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What Is Brompton Technology: Brief History, Features & Applications

LED displays have become popular in many uses nowadays. From billboards to the screens at home, LED technology has indeed made its way into our daily lives. Even smartphones feature OLED screens that deliver exceptional display quality and color accuracy. But have you ever wondered what makes these displays so vivid and dynamic? As an end user, you rarely think of that. What we all care about is the satisfaction we get from these screens. But in this article, we’ll discuss just that. We’ll talk about Brompton Technology, a game-changer in the LED display industry.

What is Brompton Technology?

LED screen using Brompton Technology.
Brompton Technology Tower

Brompton Technology specializes in advanced LED video processing, with Tessera as its main product. The technology they make manipulates LED displays to generate the best color quality and accuracy. Whether it’s a concert, a sports event, or a giant screen in Times Square, there’s a good chance Brompton Technology is the reason why these screens look so stunning and jawdropping.

Brief History of Brompton Technology

Brompton Technology was founded in 2011, but its roots go back even further. Before they became “Brompton Technology,” they started as the team behind DiGiCo, a popular name in the audio industry known for its award-winning digital audio consoles. DiGiCo’s sells audio consoles for professional use. It has become a popular pick in professional audio mixing and engineering because of its advanced digital processing capabilities.

They started with the idea of making consoles for LED. Since they already have experience in making award-winning audio consoles, they pooled all their expertise in digital audio processing to make a similar kind of technology for LED visuals and video processing. Sounds like a risky move, but they still took it. The LED market was already crowded when they entered, but that didn’t stop them from meeting their goals. 

However, Brompton Technology saw a gap in the market and from there, they created a solution to it. It’s a typical business proposition, right? Make something that’s not yet available but something that people would want. Many companies are making LED panels and only a few focused on the processing systems. They grabbed the opportunity when they saw it and built a product from scratch. 

Brompton Technology developed a product that can highlight LED’s superior image quality and reliability compared to other kinds of technology. This vision gave birth to the Tessera LED video processing system. Its name, “Tessera,” means a small block of stone or glass. By its original meaning, tesseras are used in mosaics. The name “Tessera” reflects the company’s mission to be a leader in digital processing in LED displays.

They initially offered Tessera for concert tours. When more and more people recognized this technology, live event producers and organizers started to pick up on this kind of technology. Word spread quickly, and Brompton Technology became a trusted name in the industry.

They continued to revamp their products and added new features and capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. The next big thing that Brompton Technology introduced is High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. HDR allowed end users to offer even better color accuracy and brightness, which made LED displays more vibrant.

Why Brompton LED Is Famous

So, what makes Brompton LED technology stand out? That’s probably the question that lingers in your mind. Brompton is famous because of the control and quality they give to displays. Brompton’s processing systems and technological design manipulate every pixel in an LED screen. This control provides unparalleled image quality and consistency, depending on what the user wants to highlight and emphasize. Here are some reasons why Brompton LED is on another level:

  1. It offers a user-friendly interface: Brompton’s software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In our opinion, this made Brompton more accessible even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.
  2. It supports HDR or high dynamic range: Brompton supports HDR content that can display a wider range of colors and brightness levels. HDR supports enables users to project more lifelike images with greater depth and detail.
  3. It allows advanced color control for users: Brompton’s technology allows for precise color calibration and consistency across the entire display, enabling end users to achieve the kind of output they want. This means that the colors you see are accurate and vibrant, no matter the size of the screen.
  4. It is scalable from small to large screens: Whether you’re setting up a small display or a massive screen covering a building, Brompton’s technology can scale to fit your needs without compromising quality. In our expert opinion, a scalable solution like Brompton is a good investment.
  5. It has a low latency that’s perfect for live shows and events: In live events, timing is everything. Being late by a few seconds may ruin the show or event. Brompton LED processing systems are designed to operate with minimal delay to ensure that videos and audio sync at the right timing.

Brompton Technology Applications

Brompton Technology’s LED processing systems are now used in many applications. When they started, they only offered it for concerts. However, Brompton Technology is now widely applied in different uses and industries. 

Here are a few examples:

Broadcast and Film

LED screens are increasingly used in film and television production to create realistic backdrops and visual effects. Since these will be recorded or streamed in cameras, the colors must be accurate to make it seem like the home viewer is seeing the real color in the production set or studio. Through Brompton Technology’s LED systems, media companies and producers can get the color accuracy and flexibility needed for high-quality productions.

Sports Arenas

From scoreboards to giant screens showing replays and live action, sports arenas are common customers of LED displays because they need them to showcase close-up footage and advertise partners. Brompton’s technology ensures that these displays are clear, bright, and responsive, enhancing the experience for fans. Also, giving the viewers an outstanding viewing experience improves the overall quality of the sports event.

Concerts and Live Events

Visuals are just as important as the audio for a concert or live event. Poor visuals and audio is a bummer and a marketing nightmare. Investing in Brompton LED technology ensures that the visuals are as stunning and impactful as the performance itself. By providing accurate colors, concert producers can bring the audience to a whole new experience. Moreover, the low latency and high dynamic range capabilities of Brompton’s systems make them a favorite among event organizers and production companies.

Corporate Events and Trade Shows

First impressions matter in the corporate world. Companies use LED displays at events and trade shows to showcase their products and services in the best possible light. It also shows that the company is capable of hosting high-quality events that would make potential investors turn in the check and provide additional funds to the company. Brompton’s technology helps create engaging and visually appealing displays that draw in the crowd.

The Future of Brompton Technology

As technology continues to evolve, so does Brompton Technology, like what they’ve been doing ever since they introduced themselves to the LED display market. The company constantly innovates and develops new solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. 

In our expert opinion, here are some areas where Brompton is likely to make an impact in the future:

  • With virtual and augmented reality right at our doorstep, there is a growing need for high-quality, immersive displays. Brompton’s advanced processing systems are well-suited to meet this need. If made possible, Brompton’s LED technology can bring VR and AR technology to a whole new different level.
  • Cities are become smarter and more connected. While smart cities are not yet prevalent across the globe, the demand for advanced LED displays will continue to increase. Brompton Technology may have a key role in this transformation by providing the technology needed to give additional control in public LED signages and displays.
  • While technology continues to move forward, the cry for sustainability comes with it. Its major focus would be environmental impact and cost control. Can companies sustain LED technology? How will this impact the environment? Brompton Technology may be already in the drawing board for discovering energy-efficient and environment-friendly solutions.


Brompton Technology is the leader in providing a solution that many LED tech companies failed to focus on before LED became famous. Companies focused in manufacturing more screens but failed to address other gaps. Brompton’s advanced processing systems and user-friendly software enabled different users and industries to create stunning visuals that captivate and engage audiences. Whether you’re planning a concert producer, a corporate event planner, or a film producer, Brompton LED technology is a must-have technology in your arsenal.

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