The company offers programmatic advertising to optimize ad placements and reach.

Route Media has the expertise in providing strong out-of-home advertising solutions that improve brand awareness and interaction. Their offering of both static and mobile solutions helps to meet different kinds of advertising requirements. Their offerings include Digi Vans, roadside digital displays, event screens, and digital signage—all positioned to catch heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The firm guarantees accurate market targeting and best ad effectiveness by using sophisticated programmatic advertising. Route Media is dedicated to provide its customers with successful advertising solutions that stimulate interest and provide a good return on investment. Working with a range of partners both in South and North Wales, they produce campaigns that appeal to viewers and improve brand recognition.

How To Pick the Best Outdoor Advertising Companies in UK

Choosing the best outdoor advertising company in the UK calls for careful evaluation of several factors to guarantee that your campaign reaches your target market successfully.

Knowing Your Target Market

First, know the demographics of your target and how you can reach them with advertising. For companies in large cities or business districts, digital displays or billboards in busy areas or places with high foot traffic are good starting points. For bigger campaigns, make use of important sites in big cities or national networks.

Analyzing Different Advertising Strategies

Analyze the many forms of outdoor advertising that are accessible: conventional billboards, digital screens, bus and tram advertisements, and experiential choices, including pop-up displays. While conventional billboards provide continual exposure, digital billboards deliver dynamic material and may be changed in real-time.

Determining Your Budget

Creating a budget is crucial in every decision you make. Create a budget and weigh several choices to determine your capability to afford advertising services. Many companies guarantee a high return on investment by offering custom packages appropriate for different budgets.

Thinking About Timing and Duration

Think about the timing and length of your campaign. Though shorter, focused bursts might be successful for certain events or promotions, longer campaigns usually give greater value and lasting impact. Additionally improving the quality of advertising and timing them to line seasonal patterns or high traffic times can yield a positive impact on the results.

Examining Provider Reputation

Consider the advertising provider’s reputation and track record. Search for businesses with strong customer endorsements and performance in your sector. An excellent service will give insightful analysis and help all through your campaign, therefore guaranteeing a strong and effective advertising plan.


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