LED displays have become an essential part of today’s everyday life, whether you’re watching a new NBA game at home or looking at a screen at the airport to check out if your flight has arrived. They can be considered as one of the gadgets that have become ubiquitous next to smartphones. In fact, by 2027, the micro-LED display global market is expected to total a smashing 71.8 billion US dollars. And yes, that’s just one fragment of the entire LED display market of the world and part of the product portfolio of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA

Top 10 LED Video Wall Suppliers in The USA

LED screens are now becoming incredible tools for marketing and advertising. LED video walls can be so massive that if you are planning for a catchy marketing stunt, you will need the best wall suppliers to assist you. A reliable LED display supplier can be the make or break factor for your project. You should find a supplier that can provide the exact LED video wall solution you need and can patiently and effectively cater to your requirements. 

You need to know which ones you can trust and avoid. To serve as a guide, here are the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. Explore each of these companies and decide which one is worth patronizing.

1. Daktronics

USA HeadquartersBrookings, South Dakota
Company Sitehttps://www.daktronics.com/en-us
Contact Nos.+18003258766 \ +1-6052751040 (Tel)+605-697-4700 (Fax)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsLED scoreboards & large-screen video displays

One of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA is Daktronics, a leading LED display solutions company in the country. Headquartered in South Dakota, this industry frontrunner has been operating since 1968 and was ranked by Forbes to be one of the top 100 companies in the country in 2012. 

Daktronics became popular for installing NYC Time Square’s Morgan Stanley Ticker display way back in 1995. Today, it operates with the support of 100 service partners and employs 385 technicians and field service staff in 100 countries worldwide. 

Daktronics can proudly be part of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA for catering to the market with high-quality products and solutions, including large LED displays, scoreboards, and programmable display systems. 


USA HeadquartersDuluth, Georgia
Company Sitehttps://www.formetco.com/
Contact No.+17704767000 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsLED digital billboards

FORMETCO is among the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the world. It is known for its advanced technology that it integrates into its high-quality LED products and solutions. It started at the same time as Daktronics in the year 1968 and since then has continuously made a name for itself as a reliable supplier. 

Formetco is well-known for producing outdoor billboards for advertising and marketing applications. Today, the company was able to install over 269,478 units in total. 

3. PixelFLEX

USA HeadquartersNashville, Tennessee
Company Sitehttps://pixelflexled.com
Contact No.+8009307954 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Key ProductsFLEXCurtainHD & FlexGrid

PixelFLEX is also considered one of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. UIt is a LED display supplier that operates globally and caters to both indoor and outdoor applications of the devices. The company has devoted its operations to the development and manufacture of LED technology and was able to introduce FlexCurtainHD, FlexLite, and FlexTile.

4. SiliconCORE Technology Inc.

USA HeadquartersMilpitas, California
Company Sitehttps://www.silicon-core.com/
Contact Nos.+1408946185 (Tel)+14089468979 (Fax)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsCommon cathode tech, semiconductor tech, & audio-visual manufacturing

SiliconCORE Technology Inc. is the next in the list of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. This LED display designer and manufacturer has become popular for the vibrancy and color quality of its screens. It was able to establish its footing in the industry by developing the standard cathode LED driver technology. 

SiliconCORE even accomplished the difficult task of using both 240 fps and true 16-bit colors in one product offer. The LED displays offered by the company are considered the best in the market and industry, in terms of life-like color quality and high visual dynamic range. 

5. Vanguard

USA HeadquartersLakeland, Florida
Company Sitehttps://vanguardled.com/
Contact Nos.+8772308787 (Tel)+8636079188 (Fax)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsLCD/LED displays

Established in 2012, Vanguard LED display was able to catch up to its competitors even though it started later than most and can easily be considered one of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. It was also named the Infocomm 2018’s Best Display Award, specifically the company’s Axion series. 

Vanguard is an all-American association that was able to push its way to the top despite being a younger company. It has successfully completed over 150 LED installations and offers its customers a 5-year warranty.

6. NanoLumens

USA HeadquartersNorcross, Georgia
Company Sitehttps://www.nanolumens.com/
Contact No.+8554658895 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsDigital LED displays

Another part of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA is the private American company NanoLumens. Established in 2006, the digital LED displayed designer and manufacturer was able to create high-quality LED billboards and flat panel screens. The company even offers an extra service of a 6-year zero-failure warranty. 

NanoLumens was responsible for developing the very first large-format flexible screen in the world thru NanoFlex112. This opened up many opportunities for the company to provide LED products and solutions for different customers and in a variety of application types. 

7. Barco

USA HeadquartersDuluth, Georgia
Company Sitehttps://www.barco.com
Contact No.+877-992-2726 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsDiagnostic displays, projectors, & other LED panels

Barco Visual Solutions is among the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. The company’s business reputation is highly notable since Barco is known to deliver awesome quality LED solutions and systems which pushed the company towards the global markets. It was even able to develop advanced technologies, which are integrated into its popular offers. Some of these offers are the Nio Fusion Diagnostic Displays, virtual classroom screens, and rear-projector video walls. 


USA HeadquartersBluffton, Indiana
Company Sitehttps://www.neoti.com/
Contact No.+8773563684 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsLED display in different industries

Another one of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA, Neoti is a leading LED display supplier well-known for developing, designing, manufacturing, and distributing products and solutions all over the United States. The company has been involved in different fields and industries, from broadcasting to education and corporate niches.

Neoti is a reliable supplier capable of structuring LED walls and solutions to fit your specific requirements. It also offers the chance to replace projectors with high-quality LED devices. The company’s staff is also notable for being patient and delivering incredible service to customers. 

9. American LED Display Solutions

USA HeadquartersNorth Little Rock, Arkansas
Company Sitehttps://www.americanledisplays.com/
Contact Nos.+3054205631 Ext.1003 (Tel)+7862289212 Ext.1003 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsFixed to flexible LED display

The American LED Display Solutions Corp. is another to be named as one of the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA. It became famous for introducing high-quality lamp beads to the market and then set its sight on LED displays. Some of the LED display offers include fixed and flexible LED screens, which are all UL American Standards-compliant. 

10. Prime LED USA

USA HeadquartersAnderson, South Carolina
Company Sitehttps//www.primeledusa.com
Contact No.+8644018535 (Tel)
Email Add.[email protected]
Standard ProductsQuality LED signage & billboards

Finally, the last on the list of the P10 led display top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA is Prime LED USA. This LED display supplier is notable for offering a wide selection of devices and solutions at affordable prices. It is also popular for delivering high-quality digital signage structured to your preferences and requirements. Catering to over 20 sizes, the company also offers a 3-year warranty along with its product portfolio. 


Choosing one among the top 10 LED video wall suppliers in the USA can either make or break your project or investment. It is crucial to consider different aspects before pinpointing a specific company to rely on. While these suppliers may all be reliable, some may not be compatible with your needs so it’s essential to mix and match their capabilities to your demands. Explore your options and research more about them to settle on an informed choice. This list is only the starting point that can help you in the process. 

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