Don’t you ever dream of having your own viewing room, complete with cost sofas and a big enough screen to make you feel like you’re inside cinemas? You don’t need a massive screen like the billboards splashed across the city skylines. You can settle with a good mini jumbotron to make your dreams come true. 

Whether you’re planning to spruce up your home or add an upgrade to your business establishment with these smaller versions of a jumbotron, you first need to tackle what this mini digital billboard is all about. Before diving into stores looking for mini jumbotron for sale signs, let’s first look into its definition and its difference from standard jumbotrons. 

Defining Mini Jumbotrons

Mini Jumbotron - Man Cave
Mini Jumbotron

Jumbotrons are the massive screens you’ll see in conventional sports arenas and stadiums. Technically, they are installed in open arenas where they can cater to a huge crowd and make the viewing experience more convenient, fun, and exciting. 

Its smaller version, mini jumbotrons, also do that but only on a smaller scale. These miniaturized jumbotrons are meant to be used in smaller venues compared to large arenas and stadiums. They’re designed to be more compact than their conventional counterparts so that they can be installed indoors. 

These little jumbotrons can easily elevate the value of a venue. They also serve as added high-tech aesthetics you’d proudly show off. If you have a sports bar or a sports-themed restaurant, adding these screens can create an ambiance that mimics the vibe you’d only feel in venues of live sports events. 

Mini Jumbotron Applications to Explore

Mini Jumbotron - Basement
Mini Jumbotron – Basement

You can use mini jumbotrons in a variety of settings and purposes. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, there are different applications you can use it for. Here are some of the applications of this incredible LED display

Gaming Room

Can you get a mini jumbotron for home use? Get a miniaturized jumbotron and hook it up in your game room. Besides adding to the general aesthetics of the room, you also get to add another screen in your gaming area, giving you an awesome multi-screen display system. 

Outdoor Cinema

Many modern backyards already have designs that include high-tech furniture and appliances in them. One of which is an LED display mounted on the wall, ceiling, or on its stand. It transforms the space to be more versatile and interactive, especially with guests. 

If you have a huge backyard space and love to spend the weekends having a BBQ party with family and friends, adding a small jumbotron to watch games together will elevate your parties. Make sure to get a mini jumbotron that has a high IP rating, making it more durable and ready to be installed outdoors where weathering elements like wind, rain, and dust may come in contact with it. 

Man Cave

Man caves serve as the sanctuary men always dreamed about. They’re often located in an empty room or the basement, with the sole intention of being an entertainment room men can enjoy. Man caves can be filled with memorabilia that you’re interested in and even items that support your hobbies. 

If you’re designing your own man cave right now with fun indoor sports and activities, consider getting a mini jumbotron for pool table. This can provide your haven with a techy feel you’d want your man cave to have. Since you can stream live games on the screen, it will be more than just a high-tech aesthetic for your space. 

High-end Restaurants

Running restaurants does not just require scrumptious meals, it also means providing the best quality of service you can offer. For a sports-themed bar or restaurant, adding an LED display where customers can watch live games can attract more people inside your establishment. 

More than just an added feature for your restaurant, it can also be a way to spruce up your business to look more modern and upgraded. With the right location for installation, you won’t have to add more screens and just settle on the mini jumbotron. 


Besides a man cave, you can do other things about your basement. You can turn it into an entertainment room filled with indoor sports and activities you want to enjoy with your family, whether that’s pool, mini bowling, or billiards. And if you’re done playing and you want to watch some games on screen, a small jumbotron will be perfect for it. 

Mini Jumbotron Prices To Know About

Compared to its standard counterpart, the mini monitor price is significantly lower. In terms of prices, you have three options to consider, which will determine the price points you’d need to prepare for. You can choose from the following:

  • A complete set of the LED display
  • Several components to be assembled
  • DIY jumbotron

A pre-made and ready-to-use mini jumbotron costs more than the other two while doing your own jumbotron costs the least since you won’t have to pay for the labor and you can choose affordable parts and ingredients to use. The features and components of the device will also play a role in its cost. Prices for the extra features of the mini jumbotrons range between $1,000 and $5,000. 

Factors that Affect the Prices of Mini Jumbotrons for Sale

Mini Jumbotron - Restaurant
Mini Jumbotron – Restaurant

If you’re set on getting a small jumbotron, get the most cost-effective and financially advantageous to you by looking into some of the elements that can lower the price. Some of these relevant factors include the following:

Screen Specifications

All digital devices have particular specifications and they can be responsible for the high costs of the screens. Some of the entries under specification include:

  • Graphics card
  • Processor
  • Speed 
  • LED light type

These elements can affect the performance and durability of the LED screen. 

Size & Resolution

Mini jumbotrons are significantly less expensive than traditional jumbotrons because of their sizes. They often measure between 30 and 50 inches while the traditional ones are way more massive than that. For a regular mini jumbotron, expect to pay around $200 to $500. For a four-display version, you’ll need to prepare not more than $2,000 for its cost. 

In terms of the display’s resolution, screens with higher pixel density often cost more. They also feature higher resolution and incredible image quality. This only means that LED displays with a higher resolution will cost you more when you purchase them. 

Quality of the Screen

LED screens with high-quality components are more expensive than the ones using common components. If you have a limited budget dedicated to this purchase, find the right balance between the cost and the quality you’re looking for. 

If you don’t have any background or knowledge about digital screens and how to make them, the DIY route is not the best option for you, especially since you might experience some quality issues because of it. Choose a ready-made and assembled small jumbotron instead for convenience and guaranteed quality. 

Custom Features

Features of the mini jumbotron can be customized depending on what you’re looking for. Ready-made and already assembled displays can be limited in features while the ones you’re planning to have assembled offer more versatility and flexibility in adding features. The major difference comes in the prices since the ready-made ones are more affordable while the ones you have customized will require you to pay more. 

What factors do you need to consider before getting a mini jumbotron? 

Before jumping the gun and running to the nearest LED display supplier, make sure to look into the following factors first before deciding to get these smaller jumbotrons. 


Why do you need a small jumbotron? This question itself will answer so many factors when choosing which mini jumbotron to get. 

If you intend to use it for personal use, you don’t have to get an impressive show-stopper. It’s an entirely different matter if you plan to hook it up in your place of business where you need to impress clients and competitors. For a commercial establishment, investing in a four-display small jumbotron may be considered. 

Installation: Screen Mount & Frame

LED Tiles - Installation
LED Tiles – Installation

The types of mount and frame used on the mini jumbotron will also be a consideration you’ll have to look into before getting you. You need the types that will match the location where you plan to place the display. Whether you want to mount it or install it in its own post and frame.

The mini jumbotron installation can also affect your decision on which display to get. Many screens are not flexible in terms of installation. You’d also need to take into account whether you plan to complete the installation yourself or you plan to hire someone to do it for you. 

Viewing Distance

LED Viewing Distance - LED Panels
LED Viewing Distance – LED Panels

The viewing distance matters in choosing a small jumbotron to get. Looking back at the venue where you plan to install it, you need to decide on the size of the screen and the position of its installation while taking into account the viewing distance. This will ensure an optimal viewing experience. 

Ceiling Height

Virtual Production LED Wall - Ceiling

Jumbotrons are often installed in an open area, where their massive size can easily be accommodated. Smaller jumbotrons though are designed for indoor installation despite their bigger-than-average size. This means that once you choose to get one for your home or business establishment, the ceiling height should be enough to fit the display inside without it looking forced and cramped. 

If you choose to have it customized or DIY the display, this won’t be an issue since you’ll have control over the size of the display. 

Can you DIY your own mini jumbotron? 

DIY LED Wall - Building
DIY LED Wall – Building

It’s possible to DIY a mini jumbotron and yes, you can create one with your own hands. The only problem in deciding to take this road is that you need to have the knowledge, experience, and expertise in making LED displays. Diving into it blindly will just be a waste of money and time. 

If you’re set on making it a DIY project though, follow these simple steps:

  • Learn everything you can about making a mini jumbotron
  • Purchase all the parts and components you will need
  • Assemble all parts appropriately
  • Mount and install it properly

There will be lots of technical aspects once you dive into learning about mini jumbotron so it will take time to build it from scratch. For beginners, buying a ready-made one is also the best option.


Mini jumbotrons are adorable versions of the traditional massive ones. They’re just equally entertaining, functional, and aesthetically pleasing but only in a mini size. The addition of these high-end displays easily elevates a venue and establishment, in terms of both aesthetics and value.

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